SAAB Fan Shop: Saab Sonnet II 1966

The Saab Sonett II from Neo Scale Models has arrived in our shop as a German first delivery. The creation of the sonnet was associated with a very special Swedish thriller, which we already had on the blog tells to have.

Some Saab innovations will come from Neo in the near future. We stay tuned and report. In addition to the Sonett, we have secured a remainder of the “Saab Aero Hat”, produced by Saab Expressions. Because the cold season is knocking on our door and who wants to freeze? Go to the Saab Fan Shop here.


2 thoughts on "SAAB Fan Shop: Saab Sonnet II 1966"

  • The 9-5 ll comes from Griffin Models, maybe the SC too…. It would be hoped after the dream of the 9-5ll SC on a 1: 1 scale is over.

  • Hello.

    Nice car! Whether NEO should probably also produce such models as the Saab 9-5 II SC and the Saab 9-4X or even the Phonix model and could
    Well Probably it fails because of the rights, although the design rights lie with the designers and if they have a little Saab spirit in their blood ...
    Dreamy greetings

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