SAAB News: Dongfeng buys T Engineering

One of China's largest automakers, Dongfeng, buys 70% of Saab spin-off T engineering, This is currently reported by the TTELA in Trollhättan. The company is a startup consisting of former Saab Powertrain employees. The competence lies in addition to turbo technology and multi-fuel engines, especially in hybrid and electric car technology. T Engineering currently has 32 employees and is based on the site of the Innovatums.

China's second-largest automaker buys in a bit of Saab knowledge with 139.000 employees and 3 millions of vehicles produced. For Dongfeng it is the first branch outside of China. For the location Trollhättan, which is even more international, certainly no disadvantage.

But what about the declarations of intent that you do not want to give Saab Know How to China? Bad knowledge does not stay without attention for a long time. If you only rely on the e-car map, it just jumps too short. Dongfeng recognized and acted. But it is also another proof of what Rohdiamant Saab was. But nobody recognized that at the right time.


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  • Dongfeng Motor Corp. can be seen on the streets with trucks ETC in China so far and the various passenger car licensing buildings, for example. Citroen, but since China invests a lot in e-automobile infrastructure from the state, this market is very important in China and Dongfeng wants to get involved as well, since it will be easier for e-cars to be approved in the big cities than for petrol / diesel Automobiles.
    Unfortunately, one has the impression that SAAB is being dismantled and sold slice by slice ...

  • Hey there!

    Have you ever looked at DongFeng on wiki? They build a MiniVan / Transporter with double kidney in the hood: a BMW van * lol *

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  • We should not jump to conclusions - according to its own statements, NEVS is still concerned with getting a so-called long-term investor (i.e. partner) on board - there could still be some surprises here, including with regard to the entire future model range.

    The top people at NEVS have already mentioned the possibility of a SAAB hybrid vehicle - maybe there will even be a collaboration with Dongfeng.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

  • So it's like always. SAAB was smashed and the knowledge and technology is split up and sold in individual pieces.
    How nice it would have been if an investor had taken over SAAB as a whole. The items can never be put together again.
    Rest in peace, SAAB.

  • Not even the Swedish government and that will regret your meal.

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