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While we are working on our Saab classic collection for the Saab Fan Shop, economic reports on the topic of Saab are coming from Sweden. We actually have enough of economic history, but they are part of it. Originally, a report by the Saab administrators was to be submitted to the district court in Vänersborg by November 30 ...

Some prototypes of the Saab Classic Collection

This will be delayed, but there is already a report by the auditors on the date of the bankruptcy, from which first details were known. Accordingly, the time of insolvency at the beginning of the year 2011, but at the latest with the production stop on 6. April occurred. Good 8 months before filing the bankruptcy petition so.

This is not a new or even astonishing discovery, but it is also no reason to use the evil word “bankruptcy delay” now. It's not that simple, as money came from a wide variety of sources, and wages, salaries and taxes - in some cases also outstanding claims - could be paid. There was also the prospect - at least temporarily - of being able to meet all demands. The endless and now annoying Spyker-Saab-Muller-GM story will not be concluded with this report and will increasingly become a case for the courts.

This and the lawyers will be delighted. Because it is also and mainly about the repayment of larger sums that the administrators want to incorporate into the bankruptcy estate. GM is supposed to transfer a few million back, Spyker too, Muller anyway and of course Lofalk too. There is also the impression of tax evasion in the room. Youngman payments are said not to have been properly booked, which in the chaos of the dramatic days of 2011 would be no wonder.

Okay, some things are certain about these topics. We'll talk about these stories a lot more, but that's not going to bring us back to Saab. The disappeared jobs can not be retrieved, and a quota for the suppliers is also unthinkable. The whole story uses ultimately only the lawyers of all sides, which will besiege the courts for years.

Even more side notes from the Saab environment were in recent days.

Personality 1:

Martin Larsson, formerly of the Saab Automobile as the bearer of hope and successor to Victor Muller, has added a new job Plastal. As the new CEO, he takes over from Per-Ewe Wendel, who is leaving the company active in the automotive supply industry at the end of the year at his own request. Larsson, who was head of purchasing at GM, had set up his own company with a consulting company after the Saab bankruptcy. Plastal is a traditional Saab supplier and could be on board again when restarting.

Personality 2:

Roger Malkusson, who can look back on 20's years of Saab experience, has meanwhile landed in China. He has been working as an Executive Manager Vehicle Integration at Qoros for three years. A similar position he last accompanied at Saab. For Qoros it will be serious next year, the first products roll after a long preparation time off the line. Time for good press. He emphasized Swedish participation in the Israeli-Chinese project vis-à-vis Svenska Dagbladet and proudly states that Qoros Auto will be the first product from China to meet all international standards.

Vacancies with the Chinese in Trollhättan ...

Should we actually still write about the investor from China? In the future, the blog alignment will be more and more oriented towards our cars and the Saab scene, but we will keep the new owners of the plant under observation. In Trollhättan, new jobs are advertised from time to time. In the last 14 days there was an industrial electronics technician (the workplace now seems to be occupied), a project manager for production and a project manager for body construction.

If things really go in the right direction, they will develop very, very slowly. Three jobs in two weeks is not a lot. A spirit of optimism looks different ...



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    Hi Tom,

    In that sense, it makes sense. It was also a small attempt to get maybe a bit more information 😉

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    Hello Saabfans 🙂

    I'm surprised the partially contradictory statements in this report:

    ... Plastal is a traditional Saab supplier and could be on board again in the event of a restart.


    Okay, some things are certain about these topics. We'll talk about these stories a lot more, but that's not going to bring us back to Saab.

    Above, it is reported that Plastal might be on board as a supplier on a restart, and below you write that all these incidents do not bring us back SAAB.

    "Are these statements pure speculation or is something simmering quietly in the land of the trolls?" 😉

    Greetings from Bavaria

    • blank

      Please read in context. Two different topics. Jurisdictions and opinions = do not bring back Saab. New production in the factory, by NEVS (currently probably speculative) = Plastal would be there.

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    BTW: Nice Mousepad, good idea

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    NEVS is really slow. Did not you want to tell now whether the 9-3 is really going to work and whether the suppliers are playing along?

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