Cars: The “new”… Part II

The search for a new or young used Saab I have also after the developments of the 19. December 2011 never really gave up. Granted the Order my 9-5 sportswear still running ...

But let's be honest, even we guys from the blog do not have pink glasses on! So it was quiet and wait, a setting that already at Project new car purchase for my wife had proved correct! So I regularly scoured the relevant car exchanges. Then came on 05.Oktober surprisingly an email from the mobile forum.

The “new” 9-3 in the team…

An 9-3 sports suit from the model year 2008 with relatively few kilometers on the clock. The car had just received a new engine from the MoFo after an engine failure. An Aero TTID with 180 PS and black leather upholstery with the side stripes brightly set. Even otherwise, the car has everything you could wish for: navigation with Bluetooth, Xenon headlights, tinted rear and side windows, rain sensor, cruise control, parking heater and trailer hitch. Only two things are missing. A roof rail and an automatic transmission, but you can not have everything.


Seats in the 9-3

Well, the first six thousand kilometers are behind us again. Everything allright. The car runs like a Swiss clockwork. Nothing to complain about. Just as we are used to from our Saabs ...

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    Thank you for the many, many good wishes on the “new acquisition”. The SAAB spirit is still allive !!

    CU on the road, LG Mark

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    Hey also congratulations to the 9-3
    I saw and marveled at the "little one" in the MF while I was waiting for my 9-3.

    Have fun with your
    Greetings Martin

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    also from me congratulations to the new!
    I switched to the TTiD in the summer after 13 years with an 9-3 (Bj.99 131PS). Is additionally depressed and just makes fun.
    Runs so far absolutely reliable.


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    Have fun with the fuel oil burner



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    I saw the car there! Really chic! I was a bit jealous, especially about the engine (mine is from '08 too, similar equipment, but with the TiD), but when I got into my troll everything was fine again. I wish you a wrinkle-free flight at all times!

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    Very nice SAAB! Congratulations & have a good trip!

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    Hi, Mark
    So it worked.
    Congratulations and always
    good ride.

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      Hey Peter;
      Thank you very much. I hope to see you again soon? Not until the CRS in August! Many greetings to the family

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    Congratulation! The TTiD is a super SAAB! Even if the engine has southern genes… .I have been enjoying this AERO since 2009 WITH roof rails and without automatic…. Problems? No! Meet me once a year at the dealer I trust for inspection. That's the way it should be, that's how it should stay. THAT creates trust and customer loyalty / brand loyalty !!!
    Good sunny week!

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    Engine damage ... gross. Was it a TTiD too?

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      Same engine. But now everything is running smoothly ...
      LG Mark

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