SAAB weekend: our most beautiful hobby

Yesterday the Saab Center Bamberg celebrated its autumn festival. Reason enough to move the Turbo X to Franken with family and friends on board. A strong Saab heart beats there, but even in Bamberg you cannot avoid reality. The festival was marked by the introduction of Subaru, and the importer had sent his promotion team from Friedberg. But the Saab flags were waving, and in front of the workshop and in the showroom were some beautiful Swedes - including two beautiful convertibles - for sale.

Saab Muckelbauer in Bamberg. On a terrain that makes car hearts beat faster.

As always, when the Muckelbauer family is planning an event, the press and television are also on site, and the party was accordingly well attended. In the crowd of Subaru interested customers, you had to look for Saab fans - but Saab drivers can of course be found, and it was very nice to revive contacts from the Saab dealer tour a year ago and to have good conversations. Well, almost 12 months ago, the blogger and the Saab Germany team were in Bamberg with the new Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-4x and a lot of hope. Today our thoughts and conversations revolve around how we can enjoy our Swedish cars for as long as possible. Times have changed so radically in recent months.

Ralf and Lars Muckelbauer and television…

But that couldn't spoil the day, the bright autumn weather meant well to us, and Saabs kept rolling onto the site. Both modern 9-5 II and 9-3 as well as the classic Saab 900 were spotted, because Muckelbauers have a loyal Saab clientele. The fans of the brand who are still there - you could feel that clearly - don't want to change. There is no alternative to a Saab or, if the worst comes to the worst, it stays in the family as a second car. For many, the opposite seems to be the case, you buy a second Saab and distribute the kilometers between two cars. Shared kilometers are double the driving pleasure. This is guaranteed with a turbo from Trollhättan.

Turbo X by Adrian. With Hirsch Performance rims even more individual.

Of the probably less than 90 Turbo X, which are traveling in Germany, three were in the short term in Bamberg. One who belongs to the Saab center and who is about to go to a new customer, the Turbo X by Adrian and the Turbo X. Adrian has now converted to Hirsch rims and honeycomb grille, his Turbo X is thus even more individual than before. Adrian's family is safe and fast with the deer performance Sweden, and since Adrian has now become a proud father, here comes the congratulations from the whole blog team!

Despite Subaru still a lot of Saab in Bamberg

The beautiful autumn days are reason enough to enjoy the weekend and move the Saab. Because it will soon be cold and unfriendly. And even if our cars as native Swedes do not have to worry about winter, the fun is the most beautiful in the sun. Christoph also traveled with his 9-3 TTID Aero in Märkische Schweiz and emailed us pictures of his Saab. In the Aero Trim a particularly beautiful Swede. The Saab spirit, he says, has to stay alive. No matter how it may develop in Sweden.

Saab 9-3 Aero TTID from Christoph
Just a nice Swede!

The spirit is there and he stays there. Many mails of the last few days to our team prove that. Our hobby has a large fan base and much around Saab reorganizes itself and develops a momentum of its own. More about the Saab Spirit will be available in the next few days.


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3 thoughts on "SAAB weekend: our most beautiful hobby"

  • As an active car driver in this life I will certainly never buy a Japanese, Korean or Chinese rice bowl on 4 wheels as with or without electric motor. My SAAB is still 20 years!

    • Brandblind go through life is not a solution.
      Have you already driven a new Lexus or Infinity to judge like that?
      Drive both, SAAB in everyday life (9-5Aero) and the Japanese rice bowl on 4 wheels at mountain races (Mitsubishi EVO VI).
      Both are fun and they even stand side by side in the garage.
      Just as a little food for thought - because I only read such proletarian sayings in some underdeveloped car forums of German manufacturers ...
      LG Michael

  • SAAB Spirit is all well and good - but it would be even more interesting to learn at least a little more about the plans and intermediate negotiations (one spoke of negotiations with so-called long-term investors) at NEVS.

    This does not have to go down to the last details (it had not previously proven itself at Spyker) - but showing the entire new direction would still be very desirable. Ultimately, as a long-time and loyal SAAB driver, you want to find out in a timely manner whether you can at least get a hybrid SAAB in the next few years or whether you can actually only expect electric vehicles. If no more conventional technology is used and no hybrid SAAB is announced, a brand change will most likely come for us at some point - SUBARU, for example, would be an alternative if necessary.

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