SAAB Weekend: Press and a new Saab in the community

Autumn time. The season is over. Older Saab, seasonal or not, are in their winter quarters. Even with us it has become a little quieter. My new Saab project is waiting for the painter, and Achim's Saab is waiting for a new windshield from Nyköping. In contrast to the rear window, which is available, we finally discovered a part of the 9000er with delayed delivery.

Growth in the Saab Community: Saab 9-3 Cabriolet by Max

Let's use the quiet time to look in the press and report something from the Saab scene.

Saab in the engine press

How lively a brand is can be seen not only in the community, events and blogs. From the engine press, which deals only with new cars, the cult brand from Trollhättan of course disappeared. But the Swedish brand is celebrating its presence in the young and vintage press. Current examples from the month of November: The Oldtimer Markt - the editorial team has a Saab 96 in a rally version - drives the new edition of the “Marathon de la Route” from Liege to Rome with the two-stroke engine. On the trail of the Saab factory team headed by Erik Carlsson, it will be a very charming, entertaining report on seven pages, not only for Saab fans.

Or the Engine classic, which prints in its current issue an old Saab 99 review from the year 1969. Very positive on three pages with an assessment of the current price development of the Saab 99. There, the editors or the estimators of Classic Car Tax then the optimism goes through a bit, and the prices for a used 99 seem very high.

A short mention, after all, finds the Saab 900 in the current issue of Car picture classic. A member of the editorial team is traveling in a Saab 900 from 1989. Word has already got around there that spare parts are not always easy for the cult Swede. The classic department is not exactly treated with love from Nyköping. So far, traditional Saab dealers and contacts in Sweden have always been able to help us. But it would be time for Saab Parts AB to discover the classics from Trollhättan as a target group.

The brand from Trollhättan has charisma and is repeatedly mentioned. A good sign, because we are just a small community in the country of VW, Mercedes and Co!

New Saab in the community

The Saab community in Frankfurt is growing. Max, who is a staunch Saab fan, swaps his 9-3 Aero sports suit for a Saab 9-3 Aero BioPower Cabriolet with a Hirsch performance upgrade. A very nice Saab! My congratulations to Max, who made his best birthday present himself!

Max would like to give his old Saab, which is maintained in the Saab Center in Frankfurt, to good hands. The price is negotiable, says Max. Because a good home for the Swede is important to him.

Saab calendar 2013

Our friends from Saabs United are working on a Saab calendar for the community. Till, the German part of the SU crew, is responsible for the realization of the project. Good Saab motifs are in demand and submissions from Germany are most welcome!

Tomorrow we will continue with the latest developments in Trollhättan, and we have looked to see if, in addition to the press releases from Saab buyer NEVS, there are already concrete indications of activities.


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    Wow this is a nice Saab, must have

  • Hello Tom ,
    Appopo Saabbilder, what has become of the summer action summer sun Saab? When will the finals come and who has won them? Is there anything else or have I somehow missed that?
    Greetings from the Neckar beach

    • blank

      More will come in the next few days. The action was (unfortunately) a bit long on my desk ...

  • blank

    All good things come in threes.
    Congratulations to this Gustostück. We drive the same in Tyrol.
    Have fun with it ! He will reap many covetous looks !!!!

  • blank

    A dream in white! Good time!

  • blank

    Hi Max,

    a beautiful SAAB convertible! Congratulations, I would be jealous if I did not own a 9 3 convertible 1,8 t BioPower in white with black roof.
    Have a good trip and have fun!

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth


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