SAAB News: The suffering of the columnist

Last week Jonas Froberg wrote - again - in his column about the Saab investor NEVS. He has doubts about the concept and the questions he asks are not new. But they are justified because he is concerned. NEVS, he notes, is a company with no cash flow. In order to reduce the purchase price, one has foregone Saab's lucrative spare parts division.

Saab factory premises this week

How do you want to start series production based on the Saab 18-9 in 3 months and, what is even more precarious, how do you want to drive the Phoenix platform to series production? The costs for an electric Saab 9-3 could still be manageable, but millions of dollars must be invested in the development of the successor. And how, according to Fröberg, should one want to successfully market the finished products without any distribution network. NEVS needs a strong investor, and the journalist cannot find him anywhere.

What is Fröberg doing? It is certainly not the longing for a headline, Fröberg is too good and too serious for that. He's not just one of the top journalists who write for Svenska Dagbladet. Saab is, you suspect, a matter of the heart for him. He has written countless articles and a book about and for Saab. He has accompanied GM and Victor Muller, he has experienced sales crime first hand, and he has excellent connections in politics. One thing is certain. The man suffers ...

Although our Swedes sometimes seem so pensive, Jonas Fröberg is no different than the readers between Flensburg and Garmisch. He feels like we do, and Saab has a lot of heart and soul for him.

He asks himself the questions that are justified and he finds no answer like us. Why do administrators suggest other offers? Apart from offers from China, there were other buyers who would have liked to take over Saab. With a two-brand strategy, one of them would have vouched for an 100% utilization of the plant in Trollhättan. A study for a new Saab model, commissioned by an Italian design studio, was already completed. You were so sure of yourself. Jobs, even at supplier companies, would have been manifested in the long run. The Swedish auto industry would have gained a new status and growth potential. A hot, but guaranteed story! Maybe someday, when the story cools, we'll write about it in more detail.

Are there national sensitivities that spoke against this buyer or what is behind the decision? A friend put it this way: "The lawyers chose the" worst of all possible options .. " his opinion on the Saab drama. Which is not entirely true. The worst of all options would have been to dismantle the plant and ship it to China. The site in Trollhättan would then have become a large amusement park or an industrial ruin. It hasn't got that far. There is hope that the chimneys will smoke again at some point and the Saab lettering still shines above the stable backa.

What helps Fröberg in his suffering for Saab and what helps us? There are two means that work:

Medium 1: Driving Youngtimer is cult!

On the one hand, we should resign ourselves to the fact that we are traveling at least temporarily with vehicles of a youngtimer brand. This knowledge lowers the blood pressure and reduces the worry lines on the forehead. Because to pilot a classic car can certainly have its charm, we move so stylish outside the scheme of the daytime running lights and giant grille contaminated pack. We are a bit more classless and cooler than before, because we know the qualities of our cars. And in Sweden, every Saab has a long-term gene implanted that works with proper care.

If we look out into the world through youngtimer glasses, then we can follow developments in Trollhättan much more relaxed. Because we have secured our automotive treasures first! Newcomers and those returning to the brand are looking for a Saab of their choice. Which is not easy ... Because finding a Saab in the right color and the desired engine is not easy with the meager offer. You have to be patient to earn a Saab!

Medium Number 2: Puppy Protection!

Medium number two is time, time and time again. In politics, newcomers are given an 100 day period. NEVS is such a novice, and he deserves something like, I call it, puppy protection. In the first three weeks, optically nothing has changed in the factory. But behind the scenes, they are placing first orders for studies on companies in Sweden. That's a good sign. One speaks, according to own statement, with long-term investors and partners. That takes patience.

So puppy protection for NEVS! Until December, then we will take stock. That saves our nerves and is also advisable for Fröberg, his suffering, and his column.



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  • I am very curious to see what position GM will give tomorrow with regard to the lawsuit by VM - as far as I know there was an extension of the deadline until 29.09.12/XNUMX/XNUMX for submitting said position.

    I can't get rid of the feeling that VM, together with Youngman-Lotus, will join forces with NEVS after all - let's see if that happens.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein


  • @ PhiBO: Good times that there are people like Muckelbauer, who was so nice and had also worked for my spare part problem. He also gets involved and turns the bike when he does not have the part in stock.

    I also have a friend who drives (... only on weekends) a Bentley S1 from 1959 and doesn't understand at all that you have problems with a “youngtimer” spare part. He gets everything he needs for his car. Of course, it has its price, like the Bugatti. The Bentley has of course no “electronics” which simplifies a lot. The Bentley has a mechanical servo system, which is easy to maintain and repair. Porsche drivers like the classic 911 - fans prefer to drive models. before 1988, they are easier to repair. Electronics will become a long-term problem for many vehicles

  • Especially since many wearing parts are purchased anyway: The gasoline filter comes from Bosch, suitable and high-quality oil and air filters can be purchased from Mann Filter, etc. As problematic in my opinion the tube set of the power steering turned out in the summer, fortunately had the workshop ( Muckelbauer) still in stock. Availability of SAAB Parts was 1 (in words: one).

    By the way, a friend of mine owns a Bugatti Type 35B and gets spare parts for it - a lot is circulating in the scene, and in extreme need you can have parts made to measure. However, this is a really expensive solution.

  • Yes, that's really true. The pressure to reach large production volumes and using the same vehicle platforms will unfortunately limit the individuality of the car market for us. Niche vehicles, at least in the previous SAAB price range, will disappear, unfortunately. Well, we still have our young timers :-)).

  • So far we never had problems with spare parts. But that also depends heavily on the dealer's involvement. If something is not available, then you can grab in the emergency in the GM shelf.

  • ... and not just to blame the American corporations ...

  • Those were the days when OPEL Rekord, Commodore, Kaptän or Kadett were on the streets.
    Unfortunately, the fact is that nowadays an automobile factory with an annual production of only 150.000 cars no longer has a chance to exist. We look forward to seeing and future new SAAB car owners on the vehicles that were built and sold in Trollhättan until 2 years ago. Something else is not left to us at the moment. The automotive industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world with large investment sums. That will get worse in the future.

  • @ Gus: When the spare parts and their delivery times for what Youngtimer drive concerns, I agree with you. My 93-2 convertible was now almost 6 months because of missing parts. Right on time with the beginning of autumn, he is back on the road, moving him only on weekends.
    This good part has been replaced 2005 twice (2) the entire electronics during the warranty period.
    One can only hope that nothing will happen in the future.
    The two 93-1 I drove before were less vulnerable. Should have kept.
    Like maybe some of the Saab friends, you should maybe get several Saab youngtimers. Also, think seriously about it.
    Think that a takeover of Saab certainly makes sense. Opel and SAAB, however, bring nothing. Opel has nothing to offer. Their cult dates back 30 years. Linking Opel parts at the SAAB has not done the Saabs any good. Audi does not use Seat as a benchmark to improve its models or make them more attractive. Seat is given a little Audi touch to make the cars more interesting. So it's better to forget Opel. It's a shame for people who have an old Commodore Coupe or who own good old analog Opel vehicles from the time when the Americans didn't mess around with day-to-day business. ... Of course we all hope for SAAB and should it remain limited to youngtimers, then we hope for a good supply of spare parts over the next few years. A good weekend to all SAAB friends! Unfortunately, I cannot go to Bamberg because I have a different plan ... a shame.

  • But somebody does it (and spends more money every day on staff and heating costs). The question is, why does he do that?

    There would be a nicer way to just spend money. Does he really think that one day he will earn a return on the investment only by selling E-saabs produced in Sweden in China? As it looks, it will probably take a while until the fog clears up over this puzzle.

  • The first scenario breaks open old wounds again ... I now drive my “youngtimers” mainly in my free time - it beautifies immensely.

  • ... NEVS, however, I would not want to finance ...

  • ... If I were someone with money, I would buy OPEL and SAAB and go into production with a multi-fuel engine - and then think about future concepts - just my opinion.

  • ... is only cult as long as you don't have to carve the spare parts yourself or the electronics that we need for our youngtimers are still being produced (e.g. CIM, there are already bottlenecks) - the best backup is an ongoing one Production. And thanks to NEVS that doesn't exist. Driving SAAB is cult - of course - but the emphasis is on “driving” - and that can change quickly, electronics are a problem. And the prices for spare parts are also exploding, because a vehicle has to be produced that is no longer produced - that is also a problem ... recently had the pleasure that you can buy an air conditioning condenser that is online (i.e. 3 stores) € 125-150 received, from the specialist workshop 540 € (original part) are called - only the part, of course with an exorbitant delivery time - as I said, the emphasis is on a car, whether youngtimer or not on “driving”, I think everything else is nonsense.

    Puppies protection? Anyone jumping into a shark tank as a puppy should not be surprised that he does not survive this ... and, moreover, with a concept that is not one, and too little capital - so, in my opinion, that's nothing but stupid. Which brings me back to the question - WHAT HAVING THEREFORE IN THOUGHT - especially since there were better solutions? Especially since SAAB had a future in the right hands ... puppy protection? No, that's in the animal shelter. Classic cars? Negative.

    ... I need a vehicle - a good one - a SAAB !!

    Tom, as much as I read here, and often give you the right, NEVS is and remains a mistake, because obviously you have consciously accepted ... because the whole pink glasses does not help ...

    In fact, GM has dismantled the SAAB brand bit by bit, much as they do now with Opel (incidentally also a spare parts supplier for our brand), and politicians and administrators have only supported this by turning a traditional brand into an unfinished startup. up with a dubious concept - and not for lack of better alternatives ...

    the whole NEVS story stinks to heaven !!!!!

  • As always well put in a nutshell! Driving youngtimer is cult ;-)!

  • Yes, Tom, this is certainly true, it will be quieter, I just hope not too quiet

  • Driving youngtimer is cult!
    I particularly like the slogan with regard to SAAB driving.
    We can lean back with the help of the comfortable SAAB seats and wait (... this would mean 2 puppy protection).
    It's not so bad to suddenly drive a reliable, modern, but individual with a strong character - youngtimer.

  • Driving Youngtimer and just wait, what else do you want to do? And be happy that at least the spare parts supply is secured.

    But it is true, the supply is thinning out, good cars are sold immediately, either extreme engine versions or known problematic engines remain ...

  • I really like puppy protection! I'm there. Let's hope that the investor makes the right decisions and does not just want to build battery cars!

  • Dear Yves, blogger life is not getting any harder, it's getting calmer. Or ;-)? But it remains exciting!

  • So far, I think NEVS have given the wrong answers to the wrong questions. NEVS need to show that they know what they are doing. We have no obligation to show NEVS patience and I will not do that either.

    Greetings from Sweden


  • Puppy protection, a good term that describes the situation of allowing positive thoughts to mature. I am happy to go along with that. Wait and be kind. Everything will be fine! And if it's not good yet, we just have to wait….
    I am happy and greet every SAAB that I see here in the north ...
    Nice SAAB Wo.-end!

  • Hi Tom

    As always well written 😉 I hope not on medium 1, I have my SAAB but would like a small one for the daily trip to work 😉 EV why not ...

    Your remedy 2 or just called puppy protection is certainly praiseworthy, but let's face it, we're used to hearing what's happening and why, a new era has begun. We have to be aware that we will not hear much anymore, and it will make the blogger life harder, but you always have a way

    Greetings Yves

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