SAAB Talk: Post from the Saab Bilmuseum and more ...

Post also came from Sweden. The Saab Car Museum invites you to the first annual meeting of the "Saab Car Museum Support Association" on October 25th. Mark and I were already participants in the founding event this summer, and now it's going on, the supporters are forming. We briefly considered getting on the plane to Gothenburg, but since neither of us really has time, the event will take place without Mark and me.

Post from the Saab Bilmuseum

The Bilmuseum is in safe hands, and the cooperation with Saab AB is also going very well. Classic Saab are now in the museum of the Royal Air Force, while Trollhättan receives aircraft for it. But even if the inventory is secure, the urgently needed financial resources for restorations and personnel are lacking. Mark and I will be back in Trollhättan by spring at the latest. If we still write on the blog by then, what would be possible, but not mandatory, because other "social media projects" are pounding on my door, we will first beg the Saab community for donations for the historical collection.

And what's up with NEVS?

If you expect big news from the Saab factory, I have to disappoint you today. There is good news, if at all, only in small, homeopathic doses. Because since “National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB” moved into Saabvägen, there has been a great silence about the plant. At the Saabsunited Oktoberfest this weekend, the investor's press staff will be guests, maybe something relevant will come from Sweden. Probably not.

It became known that NEVS has rented the former Saab "panel factory", which manufactures equipment parts for the Saab 9-3 and which is owned by the municipal real estate company Trollhättan Tomt AB. The part of the plant must be particularly relevant for the future, because the bankruptcy trustees had already rented it, and NEVS joined as a new tenant on September 1st. Angry tongues in Trollhättan mean that the medium-sized hall of the “panel factories” would be fully sufficient for the NEVS plans for the next few years. You could then do without the Saab complex in the Stallbacka.

What else is going on in Trollhättan?

The former Saab employees currently have other worries. The supply industry in Sweden, where many have come, is cutting jobs. Similarly, Volvo Aero, located in the immediate vicinity of the plant and now in new hands, where the first terminations run. We do not even want to talk about the Volvo plant in Torslanda! By the end of the year, many former Saab employees will be standing where they were a year ago. Before the employment offices.

After all, the direct bus from Trollhättan to the Volvo plant will continue. The project subsidized by the municipality and the region would have been on 9. December should end. The question arises why actually. Did anyone in Trollhättan hope to see a running car production in December? Maybe, because at least for a while it looked like that.

With the elimination of the bus connection, the commuters would then have to change to the train, which has new offers to Gothenburg, but the journey time would have been longer. Paul Akerlund, mayor of Trollhättan, has been engaged in strong protests for an extension and has been successful. At least good news for the ex-Saabians.



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  • If I had the billions of US dollars or euros, I would immediately buy up NEVS, chase all the admins to hell and make Mr. Muller and Co fear afraid and continue to build SAAB in the old form, especially with either conventional gasoline / diesel or hybrid engines or plug-in ... (901, 93-I, 95-I, 94-X in any form as coupe, station wagon and convertible)
    What do you think Gangster Motors would do in Detroit if SAAB dominated the US market again (especially in the SUV and convertible sector)? Also in Europe and China? Oh oh….

  • blank

    Hi Tom

    This statement does not seem very logical to me: “Bad tongues in Trollhättan think that the medium-sized hall of the“ panel factories ”would be fully sufficient for the NEVS plans for the next few years. You could then do without the Saab complex in the Stallbacka. "

    If so, why buy man such a large and expensive work, which also has to be maintained for Xk Sek?

    Basically, I have to give the critics right if there will only be EV then the little work would have been enough

    A big ? stay with me, you write other social media projects drumming at your door, hmmm and I always thought you'd just write if your heart's in it



    • blank

      Yes, yes Yves that's the problem with the heart's blood. The heart beats Saab. If it were not, I would have been writing something else for a long time :-)

  • blank

    I have to join Ralf,

    it is a tragedy.
    But I have to say that it also has a certain appeal to move a vehicle which is becoming rarer.

    I myself am allowed to move a 9-5 year 2005 for a year and a half.
    One of the last. And then as a diesel - 2.2 tid.
    Since there is no particle filter for retrofitting for this model, nothing can break. And I still got the entry permit for the environmental zone in Leipzig.
    Now he has been stalked by me with Km-Stand 100.000.
    I should have done it a lot sooner - the engine looks as liberated.
    The torque is easy to feel. Before, it was a tired, but reliable fellow.
    Now he is really lively.
    And consumes half a liter less - so with summer tires 6.4 liter.
    For a vehicle of this weight class more than ok
    It's just a great feeling not to follow the mainstream - without daytime running lights and bells and whistles. With a front that is sympathetic and does not have to look "angry" in order to get attention. Thank you Saab. Thank you Sweden.
    And I hope that he keeps very long - thanks Steuerkette.

    • blank

      My dealer thinks one of the best engines ever, 400.000 Km is not rare.

      I have the engine three times, in the 9-5 sedan, in the 9-5 station wagon and in the 9-3 I sedan. He is the most spry in the 9-3 Series I, has 125 PS, a true Porsche and Golf GTI killer. I was once tempted in Obertauern and showed a Golf VI GTI with 250 PS, who is faster on the mountain, who could not believe his eyes.

      All are original, even if I suspect the station wagon that the previous owner has done what feels like 150 PS or more. It goes very well, but seldom does it take under 6,8 liters, in winter it is a good liter above it, but I am also tempted to demand more by it, then the 17 inch wheels etc.

      9-3 I sedan needs 5,8 to 6,2, at full throttle in Germany on highways 6,8 liter. The 9-5 sedan needs only a little more, the station wagon but already much more, maybe the full equipment with leather seats etc.

      • blank

        Yes that's true.

        Mine as a Vector with Volledersitzen and good equipment weighs without full
        Tank 1620 kilograms.
        But he feels so wonderfully massive. So different and unconventional.
        Due to the deer tuning, I also notice no additional consumption.
        But at full load in the evening sun one thinks behind smokes a chimney.
        No matter. Since nothing can clog.
        I drove for many years in the VW group and I have to say I do not regret having switched to earlier. That was a big mistake.
        Interestingly, the 95 as a station wagon was a combination that makes it possible to install three full-size child car seats WITHOUT PROBLEMS.
        Since I was looking for a long time also with other manufacturers - in addition to Van - disappointing what was partly made because the middle seat. Giving space away.
        Well the Swedes are just kid friendly. You do not only notice that on holiday there.
        At some point I let paint the door handles and the rest of the 95- 1 seen - and that's just great.
        This once again enhances the timeless form. Thanks Saab.

  • blank

    It is the bare mourning game for me!
    I was 2004 in the saab museum and dreamed of driving a saab and met the saab dream before 15 months and bought a 2007 9-3. What GM from us saabisten made with our rabbits drives the blood in my eyes. it reassures me that i am not alone with my love and sorrow.

    thanks for your reports tom

    • blank

      Hello Ralf,

      Not only GM was a big mistake - the mistakes continued with Mr. Muller and especially with Bergqvist + Co.!

      It is still a mystery to me how some contemporaries were able to portray Bergqvist and his people as well-working administrators until the sale of SAAB to NEVS - neither the much too long time until the sale nor the selection (NEVS) are according to the current state of knowledge to be regarded as a good job.

      If NEVS does not notice any serious and above all positive things about SAAB in the next few months (such as the definitive announcement of a 9-3 Hybrid), then the whole story can actually be slowly filed away!

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