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A Swede in the service of her British Majesty? Last week, several dozen emails came from readers on the Saab 007 blog. What happened? Of the Focus had reported on the little-known Saab project, and again and again, the question came, whether the car really was, whether he was or is roadworthy and whether the Saab has survived the years.

Saab 007, in Her Majesty's Serving State.

At some point I gave up answering every email. Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for the many, many tips that are a clear indication of the fascination the Saab brand exudes. Instead, I am writing a short article on the Saab 007 that is readable for everyone.

Yes, there is the car and I have already seen it live. However, I wasn't really interested in the James Bond story at the time. In 1981 Saab built a 900 Turbo according to the “James Bond Specification”, so one was impressed by the history in Trollhättan. The Saab 900 Turbo, called 007, increased performance and equipped with many extras such as bulletproof tires, night vision, head-up display and armor, was moved a lot in the following time.

An agent vehicle that needs help. Saab 900 007

The Saab has never made it to film fame and is, or maybe because of it, the real James Bond car. Because if you asked the secret agent about his vehicles, the following assessment would come about: Aston Martin or Lotus are too conspicuous, bad for business. The Fords too boring and the BMWs just a malicious invention of the opposite side. The real secret agent serving the Krone drives Saab because it is fast, safe and understated and therefore “very British”.

There are more than 60.000 miles on the clock now, and the condition of James Bond Saab is quite pathetic. Rust and poor general condition do not make the Swede an exhibit in the service of their British Majesty. On our last visit, he was in the magazine of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan, a section where it is not allowed to take pictures for the public.

Equipment list of the Saab 007

Mark and I will of course stick to these agreements. But the former administrators, who had the museum under their management for a short time, took pictures of the 007 Saab, which we are allowed to publish here. The condition of the James Bond Saab clearly expresses the problems that plague the Bilmuseum. Despite all the volunteer work, there is a lack of funds to restore the existing treasures. The magic word is money, there is still a lack of that.

The fact that a Saab jewel like the Saab 007 comes back to the public should be in everyone's interest. We will therefore again beg the Saab community for donations for the Bilmuseum next spring so that cars like the James Bond Saab can soon shine in the museum for everyone to see!

The secret remains to be revealed why the Saab 900 Turbo was never seen in the film. The answer is speculative, because you could well imagine James Bond if he - accompanied by the typical turbo sound - is on the hunt for the bad guys. Probably the Saab is too close to reality. Secret agents prefer inconspicuous cars that have to be powerful. Saab has built such cars. Relatively compact, not particularly noticeable, with a timeless design, but always high-performance cars for the gentleman. What would be more suitable for the Secret Service than a Saab Turbo from Trollhättan?



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  • The question is rather: what would have become of James Bond, the agent would have to drive this car.

  • Your last argument is none, your first but very well 🙂

  • Complete agreement. Saab's pipe dream to build a 900 for Bond films and then hope that the production company will take action! How naive are you still? The car has no Bond history and is therefore nothing more than the result of various crafting hours at Saab.
    If the money is tight, then you should reserve it for really important things.

    Apart from that: The author's belief that a Saab would have been the perfect Bond car in contrast to Aston and Lotus is very amusing! Even at BMW, the film buffs and keepers of the Grail shook their heads, with a Saab they would have walked out of the cinema - I'm sure of that.

  • Hi,
    As a kid I read the novel in which Bond hunted the car through Scotland. Clearly historical cultural heritage and thus worthy of promotion.

  • From well-informed sources, I've heard that the Phoenix Concept is also in the museum's collection. However, it can not be issued because of damage. If that's true, of course, this wonderful one-of-a-kind item should be restored with the highest priority. If there should still be money in the cash register, you can also dedicate yourself to the 007.

  • Bad mood today, dear Joachim? Hopefully not, because also the Spielkram is part of SAAB!

  • Pity for the nice money, if it should actually be used for such Spielkram.

    The last paragraph is hopefully not meant seriously?

  • A company car from 007, which has not made it to the film, is no reason for me to revamp him!

    In addition, I think the James Bond stories anyway for total nonsense!

  • ... maybe Saab employees drove it undercover to your Bond girls. They were blown away by 007 and James just had to enlarge the loading area ...

    Very nice article, that makes the blog so worth reading.

    In the meantime, I will personally bring to the Saab Museum via 300 EUR from the Saab Treffen in the Bavarian Forest next year.

    What would Saab have become if this car were a movie star ...

    Best regards!


  • what else would interest me: where did the car from his Km or who was the lucky one who own this car and was allowed to drive? The British secret service certainly not.

  • why please play stuff? that is also Saab history and of course belongs to the museum and resauriert. And where is Saab history better off than in the Saabmuseum .Lieber Joachim what else would be worthy for you to be restored and shown in new splendor to the audience of the Saab Museum.

  • If money is taken in hand for such Spielkram, I certainly donate no cent for the museum!

    Are not there more meaningful projects that could be supported?

  • A cool SAAB that needs to be restored! It's crazy what's in the museum fundus.

  • Madness! A head-up display in the year 1985. Here you can see again how advanced SAAB already was.

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