SAAB News: Parts production starts and Saab EV1

The newspaper in Trollhättan can finally write about Saab again. After staying afloat in recent weeks with dilapidated villas, waste prevention and municipal problems, something seems to be on the move at the Stallbacka plant.

Stands in the Saab Museum: Saab EV-1

There it was since the 1. September extremely quiet. If someone was on the road, then certainly one of Saab Parts AB employees. These are, even though the investor from China is said to have 100 employees under contract, at least visually still in the majority.

Mattias Bergman, NEVS Vice President, has now announced at TTELA that his employer wants to become the first volume manufacturer in the “premium e-car segment” under the Saab brand. Hmm ... Okay - e-car and premium segment, there is still TESLA, a company that builds pure battery cars. And that still writes losses ... Should the Americans be the yardstick, or do you want to compare yourself with the new i models from BMW? The working title of the first Chinese product is called EV-1. Interesting and maybe not a good omen. A term for Saab fans, because EV-1 was a study with no prospect of production and is now in the Bilmuseum in Trollhättan.

EV-1 in the version 2.0 is based on the Saab 9-3, but should visually differ. As announced, EV-1 2.0 will launch 2013 at the end of the year or 2014 at the beginning of the year, and the main market is still seen in China, where the corresponding infrastructure is currently being vigorously expanded.

That this electric car adventure is politically intentional, it is becoming clearer. Local and imperial politicians see the future of Trollhättan and possibly the entire Swedish auto industry in the name of the electric drive. That's what our friends in Trollhättan understood, but without enthusiasm. NEVS will be able to count on subsidies should a production start up.

At least some cash flow has meanwhile generated the Chinese, who have been burning money every month since September. The press shop is now running again and is the second operating complex with the Aftersales division, which was leased to Saab Parts AB. In addition, there are new tenants who want to pull back to the Stallbacka. They use part of the office area and test stands. At least some money comes into the investor fund.

What is coming from Trollhättan in the long term? That is the question. To what extent the products of NEVS still have to do with Saab, we will only know in a few months. The car business will not be easier now. Volvo has from the 1. October production in Torslanda down for lack of demand from 57 to 50 cars per hour. Now you stop production for the 44. Calendar week totally. Further redundancies, apart from those already announced, are not planned for the time being. The times are tough for small manufacturers.



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  • Who should answer your questions too? The bankruptcy trustees will present an interim report in Vänersborg in November. Then you see more, because probably this report ends up with all the transparency on the Internet. Or send an email directly to the administrators first.

  • Dear F-RU XXXX,
    I have already asked these and similar questions from the opener, and have received no answer. The most important questions, however, are why the insolvency administrators can not say why they chose this NEVS force. Why does not anyone force them or does not any law to justify their decision. And they are allowed to do what they want, or who looks at them on the fingers. Everything I've read here is Sweden such a transparent country, that I have the Read tax evasion of my neighbor, this transparency is obviously well but only in tax matters. According to Obelix, one can only say that they are spinning the Swedes

  • It's always exciting with Tom and every click somehow gives you goose bumps .... I'd like to get an answer to two questions,

    -under which points of view and criteria have
    ..elektrogenies NEVS get the supplement. there was
    .. because not a higher instance over the
    .. machinations the bankruptcy trustee woke up

    - were the offers of mahindra or youngman
    .. so miserable that they were inferior to the new company. I just can't believe that.

    What clever head did or did not need
    .. decide that now you wait until 2014
    .. must buy a new unknown object who was that manindra
    ..and youngman just retired like that.

    -NEVS to build electric cars sometime
    ..can go to the green meadow. Which
    ..resources use this because of the work
    -or is the truth just that, that no
    ..mensch more to the internal combustion engine
    .. also a sophisticated, believes.
    no idea, I'm at a loss, would like one
    answer. because such stores as NEVS exist
    hundreds or thousands fumbling something
    whether in Europe, the Middle East, Far East, South America
    middle class, lots of people.

  • The constant love for China does not make things any better. SAAB, as we knew it, is history and what the Chinese are doing makes little sense in my eyes. People sneezed your SAAB, take care of them. There is nothing better to come!

  • How about Saab 9-E? With upside down 3? 20.000 € royalties for this idea please on my account, dear NEVS people. Tom has my e-mail address

    PS: In whose local daily newspaper was the IEA estimate for the oil price up to 2017 still in the weekend? Apparently the explosion does not happen ...

  • I'm curious how they come with their plans. Will be a feat to push an 10 years old platform into the premium segment. I prefer to stick to my 9-3 with Turbo. That may not be premium, but fun

  • Hi Tom

    I think it will be more like a comparison to the iModels from BMW ... TESLA is more of a sports car 😉

    For the market, the car would need a better name than EV1



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