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There is good news for all Saab fans who have ordered the new Saab book from Lance Cole! Our Saab Fan Shop has cleared the last residue. All books ordered are on their way to the recipient! Saab anticipation is announced! More Saab books complete our shop offer. A new Saab book project for 2013 is now approaching us and another one has appeared.

Saab Book of the Saab GT Classic Club

Our Polish friends from the Saab GT Classic Club launched a Saab book with 400 pages this year, which was sold out within a very short time. The book with many pictures deals with the Saab story, and a chapter is dedicated solely to the Saab legend Eric Carlsson. Through a close friendship between Eric and the club members, the authors were able to take a look at the private archive and publish unpublished pictures.

Buoyed by success, Saab enthusiasts are planning a Saab book in English, which will also feature Saab's foreign clubs. Many of these clubs have now been contacted, and Poland is looking forward to a lot of involvement. Submission is free of charge for the clubs and the project is funded by the Polish Saab fans. A strong idea and proof of a lot of Saab spirit!

The Saab GT Classic Club was founded on 2002 and is primarily responsible for the care and restoration of Saab 92, 93, 95, 96 and Sonett II and III. Every two years, the club organizes an international meeting for the very old treasures from Trollhättan. The famous Saab-Spirit is international and knows no borders!

Saab clubs in German-speaking countries that have not yet been contacted can contact the blog team. We are happy to forward the information.

Another Saab book project has been published. “Saab over de kop” by Marten van der Pas and Robert van den Oever covers the 288-page defeat of Victor Muller in the battle for Saab. So it's more of a crime thriller, but it's only available in Dutch. We have asked the publisher whether a translation is planned.

Because the text could be of interest, but I'm afraid only a minority among us can do something with the Dutch language. The authors of the book have long been part of Muller's life, and a Spyker book was also written by you.

Actually, yes, actually, the now published book should only be the prelude to a brilliant Muller success story. But in life, many things do not work the way you think, things can develop tragically. The few written chapters were summarized as a log of failure. The biggest defeat in Sweden for over 20 years. Life can be mean.

Saab fans who are interested in the Dutch edition can contact the blog team. We will order in the next few days a few copies for friends who have registered with the publisher.


Image: Saab GT Classic Club

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    Hi all,

    this book about the Saab 92 and 93 is in swedish and german and can be ordered from the publisher or amazon, maybe you can also include it in your shop:

    I have already read several German-language Saab books - 2 books by Anders Tunberg (about the 900 and the 9-5), the book “40 Years Saab”, “Function and Form” and other publications by Saab.

    Would be näturlich nice if there would be even a German -language standard work, which covers the complete time span until today.

    Best regards!


  • blank

    Hi Tom,

    is it also possible to get books in German for the non-English speaking people?

    Regards Ralf

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      Dear Ralf, Saab books in German are unfortunately only two, more is currently not expected. You can find them in our shop.

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        I would like to complete. I received the following book for my birthday:
        From the Schrader types chronicle of the Motorbuchverlag there is also “Saab 99, 90 & 900 1968-1998”
        ISBN-978 3613-02859-3.
        But after a short research I have to find that it is no longer listed with the publisher either ...

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