SAAB News: BAIC C70 will be released in December

In December, the old Saab 9-5 sees the light of day as BAIC C70 in Beijing. As the producer from the capital, Beijing Auto is something of the lighthouse among the manufacturers, so at least the self-image of the company. The C70 is to become the flagship of the Chinese and also the new limousine for officials and authorities.


This has been a lot in Beijing. To make the plans a reality, the C70 comes with three instead of the originally planned two engine variants on the market. Even an automatic version, for the used as chauffeured limousines vehicles an important argument, should be available contrary to first information. The entry-level model, called 1.8T, is said to provide around 174 PS. Above that, the 2.0 T ranks with 206 PS. The flagship is the 2.3T with 246 PS which then corresponds to the older AERO variant. The 2.3T comes with an 5-gear automatic, which seems familiar to us.

In the press, the appearance of the C70 and 2.3 Turbo is acclaimed. The 9-5 has become a stately car with almost 4.90 meters in length. Comparisons with BMW Design are drawn and almost 250 PS are also an announcement in China, especially when a saloon from domestic production and with the so important automatic can score with these numbers.

The good old 9-5 seems to be well on its way to becoming the pride of Chinese officials. A somehow dubious honor for a Scandinavian car of a brand that stands for the opposite of what party spirit embodies. How good that the production version provides no evidence of the Saab DNA. current spyshots the final version has been released by Car News China.


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  • Oh, and according to the information, the car 4.86 m long. The 9 5 was 4.83 m. That is not so much more handsome.

  • How much 9-5 is still there? The Saab Museum has an 9-5 cut open on which you can see the different, interlocked steel girders on the side pillars and above the windscreen, which make up the passive safety of the vehicle. You can just leave it all away, save a lot of money, and moose are not available in Beijing anyway.

    After all, it looks like the old Saab engines will continue to be built - wherever. Maybe NEVS can use them if they can be raised to Euro 5.

  • The exhaust section looked familiar from somewhere :). And the rear headlights ... well, at least you admit, from BMW head ... sorry, I mean, was inspired by BMW.

  • This car was copied perfectly by the Chinese. They're world champions anyway. The Swiss watch industry can tell a thing or two about it ...

  • I wonder how the Chinese want to extend this almost 250 PS in their congested streets?
    The engine breathes out after less than 1000 km, i.e. piston seizure ...
    Or drive like the new rich Russians in Moscow,
    then with blue lights and sirens through the streets?

  • and one more thing, who knows, maybe the Chinese
    Inovators already have a 9-5 II or even 9-5 III
    developed. After all, in 3 years they have the old one
    9-5-man on his feet. And we make ourselves here
    For more than a year, great worry, frustration and
    Mourning. Maybe an unexpected happyend comes
    with cars ála Saab.

  • All right, I see it that way, with a welder, tin cutter
    etc, I get rid of the ugly grille and stupid
    Chrome rod at the rear, so, with a little skill, we cut one in front
    matching grille and two blue emblems with the griffin…. and
    finished is the successor model. The rims are pretty and the silhouette
    is not wrong. Only with the homologation, hm. Then I'll do it
    me a residence permit in the Middle Kingdom and drive the C70
    easy without problems, wonderful,
    Now I have (alternative) hope again. If there are still people with
    the same opinion, we can indeed a bulk order with flight
    Book back-and-forth slowly, great

  • The only good thing about it, I think, is that a car that we've driven for 15 years is cheered ...

    Simply proof of how far ahead Saab was of its time ...

    Honestly, there is hardly a major compliment, is it?

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