SAAB meeting Bavarian Forest: Video

With great commitment Matthias has organized the first Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest. A lot of time was invested in the project over several months. For the blog team a big thank you! For such events needs the Saab community. For all who could not be there, comes here, after work, a video with a lot of Saab Spirit.

Also to Sven, the author of the video, and to Renato of the pictures and a report delivered thanks a lot!


8 thoughts on "SAAB meeting Bavarian Forest: Video"

  • In this video you can clearly see "the Saab Spirit is alive" and that's a good thing. Great video with beautiful pictures. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it.

    Regards Ralf

    • Hallo,

      was really nice with you.

  • Class video! Wonderful SAAB's and a brilliant idea to build a roundabout! So there was also plenty of SAAB from the front! Mood, weather and undulating landscape, everything was right! Very successful impressions for a very pleasant start of the week!
    And it shows clearly for me: SAAB, the convertible!
    Greetings from the north

  • Hi all,

    I was only at the meeting on Saturday, but I can tell you: it was great!

    Starting with the weather, the location (s) to the cars and of course the people!

    Tom, it's a shame you couldn't come ...

  • Thank you for the great video! This is how the day can start!

  • Very nice meeting… reminds me of the one in the Czech Republic in 2009 and makes me want the next one! 😉
    How many SAAB's were there?

  • Hello Renato!
    Nice video. Does the orange-black 902 belong to you?
    Hope you had a lot of fun on the weekend.

  • Thank you for the beautiful pictures! As if you had been up close!
    You can feel the SAAB spirit ... it will stay with us!
    Greetings to all blog readers!
    Thanks to Tom, who is crazy about investing a lot of time for us Saabists, best regards!

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