Saab News: Package from Sweden and the mirror explains Turbo

Back from Belgium, or more precisely from Flanders, there is a Saab more on our roads. Behind us are, with detours, more than 1.500 kilometers that were really fun. The travelogue follows tomorrow. Meanwhile, a long-awaited package has arrived from Sweden.

Package from Sweden

Playsam sent the promised streamliners from Kalmar. The design objects painted in the Saab color “Lightning Blue” are part of the Saab story. Commissioned as a reminiscence of the Saab 9-3 Viggen, Saab wanted to remember this special high-performance model. Saab 9-3 Viggen are sought-after collectibles today and have a firm circle of friends.

Due to the economic development in Trollhättan the order was no longer retrieved, and the Viggen Streamliner remained with the manufacturer. Only 300 pieces should go as a limited edition to the brand fans, and we have some copies reserved for our readers. It is a unique opportunity, because a post-production will not exist here. The Viggen Streamliner is now available in our shop.

Playsam Viggen Streamliner

Let's take a look at the press and see what Saab has to offer.

Press 1: Victor Muller and the Griffin

Muller put it in the news again. After not being willing to pay in tax matters and wanting to sue the Swedish tax authorities, he is now philosophizing about the Griffin and NEVS. He told the Just-Auto news portal that he wanted to dispose of the Saab Griffin either way. The griffin would have been replaced by the historic B18 bomber. He doesn't say anything that we haven't known for a long time.

And he decorates himself, as the saying goes, with strange feathers. The departure of the Griffin, piece by piece, was decided before Muller thought of acquiring the Saab Corporation. The idea for the further development of the brand came from the design team and not from Victor Muller.

But Muller, even if he will remain in the media, is a thing of the past. The poisonous greeting to the new owner expressed in the interview does not change anything. “He wishes,” he says, “NEVS all the luck in the world - even if he doesn't understand their business model”.

Press II: A small gift

Charles XVI Gustav, by profession King of Sweden, was visiting the Saab Museum. Museum curator Peter Bäckström gave the king a gift as a Saab 92001 Roadster. Small things can cause positive press, and the Aftonbladet reported on the Saab intended for Princess Estelle. Nice that the press in Germany has taken note of it and Saab so at least in Hamburg in the Media at a hunt.

Press III: The mirror explains Turbo

Can a news magazine explain Turbo? The author Jürgen Pander obviously can not. In his new Articles he writes about Turbo Technology and even mentions the Saab 99 Turbo. However, all turbos before 1994 were stamped as impassable, because the breakthrough came with - please hold on - the 4 Audi A1.8 1994t.

The fact that Saab, as a turbo pioneer, invented the soft turbo long ago, in which no turbo lag was noticeable, is neglected. That our Swedes have cultivated the combination of turbo with automatic transmission, and that turbo and automatic can be fun when you sit in a Saab, is also not worth mentioning. The lack of durability of the small turbo engines is completely suppressed - with the trend towards downsizing hailed in the article. Is there any paid content for the Volkswagen Group in the Spiegel article?

But alright, the Audi A4 1.8t was a yawningly boring car despite 5 valve technology and no breakthrough in turbo technology. The classic Saab 900 was already on the road with soft turbos, which at best had a minimal turbo lag, and Saab impressively demonstrated how mature Turbo technology can be with the Talladega Long Run. At a time when Ingolstadt had the same idea at the same racetrack a few weeks before the Swedes and secretly, quietly pulled off with heated turbo engines.

Maybe someone from the Hamburg Saab scene invites Jürgen Pander to take a tour of the Hanseatic city? The new Spiegel headquarters are easy to find. With a Saab 9000 or Saab 900S. Before 1994, of course.



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    It does not really matter who writes the car on the mirror. Much substance is rarely behind it. Unfortunately, it is also valid for IT, photography and, unfortunately, many other topics. The level is there (as with most publications today) cautiously not too high.


    BTW: The cool thing about the first 2.3l Turbos was just the brutal turbo boost. At the time I was at a dealer customer who also performed service for many Mercedes customers (the MB branches were at the time quite arrogant). It was quite possible that these customers with the 9000er they got asked produced some wheelspin on dry roads

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    The advertising slogan says: “SPIEGEL readers know more”. Spiegel editors apparently don't do this.

    But much nicer than the omissions of the article, I think but what was partly in the commentary so chatted. SPIEGEL readers seem to not only know more, but also suffer from an incurable urge to get rid of this knowledge. If only to know if you have to let the turbocharger run for half, one, or three full minutes to cool down.

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    Why waste expensive gasoline because of the 'saliva'? A hard letter to the editor does it too.

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    It's a shame that I don't have a “Before 1993” turbo anymore, otherwise I would have driven around with the guys….

    War can take over? He would even come along!

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    Oh yes, the mirror is a German newspaper, Audi is a German car and lobbying
    German, and the VW Group makes € good € press work (see also comparative tests in the
    Car newspapers ………… ..)

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    What Pander writes is placed content for VW. If only nobody except us looks up. Such a badly researched article is an impertinence for every reader.

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    Hi Tom,
    thanks for the news ... and I had a good laugh ... Audi 1,8t 🙂 this air pump wouldn't even stand a chance against the turbo-free SAAB models! 🙂
    There we see again where the VAG Group invests in advertising ... the writer is sure to go on vacation for the article for a few days ... without his account being debited! 🙂

    I wish all blog readers a nice week ...

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    Well written. The turbocharged engines from the VW Group have not reached the longevity of SAAB engines. The MIRROR clearly has a pair of VW glasses on!

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