SAAB Talk: Mail from Saab Parts AB

Yesterday some Saab mail fluttered onto my desk. Even more mail in "real life" meant that I couldn't write anymore, which I am catching up to do today. Let's start with Saab Parts AB. The autumn campaign of the Saab spare parts division seems to be going well, and you get one or two surprises. The Saab partners are free to participate, whoever wants to is there and benefits, and whoever feels no motivation is left out. That I received mail from Bamberg from there Saab center got, is not a surprise. Saab in Bamberg is active, and the Saab Spirit, even if I repeat myself, very much alive.

Saab Post from Bamberg and from the mountain road

The real surprise came from Saab center mountain road, where I bought our Saab 9-5 BioPower sports suit - which will soon leave us - years ago. I was very satisfied with the service there, but thought the Opel-dominated multi-brand house had long since left. Because Saab has also disappeared from the website, but the impression seems to be deceiving. The brand flag is also held up on Bergstrasse, which is very nice, because I had only heard good things about the service there. The only thing missing is mail from the former Saab Center Frankfurt, now Saab Service Frankfurt, where our fleet is also a customer. A friend with whom I spoke on the phone last night has already received his letter from Frankfurt. The former Saab plant is also there.

Not bad what the Saab Parts team has done. For a brand that no longer builds cars Saab is quite alive. Chapeau to Eschborn!

Saab Zentrum Chemnitz remains!

Because we're talking about who's with Saab or not, there's one more comment. At the beginning of the week readers' comments gave the impression that the Saab flags had been obtained in Chemnitz. Mark, who is closer than me, talked to the Seipp family. The good news: that, too Saab center Chemnitz continues to provide service to our Swedes. This is very positive, because every service partner is needed and is welcome!

Even more Saab Post came yesterday from Sweden from the Saab Bilmuseum, plus some news about Saab. If my desk is a little emptier, it continues.



13 thoughts on "SAAB Talk: Mail from Saab Parts AB"

  • Nice for those who have received mail in the last few days from the dealers. We also got mail.
    In Tyrol our dealer is rebuilding. He has new stationery with new CI. WITHOUT SAAB. POOH!!!
    I'm really disappointed with our dealer, who now specializes in small Italians.
    We will probably look for a workshop that combines more joy with our Swede.

  • Finally again post from Saab in the mailbox !!! Told ones live longer!
    Thanks to the car dealership in Zwickau.
    I'll be in touch soon.

  • Yesterday I was the first to pick up and stick the new sticker "SAAB - more than a car" in Bamberg.

    • And? What are the SAAB stickers? Please a picture!!!

  • Juhu, best regards to Chemnitz! Nice AH, where I bought my 93-BP beginning 2009.

  • I also received mail from the "SAAB Center Fulda". But nobody can spell the name SAAB there anymore. The SAAB signs have long been unscrewed and the flags have also been taken down. Even if you were interested in buying a (new) SAAB two years ago, you were kindly but definitely referred to cars from the small car manufacturer DAEWOO (in Europe: Chevrolet)…. (no thxx!) 🙁

  • SAAB 9-5 Bio Power with deer and nearly 40.000 kilometers on the clock. Who gets the one who is lucky. Is he sold or are you still planning?

  • The beautiful 9-5 Bio Power has to go ... ..; (

  • The question is unavoidable. What follows the station wagon or does the parking space remain empty?

    • The question is legitimate

      • Then it will probably pay attention in the near future, if the blogger is "on the road" to see which Saab has managed to push the station wagon out of the driveway 🙂

      • That would be a typical case for change marks, but unfortunately they have nothing to offer you anything reasonable in Germany. It's in jammer, it would be so easy. Copy the model from Austria and you're done.

        Here in Austria I have four Saabs on two license plates, even three Saabs on one license plate, one has a license plate just for himself, but still has potential ...

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