A plea for the Saab 9-5 I

Reader's contribution by Thomas

I've been driving Saab for 15 years: I started with an 900er, I got an 9-3 I and 2004 made me feel like 9-5, a station wagon with the notorious (I did not know then) 3.0 TiD- Engine in the Crossmax equipment. An annual car with 30 tkm, so just retracted. He accompanied me faithfully for three more 100 tkm, then I thought, an 9-3 II station wagon would be the right vehicle for me. After three months, I realized: The 9-5 can not be replaced! The 9-3 is the sporty sneaker, the 9-5 the comfortable leather shoe!

So I bought my "old" 9-5 again, and it remained in my possession as a time car until last year. Yes, he also needed new solenoid control valves, but otherwise there was no unscheduled repairs to the mileage of 252 tkm (which other car can claim that?).

As a company car I am currently driving a 9-5 TiD Griffin with Hirsch, 175 PS, I ordered it 2009 one day after the first bankruptcy of Saab in February. After banger wait he came in May 2009. Since then he has run 180 tkm, is still really as new and the only defect was so far: the rear wiper motor. Average consumption over the total mileage: 6,2 l / 100 km.

As a private car is next to a 9-5 2,3t, built in 2006. He was a used-car bargain at a Mercedes dealer with 75 tkm on the clock and an adequate successor to the old 3-l diesel. With 100 tkm he got "the stag" with 220 PS, which really made him a new car. So I am satisfied with my laps with consumption of 9,0 l / 100 km +/- 0,5.

9-5er by Thomas

Why am I writing these lines for a blog that is probably only read by Saab enthusiasts? Because I want to encourage all 9-5 drivers to keep their vehicle and not switch to a third-party product due to lack of replenishment. The long-term quality of the Saab vehicles is fantastic. And the design: timeless and unmistakable.

The Saab 9-5 as a station wagon always offers enough space - for passengers as well as for luggage or pets - and the comfort that I value as a driver: the seats are right at the top. For me as a 1,92 m man they fit like a glove, driving 300 km in a row doesn't leave any marks, my back is stress-free despite all the driving.

When it comes to the chassis, I swear by 16 “wheels, as they dampen significantly more than larger rim dimensions. Amenities such as seat heating, auxiliary heating and xenon light round off the matter. I don't need any more car - by that I mean the innovations that have been made by other manufacturers since the end of the 9-5 production: "Assistance systems" (I can still drive and park myself), or variable chassis - please, who needs one “Driving experience switch” needs ... And which station wagon of this size can beat me in terms of diesel consumption? Hardly anyone…

There are some young (a car with under 60 tkm is virtually new to me) used 9-5 in the offer, which are already at rates well below 15.000 Euro. These cars can be confidently bought instead of a foreign brand and drive long. You do not get more car for the money! So a good reason to continue driving Saab.

The 9-5 I is a mature car, a real progress of current vehicles of other brands I can not recognize. So we stay true to him !!!

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    I can only compliment all the SAAB fans about the 9.5. I had 2 9.5 station wagons in a row, the first Bj 99 2.0 SE and the second from 2004 2.0 Vector. With the first I wound down 140 tkm (with 30 tkm trionic failure) and with the second 125 tkm, both of which were newly acquired by me. I can only say positive things, the seats are fantastic, especially with the Vector. After driving 1600 km, I got out of the car in 14 hours as if I had gone to get bread. Road location, interior noise level, which I am very critical of as a musician, consider everything. During this time I also drove MB S-Class 320 Diesel built in 2000 and I honestly have to say that I always thought about what this is good for ... In any case, I didn't notice a huge difference, at least not what would justify the price difference. Now I drive a 9.3 Aero Cabrio and have to say that every time I see a 9.5 I feel sad. If I had kept it as a second car ... How was the saying again? "If you knew everything beforehand .."

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        Dear Saab fan from Hamburg!

        Thanks for your suggestion, let's see ... Although if you don't know the previous owner and also very picky as I am ;-))).

        Best regards and good luck with the “bought back” treasure!

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    We also have different SAAB models in the family - the 9-5 I station wagon is also included.

    I find all previous comments largely appropriate - only one thing somehow disturbs my gut feeling: Almost all of them sound as if you should continue to drive your SAAB, because there will be no more supplies in terms of conventional technology. Dear people, that is not yet certain - you rock each other up!

    I think we should wait and see what really happens in Trollhättan over the next few months and years - I'm assuming that hybrid models will at least be offered in addition to electric vehicles. Then long-time SAAB enthusiasts would finally have a choice in Trollhättan who do not want to drive a pure electric car - I do not consider impatience and, even worse, negative views of the future unknown to us to be appropriate.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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      Geanu that's how I see it too. We are all well looked after and the longevity of our cars is awesome, so we can easily bridge the gap and wait and see what comes next. In any case, I'm not worried at the moment and switching to another brand - I don't know which one - is still light years away.

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    Hi all,

    I have to make quite acutely even my contribution.

    Just come back from Braunschweig with my 9-5 station wagon (2.3t, built in 2002, 220 PS, switch) (there and back driving distance 1.300 km). Drive at noon yesterday - arrival at 19.00:3 p.m. - with XNUMX young people who I took with me via the ride-sharing service from Nuremberg and a colleague of mine in the passenger seat - so five from Nuremberg to Braunschweig in the car.

    Comment from the young lady after about 20 kilometers: “Here you sit comfortably” - the 3 had plenty of space and all our luggage was stowed in the trunk.

    Then back today for two at 16.00 p.m. - arrival at 23.00 p.m. - wonderful Saab driving feeling, the “brawny” 2.3 engine reminds me every now and then of a 5-cylinder sound. I also like the rough sound in the interior, perfect roadholding, cruise control on the autobahn, acceptable consumption, very good audio acoustics, ... perfect drive.

    I am very satisfied with the car - in my opinion the seats are better than in the 9000 (I drove 1 1/2 years before) - the noise insulation is also very good.

    What I find important for maintaining the 9-5: Not everyone can drive the car forever - simply sells the cars to people who have a love for the brand. But I don't have to tell you that, do I?

    Best regards!


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    my sabb 9-5 I Bj.2008 29tsd km is cherished and cared for, and so God wants my son inherited.

    Just a great irreplaceable car.



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      Funny, that's what I intend to do with my MY 2009, I'm just considering whether to treat the diesel to a “deer cure” ...
      Does that really help?

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    Hey there!

    With proper maintenance and care, they probably run more than 300 and more than 400tkm. A friendly Saab screwdriver drives his * ummm, clear * old box volvo already over 900tkm.
    Since I try with my 9000er synonymous. Engine will be disassembled and serviced next year, gearbox is exchanged for more fuel-friendly translation of a new Aero transmission (gabs cheap at Ana in Sweden).
    Otherwise only age-related quirks: scratches, dents, lever on the heat exchanger broken off, outside temperature sensor shows too much, ... - nothing at all. For this you drive - as you already wrote above - in a Saab with a sofa feeling through the area 😉
    The VW Group also feels so fast, because they take as a seat covers wooden boards

    sunny greetings,

    Oh yes, consumption does not matter as long as you drive LPG, which may even remain so cheap beyond 2018 - is supposedly currently being negotiated.

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    Nice article. 😉

    My 9-5er gets no one who is driven until it is no longer possible.
    Zz have only one sore point that the xenon headlights are slowly becoming blind. (
    Is that just me or is it the same with others? Mine is now 11 years old, eight of them I drove and no I didn't add acetone to the washer fluid. 😉


    Ps I prefer to put a (DD) behind my name from now on, there are more Andreasse here. 😉

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    @J. Burgers: The car was a new car, so it probably rolled off the line in Trollhättan at the end of February 2010. I mean, he is one of the last - if not the last - 9-5 I (s) to be newly registered in Germany.

    Addendum to the article: Fuel consumption between (summer, long-haul) 7,5 and (winter, city) 12,5 l / 100km.

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      @ Saab fan from Hamburg: Thanks for the info. Of course that's great if it's one of the last 95-I versions.
      Of course there is a nice vehicle for the next years. All the best to Hamburg!

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    So I think it's amazing that even the last 9.5 I sports set seems so up-to-date. After all, that's a really old car by design.
    Especially the models with the chrome goggles did it to me, even if they do not find a corresponding counterpart in the tail lights.
    Especially the sports combination with its transition from the rear doors to the luggage compartment window is awesome. Saab has developed a design language that can be found today in many SUVs.

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    At some point, those of us who drive many kilometers will inevitably say goodbye to the brand. Whether you can then afford a second car as a hobby is different for everyone. But our SAABs still drive and they still last for many kilometers. Let's stay firm and stay true to our SAABs (in this case 9-3).

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    Dear Saab community,

    my contribution is actually superfluous, as it only contains consent. Therefore only short keywords:
    Saab 9-5 I, newly acquired in March 2010, now about 40 tkm
    2,3t engine (gasoline engine), 5 automatic gear stage; both harmonize ideally.
    two small problems: front windshield wipers rub despite repeated interventions by the workshop; Rear stabilizer jerks in curves - according to the workshop, undramatic.
    A real fun car, in which the travel of long distances is fatigue-free possible (see Thomas's comments on the really perfect seats).
    We love this car and hope to keep it for a long time.

    The purchase of a 9-5 II failed, in addition to the high cost, because the garage was too short and too narrow for the 5,11m long ship - both a shame.

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      @ Saab fan from Hamburg: Think the articles for us SAAB fans are already important and also of interest.
      As I already mentioned, I would like to extend my SAAB pleasure a bit. Since I currently own only one, I would like to put a 95-1 in the spring and then split the Km on 9-3 and 9-5.
      Therefore, I'm of course happy about any positive statement about the 9-5 model.

      Can one ask from which year the 2010-95 acquired in March 1 was?

      was. In the last version 95-2 year of construction 2009/2010, the Americanized dashboard bothered me.

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    Have no 9-5 but 9-3 Lim, Vector Year 2004 in Noctunblau, bright sports seats and Aerospoiler, but also this car is and remains my dream.
    I just got 135 T kilometers away and cleaned it completely inside and out today. It looks like new and I'll probably drive it for a long time. As a conclusion, I've attached the new sticker in the lower part of the rear window. It just looks good and No matter which way you look at the car, it's still a good design.
    By the way, I also bought the book by Anders Tunberg “Sabb 9-3 - the new sports sedan from 2002 (like new).
    You just have to have that as an 9-3 driver.
    Greetings to all stalwart Saabfahrer!

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    @Thomas: Thanks for the article about SAAB 9-5, very interesting.

    I myself only have SAAB 900; 93-1 (2 vehicles) driven and now drive an 93-2.0T convertible I bought 2005. In 2005 I actually wanted to buy a 9-5, 3.0 TD. The diesel engine was not recommended to me. That's why I ended up with the 93-2 convertible.
    For tax reasons, I had to buy a new vehicle 2009 and unfortunately could not make friends with the SAAB 95-2. I have the last Merc. 320 CLK bought from the 2008 / 2009 series, before model change
    (First Mercedes after 25 years of Swedish vehicles ...). Since then I have been driving the SAAB convertible in my free time / vacation, especially to spare it KM.
    The Mercedes certainly has the better workmanship, but I prefer to drive the SAAB even though the Mercedes with its 500 NM / 250 km / h is no longer the “old driver with hat model”. The SAAB clearly has the better seats. Also gives a better driving experience.

    But back to the SAAB ... .. For weeks now, at the beginning of the New Year, I've been thinking about buying a SAAB 9-5, preferably a model from the last 95-1 series. The model is also recommended in the purchase advice at Saab Cars. All of today's articles confirm that I am planning to add a SAAB 5-5 to my collection. So thanks for the contributions. At the weekend there is again great SAAB weather to go out!

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    Nice article.
    I'm still excited about my old 9-5'er!

    Meanwhile, I have also decided (if not so completely voluntary) that remains as long as possible.
    I find the 9-5 SC just sporty, timelessly modern and yet restrained and inconspicuous.
    And - as Thomas also describes - the seats are unbeatable long-distance fit!
    I don't even know what to use as an adequate replacement (Audi, BMW, Volvo, Citroen, ... hmmm?) !?

    At the moment the 9-5 SC is always being overhauled / optimized a little “poe-a-poe” (turbo, deer, partial paintwork, parts here and there, etc.) and at the beginning of the coming year the packhorse will get an all-round care cure.

    Let's see how the station wagon will then radiate?

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      Citroen is also no alternative (more), I come from Alfa, Lancia and Citroen to Saab, most recently before XM, Xantia and C5. As comfortable as the HP-Citroens are the 9-5 I too, ie with the small diesel engines, so as 2,2 TID SC and sedan. I drive both of them, split the Km. I miss Citroen not at all, Saab is more active, does not rattle, it is not always broken something as old Citroen.

      For me, the two 9-5s are the best cars I've ever had on long-haul trips, as comfortable as the Citroen XM, with the XM unable to keep up with the engine, but it was another time too.

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    I've decided to keep all three Saabs that we have now for as long as possible.
    It is pure joy to drive these and I will keep them all faithful.

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    After 20 years of Mercedes (the last was a 280 TE W124), I switched to SAAB because of the emerging quality defects at Mercedes. It was a 9-5, 3.0 Griffin, 6 cyl. with 200 hp. The purchase was perfect after the first test drive, because it was the feeling of “sit down and feel good”. I drove a little more than 200 'tkm without any problems with an average consumption of around 10 liters, as I drove a relatively long distance. For me a problem-free vehicle, comfortable and the LPTurbo made the car very pleasant to drive. Time and again, I was impressed by the rapid and constant development of strength; one or the other well-known competitor product was left standing on the mountain.
    Now I own a 9-5 II 2.8 Performance. Power and comfort enough and the first 40 tkm without problems floated, in contrast to my colleagues with other makes.
    I'm a little sad after the 9-5 I, think that will soon be a collector vehicle, should have kept him as a second car!

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    So I drive the 9-5 TiD 1.9 Griffin Automobile with Hirsch (175 PS), EZ 10 / 2010 (!) And come in at just over 8 l / 100km fuel consumption. Am I doing something wrong here?
    Keeping my “favorite” is such a thing when you use it as a company vehicle and drive it. In this regard, sooner or later I have to part with this solely for tax reasons and my partner is simply too big. Taking it over privately to put it in the garage doesn't make the vehicle any better or more valuable, you also need space.
    Loyalty therefore has its (financial) limits.

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      Hello Werner,

      It is your automatic transmission that causes the extra consumption.
      the switches are more economical ...
      I will also have the problem with the "tax reasons" with the company car next year,
      but the Griffin may then remain privately owned!

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    Hello Thomas,

    Thanks for the article. I can only support this statement. The 9-5 is a brilliant long-distance glider. No car needs more car!

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