SAAB Weekend: Action Winter Quarter and Spyker-Youngman

Friend Achim and I were out on the weekend in a spontaneous "winter quarters" campaign. In terms of Saab, of course, more specifically in terms of Saab 9000. Details of our venture, which led to such an unexpected result, I'll tell you on the blog in the next few days.

Operation winter quarters

In Sweden, a journalist has amazingly bothered to analyze the quarterly report from Saab's old owner Spyker. What he has read out should not be left untold. Because it leads us to an interesting final question. Victor Muller, who probably did not balance his debt with the Swedish tax authorities last Friday and could now get in touch with the Kronofogden, is fighting on many fronts.

There is the claim for damages against GM, where 3 billion dollars are involved. Spyker now announced to refill and on the 9. November to submit to the US court a new paper with important facts. GM had submitted a response to the court in September and pleaded for dismissal. Upon request from Spyker CFO Arjen Dikken, they are confident that they will be able to win the case. The financing itself was secured.

Ex-Saab investor Youngman has meanwhile promised start-up financing of € 10 million to get the vehicle production of the only Spyker model, the Spyker C8 Aileron, going again. As part of the agreement, Youngman will receive 30% of Spyker.

In the second step, so Dikken, Youngman will invest much more money to bring the long-announced Spyker SUV to the series. And we are developing together, which is of interest to us, to continue to bring the Phoenix platform to series production, then completely free of GM rights.

How many vehicles did Spyker 2012 sell? There is no answer to this question.

Realtid's journalist Ian Hammar sees many uncertainties in Spyker's stock. What should be understated, because between the lines you read that since summer not much happened in Holland. Although Spyker Youngman works as another company on the Phoenix platform, but apparently on the back burner. If you really want to be successful in the luxury segment with Saab technology, then the factor of time counts as well. As good and revolutionary as the platform should be, this technology is aging and the months are passing. Because actually we should now see 2012 / 13 the successor of the Saab 9-3 in the starting blocks at the beginning of the new year.

Finally, one more of the question that may sound speculative, but I like to call the right questions. Who actually works on the Phoenix platform?

Guaranteed are at least three companies. There would be NEVS, Spyker-Youngman and another company in Trollhättan. Speculative would be an additional company, which is repeatedly called, which is not in Sweden at home. The correct answer to my question might prove interesting.