Saab Automobile Parts AB acquires European companies

  • Saab Automobile Parts AB acquires the former subsidiaries of Saab Automobile AB in Spain and Italy.
  • The companies supply spare parts, service programs and technical support to owners of Saab vehicles in Spain and Italy
  • The acquisition strengthens the international representation of Saab Automobile Parts AB
  • Further international expansion planned

Saab Automobile Parts AB has acquired the former subsidiaries in Spain and Italy from the bankruptcy estate of Saab Automobile AB. Following this acquisition, the companies in Spain and Italy will operate as 100% owned subsidiaries of Saab Automobile Parts AB, with all existing staff continuing to work.

"This acquisition is a natural step to ensure our presence in traditional Saab markets such as Spain and Italy. There is a large fleet of Saab vans in these countries and, with acquisitions, we ensure our representation to ensure parts availability, service programs and technical support to customers in this region. We see great opportunities to expand the business and set up the companies for the future, "says Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

The acquisitions in Spain and Italy are additional steps in the activities of Saab Automobile Parts AB to provide Saab drivers worldwide with spare parts and other after-sales services. Earlier this year Saab Automobile Parts AB founded subsidiaries in Great Britain and the USA and established a new Sales & Marketing office in Trollhättan.

"We sell and distribute parts in more than 60 markets worldwide and it is an ongoing process to analyze and expand our business opportunities. It is very likely that we will continue to expand our business internationally through additional branches, "says Lennart Stahl.

Text: Saab Automobile Parts AB

7 thoughts on "Saab Automobile Parts AB acquires European companies"

  • Hello Saab fans,
    I have been working for the Saab brand for 25 years and have a Saab service company in Detmold.
    If you want, you can reach me under 05231-469812.
    Best regards
    Kay Greenfield

  • Moin saabvandale!
    At Auto Deppe Exertal you have a SAAB contact person! They even (still) have SAAB on offer ...
    Kind greeting

  • A very interesting report. With us in the area Hameln-Hildesheim there is currently no Saab dealer / workshop.
    A former Saab service partner would like to work for Saab again, but gets no real information to whom he must turn.
    Can be helped here?

    • Moin Saabvandale!

      In the area Hameln-Hildesheim you do not need a Saab dealer, because there is; free Saab workshop.
      He sits between Hameln and Hildesheim and has VERY much idea of ​​Saab.
      Just call and drive by.

      Best regards,

  • Of course germinate the thought again, which has often herumgeristerte here, that behind the scenes may already know more about the future SAABs, as previously reached the public.

    NEVS or even more options?!?!?!?! ??
    It remains exciting!

  • New sounds and a very promising contribution.
    Why should Parts AG acquire or sell distribution networks
    obligate, if the current vehicle stock, on a permanent basis
    with decreasing tendency, going on and aging. Without
    "New-fresh" replenishment is the end of the matter.
    Theoretically, 1990 would also have a society
    ET and Suport for Trabantfahr-
    should secure evidence; only this would be correct today
    “Setting up for the future” is the keyword, me
    interested in burning what you mean by that.If that
    Network in SP and IT as in DE / A stands, then it would be
    very easy to distribute 20.000 vehicles of a new kind.
    If I were an investor, I would be very hesitant in decreasing
    and aging fleets. Time for 2-3 years and then
    gone again.

    My Saab dealer (former), a small company in the Rhine
    Main only repairs to each car (man),
    told me that there are always current Saabkunden
    There are more and more youngsters who do not know what to do anymore.

    Without a new car supply you will become a niche subject, slowly
    why, surely.

    Would be so grateful for some background information

    • Do not cover so negatively, there was already enough shit….!



      PS my 9-5 / 1 has only 28 tsd. It will live for a long time and will later be inherited to my son.

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