SAAB - More than a car!

The stickers of the Saab confession campaign, “SAAB more than car ..” have reached the partners. We also secured stickers for our Swedes at the weekend. The transparent adhesives from the autumn sale of Saab Parts AB are available in two versions, with black or white lettering. The Saab logo itself is always silver.

Saab: More than a car

The Saab Bekenneraktion, created with the help of a Frankfurt advertising agency, is great. The stickers are an eye-catcher look even better on the Saab in Natura than in the photo. A nice way to show the flag for our brand, but I think we're world champions anyway. For the fans one reason more in the next few days to visit the participating Saab partner, because the stickers of the campaign are what I hear so much, to be very popular.

Saab More than a car .. with a light lettering

The marketing campaign of the German Saab Parts branch is smart. Fresh wind in the Saab scene and a proof that the brand lives! And only those who create a bond with Saab drivers and workshops will have long-term success in the spare parts business. Seen in this way, the autumn action is a first step.

The Saab Story itself continues. In Trollhättan, at the Saabsunited Oktoberfest, the press representatives of NEVS announced that as of Monday more life will be in the factory.

The Saab Parts AB, not the investors as misleadingly proclaimed elsewhere, will again manufacture body parts for our cars from Monday in the press shop. Already among the administrators Nyköping had rented parts of the production facilities. Good news for us all!



14 thoughts on "SAAB - More than a car!"

  • I live in Holland. Can I get this sticker as well?

  • And the Formel1 sound first

  • Hello Tom, that's a very good news.

    I have had my TX for two weeks and every morning he puts a smile on my face.

    One question: where do you get the stickers?

    Greetings from Central Switzerland

    • Congratulations to the TX. I know the smile.

      • Hi Tom,
        Today, I contacted the Saab partners in the area who I know. Unfortunately, no one is involved in the autumn action. I would like one of the stickers. How do I get one? I think other readers are also interested in this question.
        Greetings from the Ruhr area

        • The topic is really of interest, because since yesterday there were several mails to this question. However, I am not a Saab employee, have no access to this action, can not say who participates and who does not. I'm sorry, but in this case I have no answer to the question :-(. Who has good contacts to the right Saab partner, which is clearly in the advantage.

          • Hi Tom, then my SAAB partner is not the right one. Sticker missing, is not included in the action. Such a crap

  • Hello Tom

    Good news for all SAAB friends traveling in Germany, where we can southern neighbors
    to relate something like that?

    Thank you as always, for your great effort, you make with us Swiss .. :-)


  • So I have to have a look at the mobilforum tomorrow. 🙂

  • I have to have a look at the mobilforum tomorrow. 🙂

  • Crap, crap, crap.

    I would also like to have the sticker in transparent ... unfortunately there is no workshop visit in the near future ... 🙁

    It's nice that something happens every now and then at “Saab Automobile Parts AB”!

  • Thank you for the info about the SAAB sticker. The slogan is apt and the logo also seems to have succeeded.
    All SAAB fans have a nice rest Sunday.

  • Hi all!

    The absolutely correct statement “SAAB - more than a car” reminds me (as an old hand) of the advertising campaign at the time that was carried out with Peter Ustinov for a Swedish bank (SEB Bank): Here the slogan was “SEB more than a bank” .

    As perhaps only a few know, the favorite vehicle of the 2004 deceased great actor, Sir Peter Ustinov, was a SAAB 9000 in the rare color rose quartz.

  • Well that does not sound so bad! It's moving.
    Tomorrow I'll get my sticker. Good idea.
    Now lunch tastes so good again!
    Good Sunday to all Saab drivers.
    After the meal, a tour is made, the autumn sun laughs. The first few kilometers, of course, with the Saab.

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