Saab Automobile Parts AB establishes German subsidiary

    • Saab Automobile Parts AB establishes subsidiary in Germany
    • Other subsidiaries established in Denmark, France and Switzerland.
    • The companies ensure supply of Saab original spare parts, service, programs and technical support to owners of Saab vehicles.
    • European market with key role for future corporate strategy.

Saab Automobile Parts AB has a German subsidiary - Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH - based in Eschborn near Frankfurt / M. founded. The entry of the new company into the commercial register, which will in future be responsible for the business of Saab Automobile Parts AB in Germany and Austria, already took place at 18. October 2012. The managing director of the new company has been appointed the former Saab Country Director for Germany and Austria Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher (39).

In addition, other national companies were founded in Denmark, France and Switzerland. The shares of the newly founded companies are held by 100% in Saab Automobile Parts AB.

"The establishment of independent sales companies in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark is of great importance to us. There are a large number of Saab vehicles in these markets and we want to ensure that continuous access to Saab Genuine Parts for owners of Saab vehicles is guaranteed worldwide. Together with our network of authorized Saab service partners, we can continue to provide the best possible after sales service, "says Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

Following the establishment of national country representations in the UK and USA earlier this year and the recent acquisition of the national companies in Italy and Spain, the establishment of four European trading companies marks another significant step in the expansion and sustainable reorganization of Saab Automobile Parts AB dar.

The German company, with an experienced staff of employees and a broad network of authorized Saab service partners, ensures the supply of Saab Genuine Parts, Saab tailored service programs and technical support to owners of Saab vehicles.

"After one, in a positive sense, eventful year 2012, which after the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB primarily under the heading of maintenance and reconstruction of structures can be led, we are now looking forward to the Saab service business with a new company under the roof stabilize and expand the independent Saab Automobile Parts AB.
In particular, the focus is on designing attractive customer offerings such as the current Saab Golden Autumn Week 2012, as well as the development and development of numerous complementary service offerings such as a professional second-hand vehicle brokerage and the professional support of our German and Austrian Saab Service Partners, "said Jan -Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH.

Source: Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH
a subsidiary of Saab Automobile Parts AB

13 thoughts on "Saab Automobile Parts AB establishes German subsidiary"

  • I got to know Mr. Schuhmacher personally at the Saabtour in Leipzig and I am glad that he continues to be so committed to the brand. As Saab driver, these activities can only encourage Saab to stay true and we know that our current vehicles will continue to roll for a long time can.
    Nevs is a different chapter.

    • blank

      Maybe NEVS should instead of desperately trying to revive the old 9-3er, stretch the time to production start something and start with models on the PHOENIX basis.

      In any case, you could rely on the now powerful after-sales operation.

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    Thanks for the very latest information!
    And my congratulations to Mr. Schuhmacher as CEO of the subsidiary.
    No matter what comes or not, the supply for all Saabs in our hands is secured!

    Greetings to the community!

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    I did not follow how other car brands like Rover were discontinued, but I can hardly understand that after a bankruptcy such “effort” is only made for the spare parts area.

    However, one says yes that you can hardly earn anything with car sales, the workshop utilization brings the money. Perhaps there is more money to be made from repairs than Saab can afford.

    In any case, I'm happy if it continues to have spare parts and maybe even some other accessories and software updates for my 9-5er SC. Always more
    a reason to take him out of the leasing 😉

  • blank

    Sounds good and is at least once again something positive.
    So “we” will definitely have a decent supply for a few more years.
    (maybe I will find a seal for the driver door frame of my 9-5 SC somewhere) 😉

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    Good news for the SAAB community and the SAAB future!

  • blank

    Hats off to the performance. Rebuilding something is not easy. Good for us SAAB driver!

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    @ Joachim: What has Mr. Schuhmacher to do with NEVS? Nothing ! Therefore he can not and does not have to explain anything. If there is something to report, NEVS has to do that for itself. And what has been heard so far is probably known to all users. Namely nothing else.

    • blank

      Namely, nothing else is not quite right - but seriously: Does Mr. Schumacher really only want to concentrate on after sales? It can't actually be.

      I'm assuming that due to the purchase of SAAB (at least the parts that are available in addition to SAAB parts), there should also be a small connection between a former Country Director of SAAB and the new owners - after all, Mr Schuhmacher does not work at the Otto shipping!

      • blank

        Is the best news for a long time. Setting up a subsidiary is a step into the future and speaks for itself. If the tapes were to be used in Sweden during the summer, powerful structures would be available. Mr. Schuhmacher will not want to tell us anything before. As Tom says, wait and drink tea

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          People without any flow of information as to whether conventional models should definitely be produced, it is not possible - SAAB drivers who are planning a new acquisition (like me) want to know whether there will be supplies next year. If there is no further information here, many people in my position who are currently buying would probably strike elsewhere and thus get lost for Trollhättan new car buyers.

          With the appropriate information regarding the further production of conventional models, one would still be able to wait - a little planning is really necessary when buying a car!

          • blank

            "... If there is no further information here, many people in my situation who are currently buying would probably strike elsewhere and thus get lost for Trollhättan new car buyers ..."

            Well, that will work!

            You can not enforce information or look to the future!
            If you can not or do not want to wait, you have to take care of something else, so what?

  • blank

    All well and good - in the course of time, however, I would have liked Mr. Schuhmacher to say a few words about Trollhättan and the NEVS situation or to give an outlook on further plans for further SAAB automobile production.

    Information in this respect, I think (probably not alone) for too thin.

    One should assume that the managing directors of the newly founded companies have at least a little more information than the “normal” SAAB driver - can you now plan to buy a new 9-3 with optional equipment in the foreseeable future or is there anyway only SAAB electric automobiles? So still questions about questions….

    Many greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg (in the hope that finally “butter will be given to the fish”)

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