SAAB movie: Spelet bakom Saabs bankruptcy

Yesterday, the documentation for the Saab bankruptcy on SVT1. The film is also interesting for those of us who have little or no Swedish. Because in addition to several contributions from the Saab history are many parts, the contributions of Vladimir Antonov and Victor Muller for example, in English.

Currently the movie on SVT1 is also available for us. Let's see when the international access is limited. There are also some pictures from the ghostly empty Saab factory. Frustrating.

What is there to say? The Aftonbladet gets to the point. Because of those responsible, no one has dared to go to the camera. Neither Guy Lofalk nor Anders Borg, the Minister of Finance. They are accused of double play and duplicity. And a cynical approach to thousands of people and their jobs.

Interesting is a message that, coincidence or not, went almost simultaneously through the press. It's about Li Shufu, the man who bought Volvo and who would take Saab for the ridiculous price of 1 million dollars if it had gone to Lofalk. The Volvo mother Geely has been trying for months for a financing for the car manufacturer from Gothenburg. For this purpose, the equity capital should be increased significantly. Seemingly still without success.

Li Shufu, according to the press today, is heavily indebted to the banks. With 0% financing like the ones the cadres in China get. That is comfortable, but its dependence on banks should be complete. So Dagens Industri. Now Zhejiang Province and Geely's hometown Hangzhou could join as potential partners. What would the Saab future have looked like with this owner?





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  • This is roughly how I imagined it. You needed a lot of sand from all sides or even larger stones to brake or destroy the Saab and Müller gearbox! It's just a shame. It is a pity that the role of GM, which is certainly not glorious, is not played out enough. With their relentless protection of the (stolen) Saab patents, they have contributed a great deal to failure. It is only to be hoped that all the discoveries will have corresponding consequences ..?! It is absolutely incomprehensible that the government initially behaved so passively and in the end even contributed to the fact that Saab had to die.
    It's a shame about Saab - sad for Sweden.

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    as I had suspected ...

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      ... GM just is not so innocent again, they have already disposed of their competitors with a license refusal, and they have also saved Saab.

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    It's positive that finally comes to light, but it is definitely far too late for that!
    It doesn't help SAAB and the former employees anymore….
    A tragedy!

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    Thanks for the link to the post. Unfortunately I can't understand everything either, but what I understood is enough. It's so bitter ...

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    I'm lost for words …..

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    Unfortunately, I can not speak Swedish, but as far as I understand, from what was spoken in English, it is clear whose fault is the sinking of Saab.

    Now even the last Saab fan would have to admit that not the evil bean counters of Detroit, but the government employees of Sweden including administrators have to bear this debt alone on their shoulders.

    This is a great contribution which hopefully will rouse the press in Sweden so that the culprits finally have to leave their chairs.

    Maybe the Swedish taxpayer is beginning to realize how much more expensive the bankruptcy of Saab is than a temporary cash injection from the state.
    Yes, unfortunately the politicians in Sweden are not French, because there it would not occur to anyone to pull up in an Audi in front of the voters ...

    It would be interesting to know how much money (salary, if one may call it that?), The administrators under Lofalk of Saab in their pockets.

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