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The processing of the Saab story has begun in Sweden. Politics seems - up to the highest circles - to be more deeply involved in the Saab files than originally expected. Saab administrator Guy Lofalk, who, it must be said fairly, was selected by Saab management for the reconstruction, hired a PR company that did not invoice Lofalk but Saab.

Halvarsson & Halvarsson provided training and media services for the administrator. At an hourly rate of 3.000 crowns, which Saab was invoiced. Anne Petre, a former Saab lawyer, told SVT that Saab Automobile refused to cover the cost of 1.8 million crowns. Saab never had contact with Halvarsson & Halvarsson. Particularly spicy, and so you can guess some of the entanglements, is the fact that Ulrika Schenström, a former employee of Fredrik Reinfeldt, was hired as a consultant.

Lofalk is of the opinion that everything was agreed with Saab. Muller and Anne Perte disagree. It is the time of reckoning. High political circles and leading figures such as Anders Borg and, as it stands, Fredrik Reinfeldt are also affected. SVT seems to continue to research and has made the contribution to the dubious bills online. Saab is a big thriller with fabric for many dark winter evenings. It remains exciting and dramatic, the Saab story is not over yet!


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  • None of this surprises me much. Months ago I had already pointed out the unsolved Palme murder and the "ESTONIA" investigation, which was also prevented by the highest authorities, that was somehow different in Sweden for a long time.
    But things are not going any better on our doorstep either, sales tax reductions for hoteliers, network fee exemptions for chicken farms and golf courses, attempted pressure on the media - Berlosconi sends his regards ... It's just swamp everywhere!

  • @Karl
    Even if NEVS didn't even remotely pay as much as Youngman or Mahindra would have done, it is quite expensive to "eliminate" Saab for a few hundred million. And the question is always - why? With all the conspiracy theories, it should always be looked at who Saab could stand in the way. Volvo? Nonsense.

    So, who has an interest in making Saab disappear? Except GM, who have long deducted know-how and posted losses on Saab, that they once pulled the rip cord.

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      Apparently you did not see or understand the movie. But surely only conspiracy theories were spread there.
      I can only recommend something to deal with the Swedish policy.
      Yes, Saab is in the opinion of leading politicians in Sweden Volvo in the way. That's why Saab was also offered for the ridiculous sum of 1 million Geely. Since this business has burst, came with the establishment of NEVS Plan B for the course.
      The rulers in Sweden are terrified that Volvo can not be sustained, but they are ready to go to great lengths. Saab is small and bothers only in the better establishment of Volvo in the markets.
      The money that NEVS paid for Saab, where did it come from? how much was it? Why did the state accept Saab Parts against its conviction? If you can answer all that adequately, then you can speak of conspiracy theory.

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        The money certainly comes from Anders Borg's postage account - but nonsense aside: The purchase price made public was around € 200.000.000,00 - especially when it comes to transactions in this amount, precise accounting by Hans Bergqist + employees is essential indispensable and must with certainty withstand various checks by official bodies.

        As is well known, Jiang is a millionaire businessman - but the purchase, including SAAB parts, was probably a bit too big.

        You don't have to compulsively suspect crooked business (as under Lofalk) behind all the processes that are currently in the hands of Bergqist and a large number of employees - it could slowly get pretty ridiculous!

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          It is exactly like that. Bergqvist will deliver a report to the court this month. This will then be available on the Internet and thus transparent. Until facts are available for sale, we should relax and exercise patience. As always 😉

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          Joachim, are you on the payroll of NEVS?
          Or why are you twisting everything and trying to make it ridiculous?
          It's best to get in touch with Swedish television, which seems to suffer from compulsive ideas.

          The report has shown very clearly that Lofalk has worked with the support of the Swedish government. It certainly appeared that he had a corresponding assignment.

          The insolvency administrator had better deals than that of NEVS, but NEVS got the nod. Since, in contrast to other offers, NEVS did not want to take over Saab Parts, the state has taken over Saab Parts. This is at least a strange approach, so there is mistrust quite appropriate. If you then know the history, it is safe to assume that there may have been collusion and recommendations, perhaps more, from the Swedish government.

          Why should not the Bergqist books be in order? What does this have to do with the influence of the Swedish government?

          Who is behind Jiang? So far it is not known who the financiers are. It could well be the same sources behind Geely / Volvo.

          The alleged sum of € 200.000.000,00 are also opposite values. If GM Saab had simply closed, what would that have cost? It can be quite lucrative to buy a factory just to avoid competition and to make the transaction cheaper. If several have the same goal, a great win-win situation arises, although the first impression is different and the costs are then for all together Peanuts.

          It must not be forgotten that the actions of the Saab supporters worldwide have certainly meant that no one would have attached the blemish, the responsibility for the settlement of Saab, not to mention the unemployed in Trollhättan. With such a starting position, settlement via an intermediate investor can have many advantages.

          The sums hitherto invested by NEVS are a nasal water, compared to the costs necessary to reestablish a car brand. If you look at the necessary development costs and the operating costs of the stationary factory, then it is clear that until now only small change has flowed.

          As long as NEVS has not taken any capital-intensive steps, doubts about their seriousness are appropriate.

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            Hi Karl,

            maybe the facts are a bit different.

            Until you find out that Lofalk and the Swedish administration have worked together, I still agree - the people involved should now finally be available to answer questions.

            But then new people were entrusted with the matter - with the advantage that not just one person (like Lofalk before) but a whole bunch of lawyers were and still are working under the said Bergqvist!

            We shouldn't put these people in the same pigeonhole as Lofalk and Jiang doesn't necessarily have to be another sponsor - so far you could always read that Jiang finances everything from his own resources. After all, he has flourishing companies in various orientations in China.

            SAAB United is currently reporting that employees are now to be hired for car production - wouldn't this also be the right approach in your opinion to get started in the foreseeable future?

            Greetings from Stormarn

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      ... wasn't there even (and not only marginally) the fact that the entire Swedish state only wanted to live on administrative tasks in the long term? At the most, assembling e-mobiles still fits into the business model of a healthy Swedish future, as a kind of interim solution for the incorrigible who absolutely want to feed on physical work. Abstruse but unfortunately true.

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      So even if GM had deducted know-how, one should not forget that the money from GM came to develop this know-how.
      I, too, would have liked to see Lotus-Youngman as the buyer of Saab and the acquisition of all employees.
      But I can also understand GM, unfortunately, that they were not ready to hand over all the know-how to the Chinese. Because all new vehicles from GM are based on the (I believe) sigma platform of the Opel Insignia; Saab 9-5; Buick and also the new Cadillac XTS. And unfortunately you can not really hand over all the knowledge for a ridiculous price of 400 Mio to the Chinese, if you know exactly that they will copy that and then flood it in a thousandfold form with the rest of the world.
      Unfortunately, GM's boys have made mistakes in terms of Saab, but what the Swedish government did to Saab is called execution!

      Therefore, working up the case of Saab is extremely important to heal the wounds and bring Saab back to life.

      It was also cynical to believe that after a global company like GM failed, a VM with a production of less than 20 vehicles a year would manage to secure Saab's survival.

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    The thing with Lofalk and the like is on the one hand a thing of the past - on the other hand, dealing with these atrocities is still of the greatest importance and of course only feasible in the present.

    However, we should not just hang our heads, but also think about the future - GM (the other culprit next to the Swedish government and Lofalk) is fortunately no longer there and NEVS should now bring forward what is feasible. It remains to be seen whether the start with the old models will be successful or whether the E. models and possibly even hybrid models will come out on the Phoenix platform - I actually see the development as generally positive.

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    For us, the story won't have a happy ending. Such filth, and in Sweden of all places, most of us had surely not suspected on the. It's just a shame, because we all put so much passion into it and had feared and hoped for so long. Actually, you have everyone affected, whether customers, employees, fans, etc., like princely…. !!!!

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      ……… ..even, Bullerbü burned down a long time!

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    The Swedish politicians are just below average when it comes to their political approaches (you can also see other things) - in terms of SAAB, this below average has unfortunately also slipped into the criminal field, as it is now gradually becoming apparent!

    It goes without saying that these people were also able to “work” very well with GM.

    What always works especially well for all politicians worldwide is the filling of their own bags. It also runs in Sweden, as you can see everything without problems!

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    You are certainly right that SAAB does not help anymore.
    Or is it? - I am of the opinion that the SAAB brand can certainly help to at least improve its reputation a little. Because it is now becoming more and more obvious that SAAB has been destroyed by numerous mistakes and intrigues.
    If these facts can be reasonably publicized, combined with a functioning spare parts and workshop supply and happy action of NEVS, then it could not even look so bad for the future of SAAB!
    At the moment I can even get something positive out of the development.

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      NEVS is a "straw man" for the Swedish government and was founded only to eliminate Saab. To expect something from NEVS that means positive development for Saab is naive.
      No one asks, why just before the release on TV, NEVS suddenly checks to reissue the 9-3 with combustion engine?
      Two Volvo people to organize a new Saab future? Volvo stands with its back to the wall and the Swedish government is trying everything to save Volvo, including the smashing of Saab. After various attempts failed, NEVS was founded to finally eliminate Saab.
      The Swedish economy can cope with the loss of Saab's jobs when Volvo is closing down, then Sweden wavers.
      Who has watched the program carefully, has noticed that there is still a lot in the hidden.

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        Hi Karl,

        Surely Jiang and the other top people at NEVS also see that SAAB is basically not global competition for Volvo - they're not as stupid as the people at GM.

        On the contrary, I assume that attempts will be made to get the SAAB automotive division back up and running alongside Volvo, so that jobs can be created here as well and that Jiang will be able to steer a flourishing company in the future.

        Jiang is also a self-employed entrepreneur who only worked for Volvo a long time ago - this should be viewed positively, as the auto industry is not new territory for Jiang!

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          Then take a look at the connections between the characters. Jiang has a close relationship with the entangled members of the government.

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    Who is still surprised? Understand the politicians who wanted to dispose of a national symbol like SAAB as silently as possible. But SAAB is not dead, the interest is international and as Tom writes, the story is not over yet!

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    ... ..and what use is that for the SAAB brand ??? - Actually not at all, I would say now…. But on the contrary! End customers and dealers just shake their heads ......

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      That's right. The work-up comes way too late for the brand and for quite a few 1000 workstations. That's why the blog team prefers to deal with the present and our cars from Monday!

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        Unfortunately it does not help our brand!
        But we should care whether our brand was 'died' or 'killed'!
        Incidentally, the business detective story is also part of the SAAB story and as a fan
        you should be informed about it. Knowledge prevents rumors ...

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