Saab Talk: Saab nonsense goes around the world

It all started with a small article in the TTELA. The new owner of the Saab plant in Trollhättan and licensee of the brand name is testing whether it is possible to re-produce the Saab 2013-9 as of summer 3. Several other national newspapers took up the subject, and that could have been it. Then came the famous Östlund interview at Swade, and the Chinese saw that a media storm broke loose.

Saab ready for the winter?

Swade found himself in the Swedish Auto-Motor Sport Edition the next day, and by now you will have noticed which egg you put in the nest. The press department of NEVS must have launched a counter-attack at this time. With success ! Last Sunday, you were with Cars UK in the UK press, on Monday in Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday on Automotive News Europe, Leftlane News, Just car, Economic Times India and the list got longer and longer ... The Östlund offensive rolled on and the avalanche got bigger ...

With a delay, as always, Östlund also arrived in Germany with his good news. The portal of T-Online brought the Saab comeback as news of the day, only to relativize it later with question marks. And our favorite brand even made it into the Autobild. If you take a closer look at the topic, you realize what nonsense - I can't think of a better word - sometimes gets through the press.

Example car picture. "... but a new 9-3 with a conventional combustion engine ... in summer 2013"So we already get our new 2013-9 in 3, then we breathe easy,"... but the 9-3 should not only come as a sedan, but also as a convertible and station wagon ... Both of them should be fully developed with petrol and diesel engines within 18 months. The platform could come from the Phoenix study that was held in Geneva in 2011”Should not only come as a sedan, but also in other variants. Here Autobild finally messes everything up.

The story of the court decision is no longer noticeable. "The new models will roll off the line in the future with the name Saab, but no longer bear the classic Saab-Greif in the coat of arms. After a court ruling, only the truck farmer, Scania, is allowed to claim it.What judgment? Did we miss something? The story with the judgment, which must have been preceded by a trial, is not only found at Autobild. Everyone copies from everyone, nobody checks sources, and so this story has established itself. The truth is: Scania only prohibited the Chinese from using the coat of arms.

Quality journalism doesn't look like that, but can this nonsense bother us? No, because it has advantages. Saab is on everyone's lips, and at the latest now - thanks to dear Autobild - it is also clear at the regulars' tables in the country that the lines will be running again in Sweden from summer. The people who can't do much with Saab believe it, and we have our peace of mind. Saab dead or bankrupt? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that ! No more strange looks from neighbors, no more whispering about the automotive eccentric from work colleagues.

Östlund and its press offensive have done a great job. The Swade Interview is forgotten. This is how press work works.


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    ... isn't that great, so much attention for our favorite brand !!!!! The NEVS crew will hopefully take note of the potential behind Saab and the 'Saab community' and what a huge wheel they can turn if they only get it right !!

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    I only say “Get your opinion” 🙂

    It was not for nothing that the picture lost a court case in the 80s. It was about the question of whether image conveys a certain education. Because that was the point of the plaintiff, who was of the opinion that a “newspaper” must have an educational claim, and this he denied the “Bild”. Since then this sheet can only be called “Bild” and no longer “Bild-Zeitung” !!!

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    Well ... the dear press, that's such a topic in itself:

    1. Today, it often seems to be important to bring as fast as possible rapturous stories. It happens then unfortunately that facts remain on the track, no time for research is and just comes out of nonsense.
    What is bad is that many readers who are not that deep into the topic do not even notice ...

    2. Often the press are provided with detailed press releases and photo material. Then texts are shortened so that the actual statement is completely twisted.
    If a committed press person still believes that he can add important news through quick internet research or other sources, in the end it is usually just crap. That is probably the highly praised “poetic freedom” ...

    3. But there is also the opposite: One of my (professional) press releases was taken over 1: 1 by the newspaper, so that even my typo appeared in the newspaper 😉

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    Hello Tom.

    Fortunately, thanks to the team, we are faster and, above all, better informed! Thanks for the work!

    Greetings from the foggy Oldenburg


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    Hi Tom,

    You speak to me from the soul. This constant copying (more bad than right) with each other and each of each, without checking, let alone checking the facts has been on my nerves for years. You do not only notice it in Saab, but also in many other messages.

    I have found, the older a message is the worse are the copies, that means the more the content is falsified, so that in the end nothing more corresponds to the truth. Quasie like silent post, with fatal result. It's a pity that hardly a journalist cares anymore.

    Best regards, Cetak

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