SAAB sale: 9000 in good condition

From the Swiss Mittelland we get an emergency call, an elderly lady has in her garage a Saab 9000, a gem. She wants to sell it, and now we are concerned with the rescue of the beautiful boy from the salt, yes this car is to drive the streets for a long time and please come into the hands of a Saab lover.

This vehicle is a Saab 9000 Sedan from the year 1989, with a mileage of whole 94'000km. The elderly woman is the first owner and has taken care of the car a lot, the vehicle was always in the garage, accordingly, the condition of the white paint. The seats were protected with fur, the condition is as if the car was fresh off the line.


Saab 9000 in the garage


 The 2.3l naturally aspirated engine is not the typical Saab, without turbo But as we have learned from Tom, even a Saab without turbo can be fun : ) The car is frosted eight times, the summer rims are rear metal rims, they cost a fortune then.


View into the engine compartment of the Saab 9000


Who are we looking for? Now a lover who cherishes and cares for the car, and soon offers this vehicle a new home in which he can only enjoy the beautiful sun : ) Oh yes, the budget is around the CHF 7'000.-, for the Euronen friends among you is about € 5'800.-

If you are interested in this car, contact the blog team, we know the contact details of the valued woman.


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  • Hello, this vehicle is clearly a 9000 CD
    2.3 Turbo Automat without TCS with model year 1991! That means Bosch LH
    separate DI / APC control unit, 200 PS and short translation.

  • Before speculating wildly, you should rather contact the seller or contact the VIN.
    After the above-mentioned incorrect information could also be the MY wrong.
    That the car from 1. Hand with correspondingly low mileage and now definitely the 2.3T is installed, suggests to me on a rather rare and sustainable offer.

    If you are looking for a nice 9000 Turbo for the next years, you may have arrived here.

  • Exactly, 1991 I bought a 2,3i and soon afterwards the first 2,3 turbos whizzed over the left lanes.

  • Well, maybe again the data correctly research

    1989 there was no 2.3l Turbo, also the rims look more like model year 1991.


  • True, a turbo, and I admit the misinformation came from the bad photo of me and not Yves!

  • @ Airflow
    You're right, it's definitely a turbo and when I look at the lines, it's not an LPT, it didn't exist at the time either. For this year I guess the first 2,3 Turbo, the 195PS variant - that was a hammer back then. However, this also puts the price of this rare specimen into perspective.

    Greetings from SH

  • Now that I've looked at the picture again, I almost believe it too. I'll have another look in the garage tomorrow morning - both of them are there 😉

  • Hi, am I too stupid or is this a TURBO?

    Is a bad picture from the engine compartment, but a 2.3i looks different (manifold) or am I wrong ??


  • Hello, TurboX
    The route via the so-called “Vogelfluglinie” and the connection between Helsingör and Helsingborg is very pleasant and relaxing, partly because of the 2 ferry passages. You immediately feel like you're on holiday! Have fun planning your trip!
    Nice greeting from northern Germany!

  • Hey TX
    I hope gigi gave you some inputs. I would also plan it via
    Nasonsten you may like to come to my e-mail address is deposited yes 😉

  • If I don't change everything, the rims in the picture from Fundo are in the design “Turbo”

  • Hallo,

    The price seems to me a bit high but still in the green. I sold my 4er Anniversary in good condition with light streak damage to the rear bumper with 9000` km for 150 EUR before 5.000 months ago.

    The 9000er will probably remain in Switzerland, the mileage is already very low.

    Best regards!


  • Hello TurboX

    Just enter on Google Maps route or enter Viamichelin and there are two, three suggestions. But I would take the ferry as before on the classic bird flight route, past Copenhagen and from Helsingor to Helsingborg. On the way back from Stockholm you can still cross the big Öresund bridge from Malmö to Copenhagen. And from Trollhätten to Stockholm there are also two or three variants. North of Vänern, between Vänern and Vättern or south of Vättern. Scenic all about the same, being south of the Vättern you usually come back anyway on the way back. In this case, stop in Gränna and buy polkagris (the Swedish candy canes) as a souvenir for the loved ones at home. Is it also in red / white suitable for Hopp Schwiiz!

  • Hello Yves, my question does not fit here at all, but I just have to know.
    I want to go to Trollhättan and Stockholm in May as the CH ice hockey team is playing there. Then I can connect that. But I really want to drive with my TX. What would be the best route to SWE?
    Greetings from Central Switzerland.

  • EBAY is the rest of the market for cars and who sells his SAAB there does not have to be surprised about the low prices. An AERO for so little money is given away.

  • If the car is like "fresh off the line" why not. The 9000 is a lover's story and with fur on the seats I can imagine how good the condition must be ;-). For a very good 9000 high prices are paid from time to time and if it makes both sides happy then it works, right?

  • Moin, since there are currently five 2, one 9000 I Coupe, one 900-9I and one 5 in reserve in my neighborhood (9000families), I would like to mention that the price for such a car is way too high. 3000 € would be fair but not 5800 €. This is still a Saab 9000 with basic equipment with NO Turbo and no leather seats etc. If it was an Aero, the price would be fine. In addition, which is also the unloved Limo.

    Unfortunately, we still have a Saab 1 AERO with light leather equipment, sold in blue with 9000km on eBay for 128000 € before 2200 year, in top condition. And I doubt that the prices for these cars have risen so much.

    With all respect for Saab I also want to protect a few Saab from the Halde, but at such prices, I can not agree with my conscience.

    But I think it's still good that such treasures are offered here.

    MfG Maik

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