SAAB weekend: restraint, anniversary, second brand

The new Saab owner is considering rebuilding the Saab 9-3 and is considering new hires in this regard. NEVS has therefore contacted the employment agencies and grants former Saab employees preferential rights to re-entry.

Saab 32 Lansen. Photo: Saab AB

Reason for euphoria? Let's stay relaxed, because on Friday, NEVS HR Manager Birgitta Jäghem Löfving dampened too high and, above all, premature expectations. New hires are a topic not for the near future, but in the medium term, she told the Swedish press. An important sentence, which is gladly suppressed in all anticipation. Also how many jobs can be created and no one wants to say so far. Investor NEVS is clearly trying hard to dampen hopes and keep the ball flat.

Also with regard to the possible recording of the summer 2013 production, one is extremely cautious. Everything is still very speculative, so report NEVS related parties. Restraint and quiet tones are practiced, a difference to Muller era. Soothing and kind of sympathetic, because it seems respectable.

At the moment there is only one place in NEVS IT area to occupy. Swedish language skills and automotive experience is required.

A second brand

Auto Roth, also known as Saab Service Stuttgart, has long been committed to the cult brand from Trollhättan. The Roth family is one of our particularly loyal supporters Charity projectswhich cancer patients should facilitate the heavy clinical routine. To the 2. November, the Saab dealership, which also participates in the Saab autumn / winter campaign, with the brand Mitsubishi another economic pillar.

The team of is sure that the hearts in Leinfelden-Echterdingen continue to beat for Saab and wishes good luck with the introduction of the second brand!


An anniversary of a special kind celebrated yesterday the Saab AB, or rather the aircraft department, which also has its roots in Trollhättan. Yesterday, before 60 years, pilot Bengt Olow broke through the sound barrier with his Saab 32 Lansen as the first pilot of a Swedish aircraft. It was the first supersonic test flight of a Saab Lansen.

The Saab 32 Lansen formed the backbone of Swedish air defense for a long time and was built in various versions as a fighter, reconnaissance and maritime patrol aircraft. In the 70s, the Lansen was gradually replaced by the Viggen. The last Saab 32 Lansen was taken out of service in 1997.

In each case a copy of the first supersonic jet of Saab is in Royal Air Force Museum in Linköping, where meanwhile also Saabs from the Bilmuseum in Trollhättan can be admired, and in the F11 Museum in Nyköping.


Image: Saab AB