SAAB Talk: Lotus Youngman, Saab 9000, a dog named Saab

The Saab 9000 on the way to becoming a classic? It seems so, and there are currently some tempting low mileage deals. Before we tell about the great Saab of the 80s and 90s, let's take a look at China and then at a dog named “Saab”. We start in China. Former Saab investor and future Spyker partner Lotus Youngman has made headlines there in recent days.

Saab 9000 CS

Lotus Youngman

Youngman, former Saab prospect, has rumors in China. It's about a temporary stop in production on the Lotus L3, a rather average small car, and the possible reasons. To counteract the rumors and bad press, Youngman CEO Pang Qingnian invited media representatives to get an on-the-spot view.

To impress the press, dozens of new hybrid trolleybuses were parked in front of the headquarters ready for export to Kazakhstan. Youngman has expanded its bus production from four to now 24 production lines in the last 18 months, with 1.500 buses being sold for export in September alone. Two years ago there were still a few dozen. The bus business is running.

The Lotus production stop is explained with the switch to a new generation of the Lotus L3 and will take some time. But Pang Qingnian doesn't seem happy with Lotus and the cooperation. Because there is still a lack of SUVs in the range, and the ambitious CEO is not satisfied with average sedans.

He spoke to Spyker and Saab to the press. Spyker is his future label that he wants to develop further. Lotus does not belong to him, he is dependent. Daughter Pang Caiping travels the Netherlands to complete the deal. In the first step, there is an 30% participation, more is possible.

He sees two projects there for the future. Spyker as a luxury brand with the new SUV and Spyker-Phoenix. On the new Saab platform, cars with Saab technology are to be created in the upper market segment. An ambitious entrepreneur who wants to go up. Liquid funds that his company generates in the mining industry are available. Spyker-Phoenix-Saab will live on and there will be products with Saab genes in the distant future. Made in Holland or China.

Saab 9000 - Opportunities

Finding a Saab 9000 in good condition, firsthand and less than 100.000 kilometers is not easy. We did it and we are happy with it. There were some requests to pass it on ... we refused 🙂 But if you are looking for the future classic, you always have a chance. There are currently some 9000ers with very few kilometers on the Internet, and one of them is a real rarity. supporter Kunert Automobile AG in Bonn has a very clean 9000 CS from first hand and is only 69.000 kilometers for sale. It is from 1997, a recommended year of construction, and is complete except for the air conditioning, but you should be able to retrofit it. A 9000 CC with only 63.000 kilometers is in Chemnitz, but the absolute rarity in Sweden. A Saab 9000 Turbo from 1985, the first year of production, with an unbelievable 33.500 kilometers. The price is daring, but a comparable vehicle is probably only found in Sweden as well. In the Saab Museum in Trollhättan! In contrast to the 9000 from Bonn, which is suitable for everyday use and unproblematic, a case for the true collector!

With only 37.000 kilometers there is a 9000 CS in Switzerland. High-priced - sure - but a similar car was offered and sold in the Alpine region a few months ago at a similar price. With this mileage, the Saab is a new car and therefore really cheap in price. The 9000 ... slowly and secretly on the way to becoming a classic? Why, surely!

A dog named Saab

Saab is an unusual name for a dog, admittedly! But Saab has been left alone by his family, and maybe we can help the little guy that way. The little Corgie mongrel sits at an animal aid organization in Spain and waits for a loving family who will give him a new home.

On the side of the animal rescuer is “Who is looking forward to sharing his sofa and his time with Saab in the future?”A call to the community!



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    The year of construction of the 9000 Turbo is hard to believe after looking at the interior. Apart from the missing airbag, the interior still looks fresh from the factory - really an opportunity.

    The story of the dog has amazing parallels to the SAAB story, does anyone agree with me? Was simply left behind by his family ... only SAAB had no protection organization - or if so, then one whose decisions were not always understandable.

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      I agree. I also thought about parallels in the sad story (eg replace GB with USA or cats with electric motors).

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        A dog is a family member that must not be left behind. The best friend, so to speak

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    The red from the Swedish ad looks really great. Even with the original three-piece rear spoiler chic.

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    The Swedish 9000er is incredible, but is not in my budget ;-), then maybe after Bonn?

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