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I used the afternoon to stop by the famous Swedish furniture store. For a good friend there was Swedish jam and for me a big box of nerve food. Also from a well-known brand from Sweden. You need that when writing a Saab blog. Let's talk about the plans of NEVS, the stickers of the Saab Bekenneraktion and about the Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest.

Marabou chocolate. Nervous Food for Saab Blogger.

Rebirth of the Saab 9-3

In Sweden, the press is now writing about the possible comeback of the Saab 9-3. She does this surprisingly positively. Dagens Industrie, not particularly known as Saab-friendly, calls the 9-3 the car with the nine lives, which is now approaching the tenth life. We shall see whether the plan is realistic or not. A good friend who is very close made me aware that everything is still pure speculation.

First and foremost, it depends on the suppliers. In the month of November, we will see if the supply chain is still standing, Fredrik Sidahl of the national supplier association said in a brief interview with the TTELA. The idea of ​​NEVS is, in many ways, not outlandish. But before we get more involved with this issue we should see how seriously the realization is being done by the new owner.

New edition: Saab more than a car…

Saab Confessional Action

The autumn / winter check and the brake campaign are currently running in Germany and Austria. The Saab partners also have the iconic "Saab more than a car ..." stickers. The first edition sold out very quickly and demand is still high. These adhesives are not available to buy, they are only available from participating Saab partners. The good news came from Eschborn that a second edition was printed. In the meantime, the stickers from the Saab confession campaign are on their way to the service partners.

Saab meeting Bavarian Forest

The activities of the Saab community are also leaving their mark on the media. The autumn meeting, organized by Matthias, was a great success and a wonderful end to the season. The local press has this strong sign of life of the cult brand from Trollhättan berichtet, I think the Saab Community wants a reissue in 2013!

That was the Saab News for today. Tomorrow we will continue with the Saab 9000 and the sequel to our Action winter quarters.



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    You can buy marabou chocolate (rolls and plates) at the border trade.
    eg in Flensburg / Harrislee at the company:
    otto duborg, Industrieweg 49,24955 harrislee !!!
    on fehmarn and holy harbor, at bordershop, fleegard and calle!
    The border markets specialize in Scandinavian customers
    (danes, sweden and norwegians) and use the considerable ones
    price differences. The assortment is mainly on spirits, wine, beer, drinks (coke and pepsi), sweets and
    The prices are partly also interesting for German customers.

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    What surprised me a little about the "rebirth" of the 9-3 is the necessary, but relatively complex conversion with adaptation of a new engine (and possibly gearbox) family - even if the engines have already been tested and in the vehicle on a trial basis were installed. The effort amazes me insofar as NEVS actually only wanted to concentrate strictly on electric cars.
    Should combustion engines still be installed in the new models in the longer term (possibly as hybrids) or is it just a bridging plan, since the new electric cars are not yet fully developed?
    Either way, I think that there is a certain, small market for the “revived 9-3s” - although I am convinced that as many resources as possible should be put into the development of the Phoenix platform and the resulting vehicles. The current platform is simply no longer competitive - except for a very moderate price, which will hardly be possible.
    I very much hope that the plans are not just speculation - they give a little hope that the topic of combustion engines is not completely off the table for NEVS either ...

    Incidentally, I haven't seen the marabou for a long time here in Switzerland ...

    Greetings, Masts

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    Hey there!

    In which I… branch is there still M…. Chocolate?

    At the here in Kiel there is only son no name product. Does not taste either.


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      Is somehow the Ikea-Marabou problem. In the Hanau branch, where there is otherwise no-name, there was a palette. Since I had to take a whole box right away ;-). In Saxony, the supply situation seems to be better. Because Mark provides me with care packages in the direction of northern Bavaria 😉

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    The adhesives are strong. I still do not have one

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