Saab News: Switzerland

yesterday's press day has given Saab drivers in Switzerland and Lichtenstein a new ray of hope. Saab Automobile Parts AB has established a Swiss subsidiary under the leadership of Aftersales Country Manager Daniel Blaesi.

Daniel Blaesi says the following:

"Saab has always been a renowned and respected vehicle brand in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein with a loyal Saab community for decades. The Saab owners continue to follow the development of Saab in Trollhättan, which has meanwhile successfully found a new owner with NEVS. But regardless of what happens with NEVS in the future and the exciting plan to produce new Saab vehicles, the Saab owners hope that they can drive with their current Saab for as long as possible.

With the founding of the company in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, with the existing powerful network of authorized Saab service partners, who not only have a considerable expertise, but as always motivated for the Saab brand at all times, the intact Saab original spare parts logistics, the resolute and flawless management of spare parts, and last but not least, the technical expertise of our Saab service partners - that is undoubtedly an advantageous guarantee that the existing SAAB fleet in Switzerland will continue to be reliable and long-lasting. With that in mind and with that certainty, we are meeting exactly the current and future needs of our Saab customers. "

A small step in the right direction, we gratefully accept this news and look forward to driving our Saabs a long time.


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  • I do not have any problems with that! I basically ignore advertising. Wherever……

  • Ahem ... small technical question ... what is the Audi advertisement doing there on the left under the list of the last comments? It has appeared several times now. And an office service advertises via the Twitter updates. Shouldn't only be SAAB-related advertising here?

    • Hi Philip,

      I noticed this uncomfortably - just no advertising for Ferdinand Piech and his hodgepodge of brands!

    • We try to filter the advertising, as far as possible. But somehow, the constantly growing storage disk needs to be financed. The cost of the blog now exceed the hobby dimensions, as well as a backup server is running and the next move is already in sight. The revenues of the advertising Saab partners go completely and directly into a good cause. If there is no long-term sponsor who pays both servers, the community has to live with it.

      • Well ... Audi is not that bad either. But I noticed.

        Appropriately advertises at the other place just a delivery service with Chinese food.

  • Nice to hear something from our neighboring country. SAAB is on the way!

  • This is a motivating & motivated press release from Daniel Blaesi, he hits the Saab spirit exactly, to look into the future and to inspire people for the brand ...

  • Good that something is happening in Switzerland. (Btw. New team member?)

    • Yes, Yves is new to the team and our man in Switzerland. The idea is still following.

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