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Saab is a cult. But can stickers be cult? Since the beginning of the Saab autumn campaign countless mails arrived at the blog team. Not only from Germany. Also from Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Everyone wants the stickers from the Saab Bekenneraktion. Meanwhile, I admit, I threw in the towel and no longer answer the questions. It just comes too much. The blog has no Saab stickers to distribute, our team is a customer with the respective Saab partner, just like everyone else.

Saab more than a car?

In Eschborn, at the German branch of Saab Parts AB, the first edition of the “Saab - more than a car” adhesive is out of print. All stocks were distributed to the participating dealers of the brakes and autumn / winter campaign. The industrial radio reports that you are considering a second edition.

Saab extraordinary?

When we think about Saab for a moment, you realize how extraordinary the brand is. And of course, everything that has to do with it peripherally. Normally, after a business crash, the dealers unscrew the signs, the spare parts business is sold to the highest bidder and that's it. We do not even want to talk about any marketing campaigns or dealer support. Everything is different at Saab.

In recent months, Saab Parts AB in Nyköping has stabilized its international business and created new companies or bought former Saab branches from the insolvency administrators. This is currently happening in France, Italy and Spain.

In Germany, for the first time since bankruptcy, an offensive marketing campaign has been launched and an advertising agency has been hired. The first successes are visible. Saab appears with positive reports in the media.

New service partners?

Saab spare parts can be bought from Saab Parts AB. You can, but you don't have to. Because there are several alternative sources. Without wanting to write about originality and quality now - a difficult topic that the friends of Saabsunited first tried ... But there are good reasons to stay with the original and with the authorized partner! Parts AB operates the helpdesk in Trollhättan, which is not only indispensable for current Saabs.

A few weeks ago - I was in Bamberg for an inspection with my Turbo X - a Saab 9000 was in the yard. It came on the trailer from the well-known workshop chain with the three letters. This had tried, unfortunately unsuccessfully, on the immobilizer. With the result that nothing worked. Embarrassing ... The Saab was standing. Up on the trailer. With the help of Saab expertise on site and Trollhättan on the phone, the 9000 ran again in the afternoon.

Former Saab partners have recognized that life is better with Helpdesk and Saab Parts AB. Presumably also that you can benefit from the marketing activities of the Eschborn-based company - there will certainly be more to come. A few days ago an email with a request to get in contact with Eschborn landed on my desk. A previous Saab partner would like to be re-authorized.

Apparently not an isolated case. A short time later, I phoned a Saab Parts sales representative. He just came back from an appointment with a former Saab Service Partner, who is still holding the flag of our cult brand. The dealer, he is quite well known and dedicated, which is why I do not want to give the name, wants to go back to the family.

Is that normal? What is normal at Saab ... The cars were always a little bit different, the dealers and customers too. Saab Automobile AB filed for bankruptcy in December. The factory has now been sold, the brand name can continue to be used, and cars may roll off the assembly line again in 15 months. Meanwhile, the fascination with the brand, which has had to go through a lot in recent years, seems to be increasing.

The signs are good for us. There are traders who unscrew the shield with the griffin. Unfortunately ! But there are also dealers who have recognized that it makes sense to offer service for our cars. So there are some who join in, and those are the perpetrators of conviction. They stick with it in the long term. Guaranteed !






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    Since I have a huge compliment to Hirsch in Switzerland! They were full for Saab and are still full! I could always count on them! I've been there with my 9-5 SC Aero and the 9-3X is from Hirsch. I could always count on the garage!
    It is very nice to read that Saab Parts gives everything and of course Tom gives everything for our brand !!!!!

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    SAAB dealers who are now looking after classic cars, vintage care and restoration are likely to have survived the next 10 or 15 years. Somewhere I have read that we SAAB DRIVER are the most loyal customers ever. Everyone who returns is a win for us and our family has always had the true SAAB dealer who prefers the Spirit!

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      Dealers who focus on restoration and youngtimer have made the better decision in the current situation in the car market. My friend also sells a far eastern make and he told me with confidence what he redeems per car. Then rather small and without a glass palace and SAAB Yountimer!

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      Looking at the network of SAAB workshops (So, own SAAB partners, not integrated into Opel), it would actually be a profitable business in some regions to include SAAB in its range of services.

      However, a workshop cannot survive on SAAB alone. I know of another retailer, who is also extremely dedicated and extremely inventive, who recently added another brand to its range. This is of course not a reproach. But one should take into account that the SAAB community - albeit loyal and committed - is a small one.

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    Nice report - THANK YOU!

    Surely there are dealers who unscrew the logos - should you!
    Because they were more like the “GM dealers” who also had SAAB. So a completely dispensable species.
    Much more important, however, are the small SAAB partners who are fully committed to the brand with a lot of commitment and experience! There are also many who were introduced back then as this strange “SAAB Unlimited Concept”, fell by the wayside and now have hope again of being able to join.

    It was the same with my former dealer in Uetersen: SAAB operation through and through!
    And then he could not meet the requirements and was no longer allowed to be a SAAB partner - even though the SAAB density in our region was immensely high thanks to him!

    It's fair to say that SAAB is back on track with many small SAAB partners for its loyal customers.
    A SAAB driver does not need glass palaces with white tiles!
    A SAAB driver needs expertise for a car that's just different!
    And that combined with a nice, personal flair and the courage to be different!

    SAAB parts, keep up the good work! Everything will be fine!

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