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Reader's contribution by Gerd

When I got my boat ashore at the end of October, I was overcome with the urge to make a comparison. That's how the photo with the 9000 in front of the 414 was created. Both designs date back to the same time and are examples of the slightly different Scandinavian design.

Saab 9000 and 414

This type of boat was designed by the two Danish Olympic sailors Jan Kjaerulff and Paul Elvström and built by the Bianca shipyard on the Danish island of Langeland. Just like SAAB, there was the smaller original type, the 1977 released Aphrodite 101, and then the enhanced Bianca 414. With the prototype Paul Elvström 1979 won the most important Danish regatta Sjaelland-Rund. In the 414, the basic dimensions of the 101 were increased by about 25%, which approximately doubled the sail area and almost tripled the weight. The 414 is 12,62m long, 2,90m wide, has a draft of 2,38m and a sail-clear weight of about 8,6 tons. The keel houses 4 tons of ballast lead. The last 414 1983 was built, the 101 can still order today.

With this construction, the two went a very different way than any other yacht builders by not building a wide bulbous boat with Volltakelung, but - as you can see in the dimensions - a slender deep hull, with his 7 / 8 rigging on the wind excellent goes through the wave.

The 414 in use

To date, the hulls of these two boats are exceptional, beautiful to look at and still significantly faster than the average. Since the boats were designed by two potheaders, everything is thought through to the smallest detail and, just like the SAAB cockpit, every Winch is in the right place in the cockpit of the 414. You do not steer this boat with a steering wheel (as usual with this size), but with a tiller. The rudder is very balanced and light in the hand in any weather and gives the necessary feeling for the boat. Exactly this philosophy is also in the 9000, seat and steering wheel give a very accurate picture of the "ground contact".

Of course these sleek boats are not space-saver, but just like driving an 900 / 9000, sailing with an 101 / 414 is really fun and addictive.
If you're in a marina today with an 101 or 414 between the pompous boats of today, they look almost dainty and filigree. This is comparable to standing next to a Q900 with an 7 - just like on the road, everything in yachting is out of joint. The mooring search in a harbor with these "fat boxes" is quite comparable to an SUV in the parking garage. The slim 101 / 414 fit against it almost everywhere.

This comparison had to be easy, because there are many parallels in both types - SAAB and BIANCA. Both the car and this boat were far ahead of their time in the early days of the 1980 and can still compete in many areas to this day.

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  • 21. November 2012 at 11: 23 AM

    Hello Gerd,

    a great report that speaks a sailor like me from the heart! Thanks a lot for this. A great comparison, and I've always had similar thoughts about sailing my former Elvström H-boat or inspecting boats from this design team, even on a Granda 27 that was different from the mainstream in its day and many things how speed and comfort has combined. Family owned, there is also a Comfortina 38 and here I have the same thoughts as you what perfection, behavior, design and more. As. Thanks for the report and the great pictures that describe the Scandinavian ideas well.

  • 21. November 2012 at 11: 32 AM

    A very nice post about SAAB design and nice to read about the economic stuff of the last days. Thank you!

  • 21. November 2012 at 12: 27 PM

    When I privately sold my 9000er (same look as before 414) before 8 years, I only needed one ad in our "Cheese Journal" - the car looked just as great and timeless and was technically 1a too. He brought a good sales revenue even then.

    Actually, he only sold him because he had no air conditioning as his only drawback. With my current 9-5 Combi (of course including automatic climate control), I like driving as well - very long distances are even better than the jewel in front of it.

  • 21. November 2012 at 3: 51 PM

    Bravo! THANK YOU for the great emotional report! Also for me as a "non-sailor" ... ..

  • 21. November 2012 at 4: 52 PM

    Thanks, I have no idea about sailing, but the report is just beautiful.
    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • 21. November 2012 at 5: 12 PM

    Great article; Congratulations.
    Unfortunately, I do not see any pictures, it is because I am abroad

    • 21. November 2012 at 5: 36 PM

      This may be because you are using a Mac.
      I often feel the same way.
      This is not so pleasant, especially with the pictures of the "Summer Competition".

      • 22. November 2012 at 10: 09 AM

        As a matter of fact; I use a Mac.

    • 21. November 2012 at 10: 15 PM

      Unfortunately, I also have the error on mac in safari. This happens every time the picture name contains umlauts, in this case, Designer Piece 1 and ... -2.jpg

      Maybe our great blogger will take pity on this little thing and will make us happy with compatible pictures as well as great contributions.

      Thank you, also for the interesting contributions so far.

  • 21. November 2012 at 6: 58 PM

    Nice boat ... but the boat berths on Lake Zug (CH) are limited and damn expensive ...
    As a small compensation, I can go on at least with my 95 Aero on trips. It is important .. Always a hand wide asphalt under the tires

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