SAAB News: Erik Carlsson visits the Air Force Museum

We worried! In Belgium, at the international Saab meeting, the Saab rally legend was often asked. "Where's Eric ..." was the most asked question in Spa. Because normally he doesn't miss out on a big Saab event. His heart is still beating “Saab”. We heard that he is not going to be well, but our worries were probably unfounded.

Erik Carlsson in the spring at the opening of the Saab Museum

Tomorrow, Saturday, Erik Carlsson and Peter Bäckström, the curator of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan, will be guests at the Luftwaffenmuseum Linköping. The Aircraft Museum has been cooperating closely with Trollhättan for several months. The cooperation takes place with the active support of Saab AB.

In Linköping, there are now some car legends from the Saab city in the exhibition, and Erik Carlsson will tell about his life with Saab from 15.00 clock. In the 50 and 60 years, he was very successful as a Saab works driver and entered the rally history as "Carlsson på taket".

We are happy that Erik Carlsson is doing well and that his heart beats for our cult brand!

Since yesterday also the supporter club for the Saab Bilmuseum is official. Chairman is former Saab chief technology officer Gunnar Larsson, more about the current situation in Trollhättan, as well as the inevitable economic news, comes next week.

I say goodbye to the blog for the following days and move around with these brands at the weekend: first Saab, then Airbus, then Saab again. If everything works the way we think it will, then it will stay with the Saab until we are back in Northern Bavaria. Otherwise the Airbus will follow again.


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  • Is already exciting here. What would we be without our daily SAAB newspaper

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      Our daily Saabblog gives us today

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        That's the way it is! + 1

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    Hi Tom

    it's nice to hear that Carlsson is doing well 🙂

    What travel plan did you put together again? Hmm, I have such a funny feeling, is there a new Saab?



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      Hey Yves, what we're doing is quite spontaneous, wasn't planned for the long term, and this time our flight goes south. Then there is also an additional (new) Saab - but more youngtimers 🙂

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