SAAB Photo Competition: Summer - Sun - Saab: Update

The Saab Photo Contest has been around for a while, and at the end of September we released the last Saab pictures. It took a while for the pictures to go to Saab Parts AB in Eschborn, and then the jury had a difficult task to fulfill.

Saab 9-5 with sunflower. Photo of Peter from the photo contest

And we really had a hard time. Because there are very many, very good Saab pictures, so that we will deviate from our previous plan. We have selected the 22 best pictures, and in two rounds, readers can vote on favorites from Monday. The pictures are then published in their original size, and the 6 photos with the most votes are then in the final.

Every sender whose pictures made it to this selection is already one of the winners. Because he receives a small thank you from the German subsidiary of Saab Automobile Parts AB. There will also be some special prizes, but more in the next week.

As a reminder once again all readers of the photo competition Sommer-Sun-Saab: Teil1, Teil2, Teil3, Teil4, Teil5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.


3 thoughts on "SAAB Photo Competition: Summer - Sun - Saab: Update"

  • Hey Dirk, the idea is good and has been said many times. I just think that due to time constraints, we can not realize this project in the current year.

  • Hello Tom, how about a calendar for 2013 with the most beautiful 12 and 13 photos chosen by the community in the shop?

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