SAAB Day: What is this man planning?

On the way in the sleeping compartment with a short-term license plate? It could be a Deutsche Bahn sleeping car, but it could also be a ferry. Also the destination of the trip, it is completely in the dark. There are few clues! Let's look around and look for clues. The man comes - it seems - from Hamburg, that's what the license plates tell us.

What is this man planning?

He has light luggage. Which seems logical, because he has little time. The short-term indicators set a narrow time window, it has to be fast. A magazine is over the bed, it could be a well-known Hamburg news magazine. The clues are condensing. There is a bottle of water on the table. It could give us the crucial clue. We can read “..mlösa” on the bottle label. We now know at the latest.

The man is unmasked, the destination of the trip is clear! Because we know "Ramlösa”Is a well-known mineral water brand from southern Sweden. This drink is served on the Sweden ferries. Now we also notice the man's facial expression. We read anticipation from his eyes!

A Saab fan on the road? On the way to Sweden in the Saab paradise, on the way to his dream car? Anticipation is the greatest joy, only tomorrow we will lift the veil. It's about Saab, the turbo gene, and what makes us happy ...


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  • "A magazine lies over the bed, it could be a well-known Hamburg news magazine."

    The St. Pauli News?

    So that it is not a sleeping car compartment, you can tell by the missing window above the bed ... otherwise I wish you a good trip and I'm looking forward to the resolution ...

  • Good that I follow the mainstream here

    btw: Is it an 99 turbo firsthand :)?

  • ipad the same. the apple mashed

  • OperaMini works on iOs devices (but not with iCab Mobile).
    Tap the Kiel Göteborg ferry, this minimizes the distances

  • I'm looking forward to the story tomorrow

    @saabonaut: Simply switch to Firefox!

  • Please do not link photos with umlauts, as Safari on Mac does not display them and only a small blue question mark can be seen. -> instead of ferry.jpg -> ferry.jpg

    Thank you and best regards

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