SAAB weekend: season finale

October still thinks it's good with us, but winter is about to begin soon. Time to send our Saab 9000 into hibernation. After 14 winters with cold and road salt, our senior has earned a warm, sheltered place in the team. Not that the Saab needed it. in the Fight against the rust He had received a Mike Sanders treatment at the beginning of the year.

Autumn impression: Where is the Saab?

The body should now be safe in the long term from the brown plague and otherwise you do not notice the 9000 his age. Well, now and then there are a few electronic sensitivities when a switch does not lock properly or a connector is not as strong as it was before 14 years ago. But otherwise he is reliable and just a real Saab.

Before going into hibernation, it was properly cleaned again, the tank filled, fluids checked and the air pressure in the tires increased. The battery does not overwinter in the car, but is removed. The winter time itself is used for small, cosmetic repairs. Among other things, the exterior mirror on the driver's side is being replaced because a piece of the housing has been missing for ages due to a parking bump. We also want to work on the leather and before the start of the season next year, the paint should finally receive an extensive polish. So much for the plans and resolutions. Let's see what really happens.

Welcome Roommates: Saab 9000 meets Güldner

It is already clear that in 2013 it will roll out of brand new 16 ″ Super Aero rims. They came into our possession, through detours or rather through barter deals.

Our Saab 9000 and his roommates

His winter time spends the Saab 9000 in good company. In our hall is also a Kreidler from the last production days in Kornwestheim. A legend on two wheels, by a company that built technically sophisticated products. Against the Japanese competition, where you got two Honda MB 80 for the price of a Kreidler, there was no chance. 1982 went out the lights and today the name Kreidler is abused for products that have nothing to do with the brand.

And a Güldner tractor. Another brand that was too good for this world. Güldner had very high quality standards which were reflected in an insane vertical range of manufacture. At times, the Aschaffenburgers even produced their injection pumps themselves, because what Bosch supplied did not last long in their eyes. Güldner, unlike other tractor manufacturers, left the shop at the right time. The company reinvented itself. Today, industrial trucks in the Aschaffenburg districts of Nilkheim and Schweinheim roll off the assembly line. Under the name Linde, you have become one of the largest manufacturers in the world and the most important employer in the region.

Saab 9000: Off to hibernate!

The Güldner tractor, built in 1956, is still in use. Quality pays off. Always enough diesel, oil and a regular lubrication service make it possible. Technology from the day before yesterday, but solid and reliable. Years ago I transferred the Güldner together with my friend Marco on the trailer from the Swabian Alb to his old home. With only two previous owners, he is in good shape with 56 operating years and is still regularly used for caring work.

autumn Blues

Autumn is always the time for the "blues" that can suddenly affect us. Yesterday evening on the way back from a good restaurant, for example. It is mild, the road is dry and clear. Curvy, small country roads, as the Turbo X loves it. I activate the night panel, the cockpit turns into a jet, the Swede sweeps through the night. The Saab loves this route and before the cold season with smooth and muddy roads you can enjoy every kilometer. Only flying is more beautiful. Then suddenly, suddenly, the autumn blues comes. It may be, I think, that a brand builds so ingenious cars just disappears?



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    Your last lines with the autumn blues hit exactly my emotional state. I now have to “swap” our second car for a Saab. I have already discussed it with my older son, my wife still has to be “worked on”, but the time is now ripe. Another Saab has to come! Basta!!! The more I read this blog and the more I think about the fact that Saab no longer exists in this form, the more I have to do something! Unfortunately, it won't be one of the two cars that I saw with my son at the two newcomers' show in Salzburg (see previous blog entry), but it should be a nice 9-3 station wagon. * Languishing *, * melting *, * sorry *

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    Hi Tom,

    Since I drive my 9000er also in winter, the brown plague is also under constant observation. Twice Cavity Last year underbody preservation and a new windshield (as the Gilb sits under the plastic covers) have worked well. But while reading your article about the renovation I came across the tailgate lock and the gasket. At the lock it is like new thanks to cavity preservation, but when I pulled off the rubber, it came to me brown, not bad, but before the winter I have to go with it. Thanks for the tip, that's so hidden, you can not get on it right away. Also, my Saab dealership, which is always very good at taking care of my 9000, has not brought me to that.
    Otherwise, I still enjoy every ride with the 9000
    My first was an 9000i of 87 with 128 PS, not exactly a rocket, but for those circumstances not underpowered and with an actual average consumption of 8,3 Ltr! That was a brilliant long-distance car, a real working tool.
    Unfortunately one day a Golf pushed me off an intersection and I ended up on a side street. When everything had come to a standstill, I looked around: Inside everything is safe, all windows are safe and I and the passenger are fit - it wasn't that bad, we thought. When we got out our eyes opened: total write-off all around. The next day I bought a 9000i 2,3 and my passenger swapped his Passat for a 901 a week later.
    Shortly after it was finally over, I got a new 98 CSE in 9000, the best car I have ever had. When it's gone, I'll have a real problem! - but that will hopefully take some time ...

    Greetings from the north

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      The accident strongly reminds me of the Manta driver's favorite fairy tale: “The little wheel cover and the bad golf.”

      Sorry, I just had to get rid of it now.

      Otherwise I have to say that my desire for the 9000 grows more and more, the more articles I read about it here. For the time it was built, 8,3 liters was really a great fuel economy. For a while I drove an A4 with a displacement of 2,6 liters, which never wanted less than 11 to 12 liters ... that was at the time when I didn't know anything about SAAB.

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        I can confirm that, my father (Audifan) had an A6 2,4, rarely under 11 Ltr.

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      Moin GP 362!

      Since your post I play with the idea, my 9000 also benefit from a special treatment.
      Please tell me, with which you have preserved / preserved subsoil. By whom and how expensive is that?
      Analogous to the questions for the cavity seal.

      Because I have already seen some 9000er, which are badly eaten by the time from the bottom by the road salt. There are also some in the Saab circle of acquaintances who do not buy Saabs from areas that are known to be scattered.

      Speaking of the 9000er and “best Saab ever”: We still have a 9000CS 2,3FPT (incl. Redbox) - engine similar to the Aero - in eucalyptus green with beige leather. I'm curious to see how big the 9000 love actually is among the potential buyers. It just has to be set again in the next few days.

      Good week!

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        Moin SeSi,

        I just have with the master of my Saab Werkst. telephoned. It uses “Würth” for the subfloor, comes in light and black and feels quite greasy.
        For cavities in new vehicles “Kawiti” (I hope I have reproduced the name correctly), this spreads into all cracks when it is warm. For older vehicles where rust is to be expected, Mike Sanders is well known.

        I had the first treatment after 6 years (that was probably Kawiti, because he came to the heating chamber afterwards) and last year, just before winter, when I was almost 14, there was the all-round treatment because it was slowly necessary downstairs before things got serious - € 391,20. Well done and I thought the price was fair. I do a lot myself because the 9000 are so well thought out and easy to work with, but I can't do that when I work from home.
        I hope I could help
        Have a good trip with your 9000

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    Very nice report
    The 9000 (2) was the best Saab. I miss our black 9000er Aero so much.
    Can I actually install the seats of the 9000er in the 9-5 Aero 2006?
    Greetings from Trollhättan 🙂

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      Seats from the 9-5 fit into the 9-3I. The 9-5 seat are slightly wider. If I'm not mistaken, the 9-3I Aero had at times the Aero seats from the 9000. Would have to go, but I do not know anyone who has rebuilt.

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        Hello Saab900
        Thank you for your comment. It would be really nice if the seats fit in the 9-5. The seats from 9-5 2006 have good lateral support, but the quality is very poor. The whole interior is cracking -.- In mid-2009 we sold our beautiful Saab 9-5 Turbo Aero in midnight blue with rear spoiler built in 2000. We sold it because it was already 300.000 km down. We drove this car for 7 years without any problems. I can only say that the equipment was great and I miss it in the 9-5 Aero 2006.

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