Our charity project on Saabblog.net

The timing is right! Because these days we are celebrating our 2 millionth visitor and more than 1.400 articles. In addition, there has been emergency aid for Saab drivers in the past few months, establishing contacts with the workshops and supporting the organization of Saab events. Everything private, voluntary and hobby. In the meantime, our team has grown to three bloggers and one - of course volunteer - editor.

For almost 2 years with passion for Saab

How long these activities, with all the associated effort and costs, can still be presented privately is an exciting question for the future, but not today's topic. What drives us to write a Saab blog for 21 months?

Only the writing, passion and pure joy of our Saab hobby might be an answer, but not enough. It would also not take advantage of the opportunities created by this medium. With our platform, we, Mark and I, also want to make a difference and show responsibility. That's why we started a charity project months ago, which also wants to make a difference with donations from blog supporters.

The authors of Saabblog.net and our partners support Station 43 of Medical Clinic 5 at the University of Erlangen with their money and the work they have done. We write and bear the server and other costs ourselves, which blog supporters donate. All advertising money flows directly and 100% from our partners into the donation account of the clinic. With the income - so far it is a few thousand euros - the work and the daily routine of tumor patients and caregivers should be improved. Smaller investments that are not included in the clinic's budget plan can thus be implemented in an unbureaucratic and targeted manner.

Because we, the Saab fans, stand, if we are honest, on the sunny side of life. The passion for the cult brand from Trollhättan connects us across all borders. Every day we can enjoy our great cars from Sweden, we can talk with like-minded people about our automotive love. An opportunity to give some of this joy back. Many are not as good as we are. They are limited by their illness, have great worries and fears, are experiencing severe chemotherapy. That's why we should give some of our luck.

The following Saab partners and sponsors have already done so and made some very generous donations:

Auto Roth GmbH, Stuttgart-Leinfelden

Jolig Automobile, Saab center Leipzig 

Kunert Automobile AG, Bonn

Mobile Forum Dresden

Saab Service Frankfurt

scan import

Car Steel, Vienna

All sponsors, whose heart beats in the right place and not only for Saab alone, at this point again thank you very much for your donation. We are in discussion with other, dedicated Saab partners.

Readers who also carry the Saab Spirit and who were satisfied with our “Pro Saab” commitment can make a small or larger contribution to our charity project, if they want. You can donate a contribution to a good project via our PayPal account, which we will then hand over in Erlangen in December. Because the Christmas season is just around the corner and it is a good time to show the flag.

Donors who want to give a larger individual amount, can contact us. We gladly send you the documents for direct donations in order to transfer a contribution directly to the hospital's donation account with a tax deductible donation receipt.

We would like to thank all readers who - according to their possibilities - support our work in this way and provide confirmation of further blogging!

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Image: saabblog.net


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  • Hi,

    also thanks for the good work in the past. Please also send me the donations mail address.

    Will make my contribution on Pay Pal. Keep it up.



  • Hi Tom,
    Please send me the donation documents.
    Best regards, Horst.
    Was nothing wrong with the autumn hike?

  • Like everything in this, blog I also find the support of the clinic super well. Also a big thank you to the blog team !!!

  • A very good thing! Thank you for writing almost 2 years!

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