Cars: Time to say goodby ... Part I

Yes you have read correctly. It is time to say goodbye. After nearly 7 years and plenty of 320.000 kilometers I will sell my beloved 9-3 sports suit tomorrow.

9-3 sports suit from 2007 meets 9-3 Sedan from 2010

The sports suit came to us in 2005 as one of the first in Germany and then replaced my 9-3 Sedan. This had already covered 12 kilometers after a good 65.000 months and was actually only intended as a “temporary solution” until the start of production of the station wagon.

The 1,9TID is very well motorized as a construction site vehicle. Nevertheless, after a short time he received an increase in performance from the Hirsch company. With almost 180PS you are fast on long journeys and with some contemporaries on the autobahn it caused astonishment one or the other. Despite the frowned upon linear trim with tinted windows, automatic climate control and a navigation system, the car was fully equipped for me. Little by little, some optical improvements were made to the interior. So I replaced the controls on the steering wheel and the bezel of the gear lever with those from a Vector. A cup holder and a sliding central armrest were also added. It was 7 very nice years. A time in which the sports suit only had 2 minor accidents through no fault of their own and hardly any defects and repairs worth mentioning. We bought it in the Saab center in Freital, it was always looked after and serviced in Mobile Forum Dresden, Actually a change was already planned for middle 2011 and already ordered, unfortunately it turned out very differently. Therefore, the decision to continue the sports suit and wait. But now an offer came from Dresden where I could not resist. But nothing more will be revealed here. The “new one” will come tomorrow and hopefully the weather will be followed by a photo shoot and a report !!

9-3 sports combination on 18 ″ turbine rims from the campaign of Saab Parts Germany

After all, the sports combination remains very close to us. We have infected our neighbors with the SAAB virus !!



5 thoughts on " Cars: Time to say goodby ... Part I"

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    So another real Kramer car.
    I would be interested to know what has become of Veit.

    Best regards

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    Yes, Saab-stronghold Saxony 🙂
    You can already read that wonderfully in the text, with the Saab Center Freital. Those were the times…
    In Görlitz and the surrounding area, unfortunately, you hardly see a Saab, but the more you enjoy yourself, if again one is to visit.

    I'm curious who the “new one” is. I also have a 9-3 SC myself and am more than satisfied. I am therefore happy to accept that mine has a long life ahead of it at around 140000 km and may come within your reach.

    Greetings from Lusatia. Marco

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    Saab-Hochburg-Sachsen, I keep saying it. 😉
    Then we are looking forward to the new one.

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    Hi Mark,
    I, as a Saab newbie, am very excited about my Aero 2.6 Turbo (or something like that) 2006 I've been driving for 4 months; in September to the Pyrenees just before Spain. I hope he also holds nearly as many kilometers as yours!

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    Hello Mark, have fun with the NEW.
    And good time,
    We will look at him!

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