SAAB day: SAAB - more than a car

The latest news from Sweden was not pleasing. But they were not particularly surprising. Our friends in Trollhättan said all summer long that the Chinese buyer would not be the solution they had hoped for. Actually one was in Sweden the hope that something will follow. Mahindra for example. Some dreams just remain unfulfilled. But it does not change our enthusiasm for the brand, as a reader so aptly wrote yesterday.

Saab 9-4x - look me in the blue eyes, little one!
Saab 9-4x - look into my blue eyes, little one!

The last few days in Saab may have been humble, there are also small stories about Saab that show that the brand is alive. There are Saab partners who live Saab every day. There is the German subsidiary of Saab Parts in Eschborn, which is very active. The new Saab slogan “Saab - More than a Car” is on the way to establishing itself. And there are our cars. Especially in the current situation, where there will be no more supplies, the cool design icons from Sweden are more valuable to true fans than ever.

A look at our dealers in the very south and north of the country.

A Saab partner in Freiburg, which exists since 1971, a true traditional company for more than 40 years, has also recognized the effectiveness of the new slogan. The Saab Zentrum Freiburg by Peter Schmid promotes Autoscout24 with the new Saab advertising slogan. The Saab partner of Freiburg, the blog team so far unknown, has a Saab 9-5 II and two other interesting cars on offer. A Saab 9-3 from 2001 with a nearly new machine and one of these super rare 9-3 Viggen first-hand.

Freiburg is located in the southernmost part of the republic. At the very top in the north, a Saab 9-4x competence center is established in Kiel. Saab Service Kiel has again brought a Saab 9-4x from the USA. A beautiful, rare Saab in white, like we had on our dealer tour and with a great panoramic roof. The Lafrentz family already has a 9-4x Aero converted to German requirements in “Chrystal Red”In their own collection.

Saab Service Kiel is representative of many Saab dealers, where the enthusiasm for our brand is tangible. A few days ago, the Kielers were traveling in Sweden to buy rare Saab parts. If you want to convert your 9-3 to Griffin optics, you can make a find in Kiel. Our insider tip.

Winter tires for the SAAB 9-5

But sometimes we enjoy the little things in life. If our brand is noticed in a newspaper supplement, even if it is just the brochure of a tire dealer. This is a reason for some readers to send an email to the blog. We like to publish it and share the joy with others.

Saab - more than a car? Saab lives, the brand is very lively. No question.


Shortly before closing time came from PV 4 Väst a message regarding ex-Saab CEO Victor Muller. This has now settled the demands of the tax office, but still wants to clarify the matter in court. An intelligent train of the Dutchman. Balancing the tax bill makes life more enjoyable and stress-free. Especially if, as Muller lately, is often in Sweden on the way.



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    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for the info, I thought so.
    Then my MY06 convertible (Aero 2.8 / Hirsch) just has to stay as it is - beautiful too!
    .... and because it is then very unlikely that I can swap it for a new model in the future, I am also planning to buy a first-generation 900 turbo convertible. The original brochures of the years
    From 1987 to 1993 I rummaged out of the cellar.
    I am waiting for an opportunity.

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    Hi Tom,
    a quick question: For which years of construction of the 9-3 is the conversion to Griffin optics possible?

    • blank

      From facelift 2008, the blog team has already ordered

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      The conversion is like Tom already wrote feasible for all 9-3 who have the facelift. There are many different ways of retrofitting. Either only the middle grill element, the bumper or headlight or just the complete program!

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    Even better is that in the series an A8 with manual transmission is driven, but unfortunately there is something in the A8 not

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    You forget the film “The Transporter” (November 19.11.12th, 1 on Kabel XNUMX; not the weekly series on RTL).

    The commissioner for an older SAAB - and later this vehicle was also used as an escape agent.

    Also with Cobra 11 was often one of our favorites from Sweden to see.

    Well - SAAB still lives in Germany

    By the way, in the series of “The Transporter” the “main actor” comes from Ingolstadt, which of course devalues ​​the series compared to the original 😀

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    By the way: in the new james bond also plays a Saab 9-5. in the scene where M is kidnapped, you see a 9-5 in the background.
    Have fun with the james bond.

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    There is a message on the T-Online homepage: “Car legend before comeback” It affects our brand! But we already know that 😉

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      Of course, one of the best moments of the day is going to the SAAB! Get in and enjoy! We know it ALL!
      But we have patience: Bugatti also had a (slightly longer) break in production ... and now production is resuming!
      A good rest week!

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    the Saabgeist lives recently on television. In the last 4 weeks there were in the evening 4 feature films in which lead actor Saabs drove, so on Sunday on ZDF a beautiful 900 he convertible in rot.Die week before a young man drove a silver gray 90 he.
    Watching TV is fun and you do not have to watch Astrit Lindgrin extra.
    Saabfahrer head up!

    • blank

      Hello Wolfgang.

      And Saab has also made it back to the scene! And not only once!

      A Saab 900 Sedan is the vehicle of Hauptkommissar Peter Faber from Dortmund! In both (first) episodes Faber drove both times with the silver Saab 900 Turbo!

      I hope that will last to the end!

      In another movie from 2012 we saw our second car, a Golf IV and wondered that the main actress does not drive up with a hip mini or something !? Shortly thereafter came the explanation: accident, rollover, Golf IV: total loss!

      Therefore, the request to the Dortmund crime scene team:

      Take care of the SAAB 900t, otherwise there will be trouble from the SAAB community!



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