SAAB News: Espírito Saabista

The famous Saab Spirit is alive! He also lives in Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe. Saab Club Portugal was founded on December 16, 2004. Now there is - as proof that the Saab spirit in Portugal is still very much alive - a relaunch of the club website.

Saab Club Portugal

First contents are already available on the home page, and you see a lot of very, beautiful, well-maintained Saab 900, Saab 9000 and more treasures from Sweden. The Saab scene is changing. After blogs and websites were inflated in recent years, some operators have ceased their activities in the past few months. Unfortunately, the "Inside Saab" blog has been taken by Steven Wade from the network on the basis of the situation in Trollhattan. Whether somewhere still exists a backup, or whether the content was lost forever, is not known. It would be nice if a backup would be available, because Swade was in the dramatic months very close to it and its reports are witnesses.

Something is happening with the club sites in Germany too. The Koblenz Stammtisch got its own and the regional Frankfurt Club is on. The activity of the Hessen - and thus the responsibility for slowness - lies primarily with me. Because the blog supports the Frankfurt Saab fans with the new website. The “Spirit of Saab” is also active here in the country, but sometimes not so quickly ;-).


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    Hi all,

    the Saab Spirit is very strong worldwide and especially in Europe. When I organized the meeting in the Bavarian Forest, I had contact with various operators from Europe.

    Among others with Saab fans in: Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, England, Netherlands and of course the Scandinavian countries.

    Among other things, I made the contacts to show the Saab fans there that the scene knows no borders. Participants came from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, one participant from Italy and one participant from Belgium unfortunately canceled shortly before the meeting - of course, everyone was happy to see pictures of the meeting.

    Very nice multi-day meetings that we did not know were in 2012 in Poland (with Erik Carlsson as a guest) and recently in Slovakia (Saab Session Slovakia).

    There are also many European blog pages about Saab and just in the classic car magazines piling up the reports of older Saabs.

    Best regards!


  • Cool! I used to live in Portugal for 3 years and drove there SAAB 900 Turbo 16S.
    Back then, that was in the early 90s, I had the feeling that I was driving the only SAAB in all of Portugal ...
    There were 2 SAAB workshops, with just under 500km between them. And I lived right in the middle of it

    Nice that there is now also a SAAB scene!

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    The blog that Steven wrote for Saab at that time has luckily been saved on another site! To be found here ->

    The majority seems to be preserved, but one or the other picture is not visible from time to time.

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      Wonderful! Thank you!

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