SAAB Day: The King in Trollhättan

King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden was a guest at the Saab Museum today. Curator Peter Bäckström, who was a development engineer at Saab Automobile before switching to the Bil Museum, welcomed the monarch and handed over a Saab 92001 Roadster for the royal blood. The King's escort vehicle saw a Saab 9-5 in the train, and the regional newspaper shot a short film about the event.

One sees, among others, the CEO of the Innovation, Thore Helmerson, and the mayor of Trollhättan at the welcome of Carl Gustav. Helmerson had been campaigning for saving the Saab collection in the past. The fact that the museum has found a new vehicle is largely due to its merit. Margareta Hallin, who is committed to the museum's association, is also in the picture several times. A short report only from Saab-City, but it's worth a look.

What else is there in the home of Saab? The local Trollhättan newspaper has apparently decided to announce each new hiring at Saab Investor NEVS separately. Frank Smit, former Saab manager, now hires NEVS as Key Account Manager. He already accompanied the same position at Saab Automobile AB. The good news comes in small doses, and if it continues at this rate, the plant is in estimated 10 years back to nominal strength.

So much for the news from the Saab world, at least for today. Because my “real-life” desk is still full, and it has priority. Tomorrow it continues!


12 thoughts on "SAAB Day: The King in Trollhättan"

  • Will you still be able to enter the country? What else is the king supposed to do there? He comes late, but he comes. Good to know

  • Great part! Thank you

  • Nice to see the museum on TV. This year did not work out with a visit, but next year we will be back.

  • @ Saab900… sorry Saab-Bobbycar… of course.

  • The Saab-Boobycar is available on the website:, Click on the Saab 92001 Roadster window.

  • After all, the offspring gets a SAAB Roadster Bobbycar

  • I have nothing against Carl Gustaf, I have only something against the monarchy 😉

  • Would have been a nice gesture, if he had climbed out of a Saab. But at least he came in a Swedish vehicle pulled up.

  • At the time I liked the way Kimi Raikkonen replied to the question of what it was like for the Spanish king to present him with the winner's trophy in 2005. Answer: "Nice king."

    But since Carl Gustav is also a car fanatic, I like him for that reason alone ... even if he should rather prefer German brands.

  • One of my political “heroes” is former Finance Minister Bosse Ringholm. He always said “you” to the king because he is against the monarchy.

  • Dear Lars, Democrats are sometimes a bit hard for us with crowned heads and the correct titles. But, I have changed it as desired.

  • Hello Tom!
    I am a Republican, but the King of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf. Some may believe that it is important 😉

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