SAAB News: Griffin up your SAAB!

It took a long time for the first Griffin components to find their way to us. Actually, I would have expected it earlier and with another source. Now a limited number of Saab 9-3 Griffin components such as radiator grills, steering wheels, dashboards and bumpers are available to us.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Grill

The facelift of the Saab 9-3 at Griffin level was undoubtedly one of the best things in the Spyker era. Saab designer Simon Padian and his team did a great job. Not only the blog team agrees, author Lance Cole also writes in the new Saab book “... it makes the 9-3 noticeably cooler and saabiger ...”Small things, big impact! What appeals most is the modified grill insert with the enlarged Saab lettering, which is embedded in a stylized airplane. Based on the design of the 9-5 II, it goes back to the legacy of aviation.

Saab Griffin Grill with bumper complete

The new bumpers, here the aero version, are a bit fresher than the pre-Griffin version and nice when you have them. All Griffin parts fit the current Saab 9-3 versions from model year 2008. Owners of a Turbo X or a 9-3 with TX package would have to color-match the grille inserts to the TX Trim, as the color scheme corresponds to the "normal" series models.

Saab Griffin Dashboard

Saab Service Kiel brought the Griffin components from Sweden. In Kiel there are also 9-3 Griffin steering wheels and Griffin dashboards in stock. Some claim that it took Saab more than 10 years to deliver a dashboard that was beyond doubt. Maybe you are right, in any case the Griffin dashboard is the alternative to deer leather, which is hardly available anymore. Personal taste has to decide.

What speaks for a Griffin update? For those who have doubts about the future supply from Sweden, it is a chance to customize the 9-3. The 9-3 looks so more present and saabiger and much younger. A Christmas present for our cars and the fans, so to speak. And there's no doubt about the inner values ​​of our Swedish turbos anyway.

The blog team has ordered the new Griffin grill inserts in Kiel for its 9-3 fleet, with the exception of the Turbo X. Let's see how the mini facelift gets our Saab's. Photos will follow when the time comes! The only thing missing is the headlights in “ice blue”. 😉 Griffin up your Saab!


Pictures: Saab Service Kiel

25 thoughts on "SAAB News: Griffin up your SAAB!"

  • Hey there!
    I'll let you do it! I told Autohaus Lafrentz in Kiel. Probably on January 04.01.2013th, XNUMX my convertible will get the new Fraont. I'm already excited.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurtth

  • So, I now have an offer from Kiel and I still want to have it made or not?
    Any “decision aids” from the blog?

    • Make and put the original parts in the basement (as Tom said)

    • After initial enthusiasm on my part and the following advice in the family council, we have decided against the change in the front, because the car was the purchase so we liked it and therefore should remain so. I will make the change in the interior of the dashboard, because the mirroring of the trim in the windscreen bothers me a lot and there were the other dashboards in this series. But otherwise everything remains original.

  • Hello!

    A question / remark from me:
    Since we now drive all future “young timers”, would it not be advisable to keep the original condition in terms of value or possible value development?

    Although: The Griffin bumper looks extremely cool and when I presented the 9-3 Griffin, I immediately considered whether it could be retrofitted.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

    • The answer to the question would interest me too !!!!

      • I would answer yes to the question - nothing is worse than classics spoiled by the confusion of taste of the owners. Beetle with chopping knife rims, BMW 3 Series from the E30 series with ultra wide slippers (which, by the way, also maltreat the tie rods - note when buying!), Mercedes SEC with gold-plated drop center rims and / or F *** foils on the rear windows.

        However, with different SAAB models just a revision of the interior by a deer equipment can also increase value, but that is then a case by case decision. In principle, however, I would always try to make do with original parts or work-up of the existing material in order to exclude the above-mentioned taste aberrations.

    • Of course, the original condition is absolutely worth keeping. We therefore store the “original parts” so that we can dismantle the Saab if necessary. It is of course always a question of definition. Deer had the blessing from Sweden and deer parts can add value. Deer parts are already out of print and fetched. Griffin parts, you don't have to be a clairvoyant, will be worth “gold” in a few years because they are very rare.

  • Hello Tom
    Since many are now converting to the Griffin front and therefore some used “normal” bumpers would have to be in circulation, I wanted to ask if someone has one for me, I would of course pay for it, because they are new, at least here in Frankfurt at the moment no longer to buy.

    Greetings Fabian

    • What is being sought?
      Linear / scandic / vector or Aero?

      • Actually, the linear / Vector bumper but if the aero is complete that would be fine too

  • Where are the differences to the old dashboard?

    • The 12 Dashboard does not have a silver stripe anymore and in the aero version, the front has a structure similar to a carbon surface.

      • Well, hopefully it's more durable than mine 😉 The fact that the surface may detach from the substructure (the adhesive gives way over time) can be repaired quickly with little skill, but the carbon looks badly shot by the sun at some point. It looks best as shown in the picture - without any gimmicks.

  • The SAAB Parts AB has just repositioned itself internationally or is still partly involved. Therefore I assume that the parts will still be around in the future. I started with the customization in the interior (improvement of sound and media use) and therefore have to postpone the “renovation” of the front a bit 😉
    But I still have 2 questions: My dashboard has a silver border, which is reflected in the windshield, which bothers me already. Would the Griffin Dashboard be a solution? And is there a way to convert the tailgate to the Griffin design (font instead of griffin) without completely replacing the hatch?

    • Griffin does not have a border, which is very pleasant. Here on the blog you can still look at the designs. The bar at the stern can be exchanged individually, if one gets one. I think Tom was hoping for an action from the SAAB Parts, maybe it will still be and Eschborn will read along?

      • The manufacturer of the grill elements for the Griffin no longer exists. It is currently assumed that they will only be able and willing to deliver the “old” grill in the future. Since only 570 Griffins were built, there is no great need for a new supplier.

        Tailgate goes easily with the SC. Convertible not. Limo should also work like SC without problems.

      • Oops, thanks for the hint! Then at least I should try if the middle grill fits my budget. Unfortunately, the complete front will not be there anymore, too bad!

  • Hello Tom.

    Nice thing, I would like to ... but what does it cost to have fun! And hopefully that is a typo with 2008 (model year) ...

    We have a Saab 9-3 SC built in 2007, but already has the “2008 interior” ...

    Greeting André

    • Dear André, no typo. There is no facelift, there is only a refresher of the interior with steering wheel or Griffin Dashboard. You have to ask for prices in Kile.

      • if i erinerre well the facelift on which the Exterier Griffin parts fit in september xnumx.

      • Yes, after the summer holidays there was Mj 09.

      • It fits but already from model year 08. In fact, the first vehicles were delivered with the 08 facelift in June / July 07!

  • Hello Tom,
    the griffin grille inserts also fit for my saab convertible bjr. 2008 the vector line?
    dear greetings alex

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