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The supply of spare parts for our cars via Saab Parts AB is going well and has continuously improved in recent months. We can't complain. The “Parts Story” is not only a success story in Sweden. But there are also other sources, depending on which year you are traveling with. The “classic division”, for example, is (still) neglected in Sweden. It may only be a matter of time, because the spare parts business is interesting and lucrative, which was not only recognized in Nyköping. Or rather, almost everyone recognized that, but we'll get to that. First the positive examples. supporters Kunert Automobile AG in Bonn

Kunert Automobile AG

For drivers of older Saab models, the online shop of the blog supporter and traditional Saab partner, the Kunert Automobile AG from Bonn, is very interesting.

Kunert Automobile has a large number of parts for our classics in stock that are no longer available or difficult to obtain in Sweden. No wonder, because the Bonner are for over 45 years for the cars from Trollhättan there. Now the Saab and Volvo dealer has opened his treasury. The online store of the Saab partner is worth a visit and the initial feedback from the community is also very positive. Because in addition to the shop offer is also the advice.

Maptun Parts

Saab Tuner Maptun has also been in business for a long time, and Maptun is one of the most recommended addresses in Sweden. With its own, newly founded Parts Department, you can now also sell original and third-party parts for our Saabs. Maptun is moving, and the Parts Department will be a success there. From our experience Maptun is recommended, because the quality of advice and the prices are consistent. The Maptun Parts is under construction and will permanently expand its range. The Maptun Parts also has its own Online-Shop.

With Maptun, a serious competitor enters the stage in Sweden. But competition is good and revives the business. For us Saab driver this can only be an advantage.

speed Parts

Yes, there is speed Parts in Uddevalla. A company in direct neighborhood to Trollhättan selling nice Saab parts. The parts are good, the quality is right. Unfortunately, it works with the German distributor so not at all. In the past, we had tried to obtain parts via Neustadt's Speedparts and K + K Autotechnik. What did not succeed, because both Sweden and the K + K OHG punished us with disrespect. About a friend in Sweden, we still came to the parts. In May we have about it berichtet.

It has not gotten better since then. It gets really annoying when you receive false statements at K + K. A reader of our blog also wanted to order leather door handles for his Saab 9-5 after the article. According to Speedparts shop, the parts are available, and he made a request to K + K Autotechnik.

The distributor answered by mail as follows:

Dear Sir ……. * I would like to supply you with these handles, unfortunately Speedparts no longer has them in stock and will no longer be supplied by Hirsch / Switzerland. Therefore, I unfortunately have to cancel your order. Mfg Stephan Karpinski KK-Autotechnik Neustadt

The door handles do not come from Hirsch, but from a German manufacturer that also supplies Hirsch, but the statement was frustrating. The email was forwarded to us and we thought that these parts should be available and advised to try through friends from Sweden. The result is not a surprise. Over a few detours and with a lot of patience - but what we don't do for our cars - our reader got hold of the leather door handles, and his Saab now feels even more noble. Here is the photo proof.

Leather door handles Saab 9-5 from Speedparts

In the end, the only question is what K + K Autotechnik is doing. The workshop may be good, but you should urgently work on the distribution. Those who are not interested in the products, should give the Speedparts representation to a dealer who is interested in Saab and the Saab customers. More is nothing more to say. A recommendation, this company can not get from us, unfortunately and again.

* Name and address as well as correspondence are available to the editors.


Pictures: Kunert Automobile AG, reader image


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  • @ Julie: What concerns SAAB and Volvo can certainly put some truth in it. In business, nothing can be ruled out.
    When the 900 and 9000 SAAB series were successful, Volvo has certainly lost market share in Sweden to SAAB. SAAB simply had the more modern vehicles but also with their own character.

    However, if Saab did not get back on its feet and our youngtimers were better only moved on weekends so that we could have friends with them for as long as possible, Volvo would at least be an alternative for me. Because the other manufacturers would not have behaved differently towards SAAB. At the moment you can see it again in the VW Group. As soon as Fiat is ready to sell Alfa Romeo, Piech will integrate Alfa Romeo into the group. It's a shame that he wasn't interested in SAAB. That's life ...

  • I think one should not completely rule out the possibility that the Swedish government and other “thread pullers” (e.g. Bergqvist + Co.) might want to secure Volvo's priority over SAAB automobiles and unfortunately SAAB would only like to be a possible competitor want to push the famous "sideline" - this opinion was already expressed by other contemporaries and really has nothing to do with conspiracy theories or the like.

    Since I think this is quite possible, I would of course not consider a Volvo in the future either - there have simply been too many inconsistencies here.

  • That could really have been an ideal connection between Volvo & Saab.
    I was in the 80 years of his sworn Volvo drivers, from the Amazon 123 GT over 240 GLE / GTL to the 740 GLE. Only then I switched to Saab, as the Swedes claimed it was the technically more modern vehicle. If nothing goes on at Saab, you might end up back at Volvo. It has come full circle.

  • Thanks for the info, is interesting times to learn about Speedparts negative, because we members of the organization GASE from Geneva and the surrounding area, can report for years with positive experience and the opposite, in the wrong deliveries immediately and free of charge! Depending on demand and demand, one or two times a year we make bulk orders at Speedparts, which are usually delivered within three to four weeks, but are usually error-free; certainly also thanks to the Swedish-speaking organization members who each communicate directly with Speedparts! Let's hope for a good cooperation.
    Best regards from Switzerland

  • When I look at the beautiful picture with the SAAB cars at this Volvo agency in Bonn (D), I am a little sad that the “story” with Volvo and SAAB did not lead to a merger. Both Swedish products are now fighting for their continued existence on the car market with an unpredictable outcome for both manufacturers. Whereby SAAB now has very poor future prospects. Actually also tragic for Sweden. But maybe people in Sweden see it a little differently.

  • Good report,

    I myself had had good experiences with Speedparts, among other things I ordered new door panels for my 900 1 Cabrio, a honeycomb grill and turbine rims for my 9-5 SC and also had them delivered to Switzerland without any problems.
    However, what requires a little patience is the communication, so I had to email a reminder for every order before things got going.

    Best regards from Central Switzerland Martin

  • Hello Tom
    Maybe you can help me. I have been a proud Turbo X driver since Wednesday
    The original front spoiler lip was broken and the garage where I bought the Super Saab ordered the wrong one.
    You just ordered the front spoiler protection.
    Can you tell me where to order the lip?

    Saabige X Greetings from Central Switzerland
    Sead M.

  • Can I just confirm, the leather handles are clean and feel much better!

  • Thank you for the good advice on procuring spare parts. Very helpful !

  • Moin Tom.

    Nice report!

    That's why I first came across the Kunert shop (although yes in the advertising is listed in the sidebars).

    I rummaged through there and immediately ordered something (and called them briefly about a “part”. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my car. But the contact was very friendly, helpful and there was even a call back within a few minutes!)

  • The Bonn Saab dealer really has a good shop. Interesting offer 🙂

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