SAAB News: Håkan Samuelsson new Volvo CEO

Again the topic Volvo. What has Saab to do with it? The new Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson was among the circle of investors who wanted to take over Saab from GM. The story did not go as desired, instead of Swedish investors came Spyker and we already know the rest of the story.

Håkan Samuelsson succeeds the sick Stefan Jakoby, who previously worked for Scania and became known in Germany as CEO of truck manufacturer MAN. At MAN, he initiated extensive restructuring before he had to go in a row with the VW chairman Ferdinand Piech. Since then, the experiments are said to want to return home professionally. Samuelsson will have a good relationship with Volvo owner Geely and he will take over the Volvo ship in rough seas. Now the 61 year-old manager has to continue where Jakoby had to stop unintentionally due to a stroke.

The first goal must be to dry up loan agreements with the China Development Bank. It is about a credit line of 40 billion crowns over which for months is negotiated. There was a letter of intent in the spring and in September Jakoby said they were close to graduation. If Volvo receives the credit line, the development of the other Swedish brand is secured for the foreseeable future.

Håkan Samuelsson did not get a role at Saab. Perhaps the story of Trollhättan would have been better with him, who has successfully managed the business at MAN. Now it can prove itself in Gothenburg.


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    Dear Joachim.
    I'm not only a SAAB fan, but also an enthusiastic owner of a SAAB 9-5II. I also hope that you are right and that we will soon receive a “sign of life” from southern Sweden. But it can't last long. The customer forgets a car brand very quickly.
    Many greetings from Switzerland.

    • Quick shots often do not hit the target - but you shouldn't wait too long to take the targets “under fire”. That's right.

      But you shouldn't forget that other great automakers who have really completely disappeared from the market - for example Borgward or Rover - not that many worldwide
      Enthusiasts had behind them as was the case with SAAB and even still is the case. But even with the two car brands mentioned, there are still loyal little fan clubs after many years - of course, these former manufacturers are no longer on everyone's lips.

      Until the kick-off for the new SAAB models (maybe a hybrid SAAB will be there next year), the name will certainly not be forgotten.

      It would be important, however, that NEVS does not push such a calm ball in the marketing area as was the case under GM with regard to SAAB automobiles - more advertising would simply be a must!

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    To complain about a deceased person is completely unacceptable, especially with an alleged saabfan - besides, this statement is incorrect anyway.

    So far, it is only clear that initially no SAAB vehicles are to be offered with conventional technology or hybrid technology. However, what the future will bring and how the SAAB-Sory will continue to develop, we will all experience in the coming years.

    Greetings from Hamburg

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    Hopefully the other famous Swedish carmaker will not die now either. I wish Mister Samuelsson good luck!

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    Somehow I can feel the current Volvo situation like the one at Saab a few years ago (technology is running out, new with development partners is not in sight, etc.), that with the finances like Saab a year ago. Oh dear.

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      Only the level and the sums are higher at issue

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        Volvo has to raise even more funds than SAAB - that's clear. But what is meant by higher level and who makes the rules here?

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          I meant the bigger party 😉

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