SAAB News: Golden Autumn Weeks for Saab riders

Press release of Saab Parts AB

Saab drivers can breathe again. Because the supply of original Saab spare parts and accessories is secured. What's more, Saab drivers have been receiving mail from their car dealers for a long time. With attractive autumn-winter offers so your Saab is well prepared for the cold season.

Autumn is approaching and the days are getting noticeably shorter. The right time to get your car winter-ready. And that with very good news for all Saab drivers in Germany and Austria. For the first time in a long time and ever for the first time under a new roof, Saab Automobile Parts AB launches a service campaign for original Saab spare parts and accessories. The independent company ensures the supply of original Saab parts worldwide through a state-of-the-art and flexible logistics and distribution center.

"Together with our Germany and Austria-wide Saab dealer network, we are still there for the needs and demands of Saab customers," says Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Country Director of Saab Automobile Parts AB Germany & Austria, based in Eschborn near Frankfurt am Main.

"The Golden Autumn Weeks, with an Autumn-Winter Check offer in three consecutive packages at a preferential price, attractive additional services and a lucrative offer for safe braking, are complemented by a great customer gift and a sympathetic Saab Bekenneraktion," added Schuhmacher and further: "With the free car stickers the Saab dealer has for his customer, Saab drivers can once again signal that a Saab is more than just a car."

An action that probably hits the bullseye, but it was also found in a representative survey that Saab drivers love their brand far more than other car drivers.

Text: Saab Parts AB

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23 thoughts on "SAAB News: Golden Autumn Weeks for Saab riders"

  • Hello Adi9-3X

    I promised to contact you, one way or the other. Unfortunately, there was nothing to do
    both garages are still waiting for the new DVD `s, now the KW 52 is promised, wait and see
    To drink tea. Thanks again for your reference.

    Good start to the new week


  • The prices are determined individually by the participating Saab partners.

  • Why is there no price anywhere? Or am I blind? The brake offer would be just right.

  • Good evening Fredy

    I hope it works out with Hirsch-Ruckstuhl! So far I have got everything I needed from you! Another address would be Sedelgarage in Lucerne (not my favorite) ……

    Gruess Adi9-3X

  • Good evening Adi9-3X

    have my luck with Hirsch St. Gallen already tried, is my house garage :-) but without success. Will abewr morning at Ruckstuhl in Kloten times.

    Thanks again for your reference

    Greeting Fredy

  • Good evening ksg

    that is already a silver lining, thank you for your reference and sending the order number. Guess what I'm going to do tomorrow morning

    Of course I'll let you know if I'm successful.

    Greetings and have a nice evening….


  • Hello Freddy, So in April of this year I got the 2011 DVDs after an admittedly long lead time via my Saab service. Part number 12825513 - it speeds things up sometimes when you know them.

    The Saab Einbaunavi (MJ 2008) is, in my opinion, especially in the map presentation and operation of the retrofitted new foreign-Einbaunavi that I have now clearly superior in the new 9-3.

  • "But SAAB was at home in Dresden anyway!"

    Exactly, in your opinion. 😉

  • @saabfan and Yves
    The CH representation of SAAB is and always was. This will be continued by Daniel Bläsi (as before). I met Daniel just before 3 weeks at the AGM of SAABclub Switzerland. It continues with us.
    Only 1-2 people can not start marketing campaigns, because I prefer that my spare parts are available from my handler.

  • According to our information, there is a new national company of Saab Parts AB in Switzerland. Details we do not know (yet).

  • Hello Fredy, there is indeed no more current delivery information for the Navisoftware. I have recently asked again. As this topic interests many readers, we keep an eye on the development.

  • @Saabfan

    Emil Frey in Ebikon, unfortunately I can't agree with you. I wanted to buy a TurboX from the ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately it was sold under my nose. When we arrived there it was said that we have a different 9-3 SC, it was almost the same vehicle, V6 not in black but in blue and with aero equipment. What the good woman didn't know was that I wanted a TurboX and that the TurboX was a special series of 2 pieces. It's a shame if you want to fool customers 🙁

    Surely you have a good service Unfortunately, the sale was trained on Saab. This is certainly just an experience with a saleswoman but this has shaped me.

    I trust my garage in Rheinach. It's just a shame that more information is received and there are no more actions. Possibly should Switzerland be integrated into Saab Germany with a rather high Saab seal ...



  • Super thank you!

    At the beginning of November, the winter tires on both Saabs have to work. I am curious if my workshop will join in!

  • Also a very good address in Switzerland would be Hirsch-Ruckstuhl in Kloten or Hirsch in St.Gallen.

  • Hello Tom

    Thanks for the great reports and the good news.
    You know, my heart has been SAAB for over 20 years and I have not ever changed
    There is always somewhere SAAB`s find, in good condition or, if not otherwise, then just replace everything what must be so it`s fun again.

    My question, have you heard anything regarding Navi`s and when updates are available?
    My 9-3 Jg 2008 still has the version of 2007 installed and in Switzerland there are currently no newer versions ???
    Hirsch once put on KW 36 and now new to KW 51 So to the Christ Child :-)

    Thank you very much for your efforts

    A small note on the side, it is slowly but surely coming that Saab drivers only look at each other at the moment, but could soon become a SAAB greeting ...

    Greetings from the, still stocked with numerous SAAB`s, Switzerland


  • Hello Tom…
    Well, I hope that Tobias put some stickers in the post! 🙂 Place is already reserved at the stagecoach! SAAB Lives! 🙂

    The SAAB dealer in my town has now unscrewed the logos and there are great goods from far east to buy!

    But SAAB was at home in Dresden anyway!

    Greetings to Eschborn, if anyone reads with!

  • The office, bezw. the CH-representation of the SAAB brand was registered by 30. January 2012 closed.
    A good address in Switzerland is the EMIL FREY agency in Ebikon (LU).
    Best regards

  • That's really good news!

  • Hello Alexandros. This is already working. The Saab partners were offered to participate in the autumn campaign. The cover letters are supported by the Saab Parts, so you contribute to the costs. Who participates, whose customer will soon post in the mailbox.

  • How do Saab drivers who do not know your blog, dear Tom, or do not actually attend such campaigns actually get along?

    In the past, special letters were received from Saab Germany. Is such a thing (admitted, with extra costs and effort connected) planned?

  • @Saabist

    I think Saab Switzerland is too defensive and does not hear anything from itself, too bad to act now to save the brand name

    Greetings from Basel


  • It's great to hear something from Mr. Schuhmacher and his team. Tom, what about an Inside SAAB story from Eschborn? We would like to read something!

  • That's good news !!

    Maybe there is also such an action for Switzerland…. I would definitely be happy! There are sure to be one or the other goodie that would suit one of our SAABs

    Greetings from Switzerland

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