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Yves's first blog post came out a few days ago, but who is this Yves?

I am Saab Fan with heart and soul and I will take care of the region Switzerland and deliver news from my homeland to the Saab Community whenever possible.

Saab Turbo X by Yves

But more about me and my passion for Saab.

I grew up with the Saab brand, my father drove and drives a Saab today. It all started with an 9000. Which model, now that I do not remember exactly, but he was forced to breathe and then woke up the turbo gene in me. Then came another Saab 9000, four Saab 9-5 and one 9-3! After so many years in Swedish steel, I could not help but buy a Saab and if so, already

In 2011, the first Saab was purchased, an 9-3 TurboX, it's still in my service today. The Diva, as I call my Saab, recently had the desire to replace the timing chain. Not cheap, but we do not do anything for our cars. She is just a little bitch, but never lets me down, especially not when we both take the "big" on the grain.

If possible, this will not be the last Saab to find a new home with me. My dream would be a small Saab for the track to work, maybe in the style of the Saab 9-X Air. You have to have dreams.

I'm happy to write many articles from Switzerland! Because here is the Saab Spirit especially alive!


14 thoughts on " New blogger"

  • Okey, I have a BL number

  • Yes, I can imagine that. I will never give it back. The black beauty :))))))

    I have a ZG number plate. The only one in the canton :))
    What do you have for one?

  • Hey there!
    also from Lower Saxony, even if we don't feel that we are so “Nordic” here in Hildesheim and the surrounding area, Switzerland is much further south! 🙂

  • A warm welcome from me too. Nice to read articles on the SAAB situation in Switzerland (with us) from today. All the best and "e gueti Zyt" I wish ......

  • Moin moin, Yves! A good idea to integrate the saabists of Switzerland into the blog! I look forward to interesting reports!
    Greetings from the north of Germany!

  • Good questions, maybe I will write an article about it

  • Hi TurboX

    In this case, I know how I am and certainly Tom goes when we are traveling with our rarities.

    Btw do you have a license plate from Sz ?? had seen a Ty on the highway some time ago

  • Hello Yves. I am also looking forward to reports from the perspective of Switzerland.

  • Hello Yves,
    also from Thuringia a warm welcome;
    We look forward to Swiss news.

  • Good evening Ives

    Well, I am particularly pleased that there will be something to read from SAAB land Switzerland in the future as well.
    Follow the blog for a long time and am grateful for all the helpful hints.

    I wish you many more carefree SAAB joys with your Turbo X ... even if our highways are unbearably congested and you have to drive away .. lol

    Greeting Fredy

  • Sounds like an interesting extension in the blog.
    Best regards from the CH

  • Well then, greetings on the blog

    How does the brand distribution look like with you ... are there preferred import countries?

  • Hello Yves, I'm looking forward to the comments from the saabigen Switzerland. I have my TX for just under two Mt. Again and again a big grin when I enter.

    Greetings from Central Switzerland.
    Sead M.

  • Welcome to the SAAB Blog Yves! I am looking forward to many contributions from you!

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