SAAB News: Saab 9-5 sportswear and 9-4x in auction

What comes next is a story for the tough fans among the Saab supporters! Normally vehicles with the chassis number 13 or 16 do not come under the people, but are kept by the manufacturer and land, with good luck, in a factory museum. Or at some point in the press, which is the rule.

Saab 9-4x, VIN 13 at KVD Auction

Auctions for Saab 9-4x with chassis numbers 7 or 16, including the never released premium models, are now running in Sweden for Saab 9-5 sportswear, Saab 9-5 sedans and Saab 9-3 Griffins. It's the sad last sale on the administrators. Who thinks now, but still to come to a Saab 9-5 sports car, which should think briefly. Because the 9-5 never came officially on our roads, and a license seems impossible to me at least. Maybe an insider teaches me, but that's the level of knowledge, and the sports car is a case for the museum until further notice.

The auction portal KVD is well known, and several German fans have lately made their dream a reality with its help. The auctions run until mid-December, and anyone looking for an exceptional Christmas gift could find it. Maybe my family will read with you ;-).


Picture: KVD

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  • Yes, the sight of the list tears up old wounds and also makes me wonder if I should get a 9-4X or 9-5II SC!
    But no, the risk is too big for me.
    Is not there a dealer who takes some or all vehicles and later offers ready for approval?
    Also, I thought back and forth before last year whether it should be an 9-4X Aero or a 9-5II SC Aero XWD.
    A 9-5 SC Aero XWD was signed ...

    On 29.12.11, ie 12 days after the bankruptcy, I bought out of necessity a 9-5 II Turbo 4 Linear sedan as a new car, in May then a top-equipped 9-5 II Turbo4 Autom. Aero in Saab-center Krefeld found and bought.

    If you don't necessarily need the station wagon trunk (I also have 3 children), the limousine will also be great for you. If necessary, a box from the Swedish manufacturer Mont-Blanc on the roof ...

    And there are some great offers from 9-5II on and Autoscout !!!

    Imitate !!! It is worth it!!!

    The now missing four-wheel drive replaces a newly purchased Subaru Outback 2,5 for the winter months. (By the way, a madness car in a positive sense!)
    With the advantage that 9-5II remains dry in the garage, will never see salt and gets much fewer miles, is spared and will remain for a long time.


  • That tears open old wounds. That sentence is spot on. A year ago I looked at these cars as part of the dealership tour at Autohaus Roth in Leinfelden - Echterdingen and thought everything would be fine. I feel the anger coming up in me again and one would like to send all the wickedness in the world and the worst diseases to those responsible in Detroit, who have successfully prevented a good restart of Saab

    • Complement: The quick restart could be prevented, because no help for SAAB was done by the Swedish top politicians.

      Today it continues with reports about the top lawyers Bergqvist + Co. - most likely there won't even be a statement from there as to why they chose the top company NEVS.

      Ultimately, I'm out of frustration, even if from NEVS only hot air comes, probably at a mark far from America and Sweden land: The one with the cat!

      • Dealer tour ... when I think about it, I get sad 🙁
        Went there because of the 9-4x and fell in love with the station wagon - that would have been my dilemma for 2013, station wagon or SUV - and now?

        Now my 9³ has to hold out until another Saab rolls off the line - I'll say until 2015, 2016 shouldn't be a problem ...

        and yes, the cat is one of the few alternatives ...

  • That tears open old wounds, the sales contract for "my" 9-5 SC 2.0 Bio Power Vector Aut. is still in my office….
    Among the vehicles offered is also my dream car to find !!!

    Saabiger greeting to all from Switzerland!

    PS Today, advertising has come from the SAAB Parts branch Switzerland !!
    Wish Mr. Daniel Blaesi and his team every success !!

  • I want to have! Which Saab I do not say

    • The two cabriolets are a dream and probably priceless. Any bet that you want one. Oh, the last convertible, you can dream 🙂

      • You got me

  • Mainly always about the Co2 and consumption values. The 12er cars would have had other data and have not yet been homologated. Therefore, there is no approval.

    • Then I did not think so badly - thank you.

  • The 9-5 limos are also specified as not eligible? I do not understand, but there was also in D?

    • If I see that correctly, it is “only” for those from 2012, not those from 2011. I suspect that something has changed technically between the two model years. Does anyone know more?

      (The prices are now a little bit tightened, also for the 9-5 by Mr. Muller.)

  • There are some interesting vehicles!
    The look at the bank account teaches me modesty and renunciation ... 🙁

  • It should not go unmentioned that the 9-3 Independence Edition Cabrio 01/366 (38) is also available to buy, which is sure to become a collector's item ...

  • A dream .... but who gives me so much money for a kidney? Damn!

  • I have just lost my eyes. I did not think that there are still so many station wagons.

  • Unfortunately, after reviewing the 9-5 SportCombi list, all vehicles belong to the 4 category. These are test cars and may not be placed on the market.

    A PITY !

    4 Deregistered vehicles have used test vehicle dispensation

    Some of the cars being sold in the auction are deregistered vehicles that have made use of Saab's test car dispensation. These vehicles cannot be registered for use on the road. These vehicles are collector's items intended for car museums and private collections and must absolutely not be driven on the road.

    • Are not allowed at all or not without further ado?
      However, as an absolute layman with such things, I would guess that in principle but should be comparable to other special car bodies such as ambulances, which can somehow get a license. The basic limousine with the same engines, control, etc. is indeed eligible and the combination rear should yes run out of any special risks?
      It would be nice if you could park the car on Saturdays in front of car dealerships of certain brands, but above all drive.
      Except for every amount of money for the purchase price and registration costs you probably need an intruder proof garage.

  • And already I have filled a lottery ticket! 😉 😉

  • I think I make an appointment with my bankers!

  • Admission should at least be difficult, but not impossible. In the context of a single purchase, it should be possible.

    I speak so far out of experience, since we have here but a mature line bus, which was made in China for the local market, with some attempts then admitted. The authorities and experts have actively supported us and were very interested.

    Nothing is impossible! Especially since these vehicles should comply with European regulations!

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