Which makes us (also) happy ... Part II

The Saab Turbo X is the last “High Performance Car” from Trollhättan. Built in the tradition of Saab 99 Turbo, Saab 900 Turbo 16S and Saab Viggen, it embodies the contemporary brand ideal of a relatively small, compact car with plenty of power on demand. At the same time, the Turbo X is Saab's first all-wheel drive vehicle. Unfortunately, the Swedes, in their inexplicable wisdom, have decided to grant the world only 2000 of these special specimens.

A bit dusty but good. Turbo X after test drive

The color is not a selection criterion for all Turbo X because there is only “jetblack”, but many other variants are possible. Normal leather, premium leather, electric seats, cornering lights, it's not easy. Depending on the country of destination, there are small variations that are not expected.

If you are looking for a Turbo X, you need patience. But we do not do everything for our passion. A friend of mine has been looking for a Turbo X for some time, and since he has clear ideas and the choice is naturally limited, the journey took us to Flanders. In the vicinity of Brussels, a Turbo X with seductive few kilometers should be the first owner. So in the Flemish speaking part of the kingdom!

CLS shooting break. Interesting or not?

On the way to Belgium we drive in Germany unfortunately no Saab, but the new Mercedes CLS Shootingbreak in front of the camera. I'm a fan of this car shape, and of course Mercedes is looking for the gap in the niche. Is the Shooting Brake a nice car? Definitely an interesting one!

In Flanders we stand, some 100 kilometers later, in front of a garage, behind which the Saab is supposed to be hiding. The electric gate opens and we see a dusty, deregistered Turbo X. The owner, who was often on the road for professional reasons, had deregistered and parked the Swede after a few kilometers. Under the layer of dust we discover a beautiful all-wheel drive turbo with minimal signs of wear and noble equipment. Sunroof, Bose sound system and an exclusive leather interior. In addition, the iconic Turbo X rims in 19 ″ format.

So red number plates on and off - the wild turbo animal comes to life - roars with joy, only to fall into the bubbling idle after 30 seconds. Turbo X fans know what I'm talking about, the warm-up phase turns every start of the day into an event. Now he can get out and we roll over small Belgian streets. Sometimes we come to sections with the legendary cobblestones, where every kilometer completed counts ten times. The automobile soul hurts me with every meter that we cover on Belgian cobblestones. But these sections are short.

Bought! TX and Saab 9-3 diesel in the parking lot

If you want to buy a Turbo X, should check the four-wheel drive system of fast Sweden. Because replacing the Haldex clutch is not cheap, but the TX has never been a car for the small budget. A courageously driven, tight curve provides information. If the Saab keeps its course on what it should do with eLSD, and there are no conspicuous noises from the axle area, then everything is fine. With loud noises while cornering the alarm bells should ring. Then there is need for action! Everything was fine with our test Saab.

Why does the owner want to sell such a beautiful, rare car? In Belgium, he explains, there is a leftist government that has tightened environmental legislation. The Turbo X is not an environmental car, we all know that, and to get the Saab back on the road would cost a good 10.000 € in taxes. Too much money for a barely used car. I can not control that statement, and I am aware of the environmental issues and the finiteness of fossil fuels. But in this case, I'm glad to live in a country with a strong auto industry.

Belgian environmental laws do not affect us, and so it's clear we have to have this car. We put on our poker face, do it unimpressed, and look for the hair in the soup. The owner does the same, but eventually we agree, the red numbers stay tuned. After a good Flemish lunch we go to Holland and then on to the good old Federal Republic.

TX on the way in the Netherlands

In Belgium and the Netherlands we meet a lot of current Saab, that's good. In Germany we are on our own, and apart from an old Saab 9000, which cruises comfortably on the motorway, there is no sign of our brand on the way to the south. Time for little philosophical reflections. My friend drives the Turbo X, I drive his 9-3 Diesel. The diesel has 150 horsepower, is four years old and is celebrating with me its round 150.000 kilometer birthday somewhere just before Cologne.

Saab 9-3 tid, only 6.0 liter consumption despite brisk driving.

And while we're on the go, he only consumes 6 liters on 100 kilometers. If one ignores the mileage, one would believe to sit in a car with 50.000 kilometers mileage. Nothing rattles, wobbles or is worn. The soft premium leather looks like the factory, the Bose sound system sounds good. The 9-3 is a long-term car like any other Saab before.

Welcome to the good old Federal Republic!

For the next few miles on the drive to the south I always have the Turbo X in front of me. The basic shape of the body is now 10 years old. Can you see it? Hardly, the Saab is a little edgier than current models, but he is not old. He will never grow old due to the exclusivity of the brand. Driving Saab is fun. The pilot and the car. Every kilometer from Flanders to Bavaria has done the Saab good. He breathes freely after a long time, and in highway tunnels he lets everyone hear his joy.

The Turbo X on the way to becoming a cult? Absolutely. Saab collectors now secure one for the local garage and many Saab partners have one for private use in the hall. If someday in the distant future in Trollhättan again cars with the Saab sign off the line, then it will be hybrid or electric cars. Tubo-driven passion, combined with unreasonableness and fun is not there (for the time being) on ​​the program.

Bloggers Homebase: TurboX Meeting

After 460 kilometers we make a stop on the way south, and the Turbo X stays at my home. Hood to hood, he stands with my Turbo X on an enclosed area. It crackles and cracks. Does a car have a soul? A Saab for sure! Two Saab Turbo X guests on Bloggers Homebase. This is called species-appropriate keeping 🙂

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Pictures: saabblog.net

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    Hach, the diesel is missing the funometer in the cockpit

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    Those were just nice, quieter times back then. Everything is past. Let us look positively into the future and look forward to the old SAAB vehicles.

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    Very nice article.
    I also enjoy seeing my beloved Saab 9-3 sedan with deer tuning every morning.
    Something I do not understand in the article, namely the sentence: contemporary brand ideal of relatively small, compact car with a lot of power on call.
    So I do not think that my Saab Limo, last model, looks small and compact.
    The Golf GTI from the neighbor looks much more compact :-)

    Best regards to all Saab fans

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    Hoi Tom
    I bought a 09-9 3T V2.8Aero XWD limousine in April 6. With XWD Sport Package 19J and Hand Switched (almost does not exist!)
    I actually wanted to sell this beautiful car - but then I read your report and from now on the beautiful Sabine is no longer for sale! Thank you for your story.
    One question: can you see from the vintage on whether the improved Haldex is already installed?
    Best regards from Davos
    Andy Hirschi

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    For those who have so much money left:
    In one of the well-known motor vehicle exchanges is a ROTER 9-3SC with 280PS. “Red is the new black”! More color for the world! Everyday life is gray enough. But 280PS are too much for me. My 2,3FPT 9000 is enough for me to overtake.
    Is in the performance and the four-wheel drive then a TurboX, right?

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      well, as far as I know, gabs the TurboX only in black 🙂

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    Very nice report! That makes you want even more SAAB!

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    Once again a very nice story - THANK YOU!

    Also, my 9³ TTiD Aero always feels good when he rolls in the evening in the local garage and spend the night there in intimate togetherness with my sonnet III.
    When the garage door closes, he takes a quick look at our 9³ Anniversary, which unfortunately has to sleep outside ...

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      "When the garage door closes, he takes a quick look at our 9³ Anniversary, which unfortunately has to sleep outside ..."

      I think we all have the same hit.


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    But where is the turbo indicator in the TX? Something is missing for the optics! I already trust the 9-3 TurboX to accelerate the pressure in the seat ... Great report! Please continue to omit the consumption values, dreams are so beautiful….

    • blank

      The one shown here is a photo of the TiD and not the 9-3X, right? That one has a turbo indicator.

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        That's right, that's right. Even the 6 liter consumption does not really pack the TX.

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    Very nice report, makes you want more

    This passage makes me thoughtful:
    “A boldly driven, tight curve provides information. If the Saab keeps its course, which it should do with the eLSD, and there are no noticeable noises from the axle area, then everything is fine. "

    Because with my 900 convertible (1994, old form, no turbo), there are noises on the driver's side rear (axle?), If I drive a tight turn courageously. What does that mean?

    • blank

      The noise is about the Haldexkupplung, which makes a loud noise when cornering, if broken. The convertible has none, the noise has other sources. Maybe a reader can give a prognosis?

      • blank

        Hello Tom
        It does not necessarily mean that the clutch is broken, often helps an oil change.
        My workshop told me, but I have no problems at the moment.
        Obviously it's like the ignition coils ... Last a few thousand or, with luck, tens of thousands of kilometers.
        Mine got sick at 55000.

        Greetings from Luxembourg

        • blank

          That's right, because the oil change intervals are too long and should be shortened. My workshop has recognized that too. The latest version of the Haldex coupling should not have these problems anymore and the last TX already have this version.

    • blank

      Can have many reasons: stuck bearing bushes, wheel bearings, broken springs, defective shock absorbers ...

      What kind of noise is it?

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    Thank you Tom. Once again a very, very good report that gives great pleasure. Immediately it arouses great interest in the Turbo X and without hesitation 2 used cars were found very close by (Dresden and Bautzen) on the Internet. If you could just turn your head off and only listen to your stomach, then I would soon be the proud owner of this noble car. Only (unfortunately) I suspect that my common sense will win again and that I will therefore continue to enjoy my beautiful and yet much more economical 9-3 SC TiD. Almost a bit of a shame ... 😉

    Saabige Greetings from Upper Lusatia. Marco

  • blank

    Then I always think oh Tom, take me with you on the next SAAB trip! 🙂

    • blank

      Only if you also buy a saab 🙂



  • blank

    ... nice report. Many thanks. I almost had the feeling that I was ...

    Yes, that with the 2000 piece is really too little!



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    Good morning.

    Nice report, great car (s)!
    If you read it like that and see the pictures, I can slowly but really like a 9-3 ... 😉

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