SAAB News: 1.000.000 dollars for Saab

Sweden has a scandal more! The Saab story, actually a drama in many acts, could have gone better if politics had wanted it. That was not the case. On the contrary ! While Muller fought for the rescue of Saab, the administrator Guy Lofalk tried with support from Stockholm to sell the car company to Geely.

1.000.000 dollars for Saab

For the ridiculous price of 1.000.000 US dollars, which is not a real price, but more a gift to the Chinese. Swedish television has put a trailer for the Saab movie, which was filmed to document the decline, online. In the first sequences you hear an angry Victor Muller and Guy Lofalk trying to appease him.

Behind the back of the management of Saab Automobile AB, which is under law and law during the reconstruction in office, Lofalk had made contacts with China. Geely's CEO Li Shufu traveled to 7. October to Stockholm, where a secret meeting took place in the Ministry of Finance. Present were Lofalk, Li Shufu and Deputy Minister of Finance Anders Borg, Hans Lindblad. The meeting was confirmed by Secretary of State Hakan Ekengren.

With this, and with the support of politics, Lofalk has exaggerated its role. Because as an administrator, he was a management consultant and was not authorized to do this. After realizing that Lofalk was aiming for cold expropriation, Muller had precautionary recordings of many conversations, some of which he made available to television.

The plans of Lofalk, Li Shufu and Anders Borg were stopped only by the national debt administration. Bo Lundgren saw the procedure as immoral and pulled the emergency brake.

As I said, Sweden has one scandal richer. 1.000.000 dollars is not a purchase price, but a real scandal! With Lofalk and the administration in Stockholm - which at least up to a certain point supported the procedure benevolently - as opponents, Muller and Saab had no chance, and the time of the reconstruction was wasted uselessly. The fact that the deputy minister of finance Li Shufu receives shows how deeply politicians are involved in this process up to the highest levels. Will the disclosure have political ramifications? We will see…

Representatives from Geely had visited the plant in Trollhättan, and no one really knew why. Now we are richer with this knowledge. SVT has put the trailer for the show online. Let's see if the retrieval outside of Sweden is stopped during the day. It would not be the first time…

The complete film “Spelet bakom Saabs bankruptcy” - the game behind the Saab bankruptcy - will be shown on SVT20.00 at 1:XNUMX pm today.


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  • For $ 1 billion, or EUR 1 billion, that would have been okay with me. But so ... ..for 1 million, ridiculous ...

  • The preview? So I've just seen the complete report. One understands little but it is worth it just because of the pictures

  • Is now, on the first of November, already no longer visible !!!!
    Politics is powerful.

  • Have the report looked and is highly recommended!

    Under, the reportage can be viewed.

  • So the holiday is not boring here.
    Already madness what the Swedes did with Saab.

  • Hello saab fan,

    Your comment is somehow not accessible to me - how and when something was sent is actually not the point. The point is that they tried together with politicians to “sell” a traditional Swedish company and they almost got away with it!

    Since the words are missing !!!

    What remains highly incomprehensible for many of us is that the Swedish citizens did not drain such a politician swamp a long time ago. These politicians continue to mischievously. For me completely incomprehensible processes - Sweden is not just any African banana republic!

  • … .Communication for companies in the future is the greatest challenge for all hierarchies / departments.
    (how what is sent where, how and when for which recipient). And that didn't work at all in Trollhättan either ...

  • Slowly but surely I'm glad that my Saab was built in Austria. Sad but true.

  • Even if this extremely strange sale had taken place, Geely would not have been able to produce a SAAB known to us - because Geely would certainly not have received any licenses from GM.

    Geely would then have exploited the SAAB knowledge and incorporated it into his great new Volvo creations - the Swedish politicians are really the very last!

  • 1.000.000 dollars? Incredible.
    The amount we would have got together from the Frankfurt Stammtisch.

  • This government in Sweden is just a disappointment (with an emphasis on the second part of the word!) You just have to spread more green thought. So every healthy economy is ruined - a shame for Sweden and the good cars from Saab!

  • I hope there is a summary of the movie (here).

  • So much for the subject of “Sweden”… which, as is often the case with local politicians, is repeatedly dubbed a “model country”. It can only get you sick.

    To my knowledge, the non-Swedish former employees of SAAB against the Swedes still have to act today to sue for the receivables for insolvency money.

    It will all turn out like in football ...

  • I agree. Spielball is the correct term for which certain gentlemen have abused this automaker. All very tragic. What VM delivers is just ridiculous! Holding customers, dealers and suppliers for months and now demanding compensation (for what?) Borders on an April Fool's joke. I don't take the rescue from VM ......

  • This is very good, because of the movie! I am currently in Sweden and of course take the time to look at it!
    Thanks Tom for the report with the reference to the movie!

    Greetings from Sweden

  • That's incredible! Politics is the same everywhere! SAAB had no chance

  • A tragedy as it is in the book!
    Unfortunately, that fits perfectly into the picture of Swedish politics!
    Politicians are always stakeholders, preferably they represent their own interests!

  • Hammer! That leaves VM at least partially reappear in a completely different light!

    The whole thing is becoming more and more a real Swedish thriller!

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