SAAB Photo Contest: Final Part 2

In addition to the promised prizes for the top three places, the jury, consisting of employees from the German branch of Saab Parts AB and the blog team, has decided to donate special prizes. For the longest holiday trip in a Saab and, spontaneously while making the selection, for the most original Saab pictures.

These awardees are already announced, but have to wait until the community has selected the most beautiful Saab vacation photos 2012. So much tension has to be. All participants in the second part of the final will be asked to send their mailing address to the blog by mail! Starting today, the second part of the finals will run for 7 Tage, then the winners will be announced.

Here are our Saab holiday pictures:

Which is the most beautiful Saab holiday photo 2012?

  • Sweden on rest area of ​​Erik (38% 126 Votes)
  • Saab 9-3 Cambridge by Benjamin (25% 82 Votes)
  • Saab 9-3 at the Marmolada of Zslot (14% 47 Votes)
  • 9-7x in the Vogtland of Thorsten (5% 17 Votes)
  • Saab 900 on the Danube from Renato (4% 14 Votes)
  • Saab 9-3 Cabriolet Central Switzerland by Gigi (4% 13 Votes)
  • Every weather is convertible weather of Theo (3% 9 Votes)
  • Saab 9-3 on Samsoe by Hans Joachim (2% 7 Votes)
  • Saab 9-3 convertible in the Wittgensteiner Land of Olaf (2% 7 Votes)
  • Ronnie's Saab Image 01 (1% 4 Votes)
  • Saab 9-3 SC in Istria from Peter (1% 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 330

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29 thoughts on "SAAB Photo Contest: Final Part 2"

  • I'm glad that it worked so fast. The winners have to wait (unfortunately), the post office is not yet on the way.

  • Hello Tom, hello dear SAAB community,

    Today, post from SAAB Germany has fluttered into my mailbox.
    A letter of thanks for participating in the photo competition on and reaching the final selection. The contents of the envelope were crowned with two great “SAAB More than a car” stickers.

    Thanks to SAAB Germany and thanks to Tom for countless hours of work and his indispensable commitment to the saabblog, so for us readers.

    All a Merry Christmas, a healthy and sweet new year 2013.

  • Maybe I was wrong too. I noticed that from my cell phone and laptop ...

  • Thanks for all who voted for my modest 8 valve 900!

  • No it is not. IPs are stored, new votes are not counted and it should actually bring with you an error message with the note that your vote has already been made. At least here it works.

  • Hi Tom,
    something is wrong. I can already vote 3 times ... from the same IP address.
    Is that intended?

  • In my opinion, the quality of the photos should play a small role in the selection. At least with 20 percent ... That says a hobby photographer with SLR camera and unfortunately without Saab to take pictures ...

  • just cool pictures, it's a shame that you only have one voice ... ..

  • Dear Volker, thank you very much for the “flowers” ​​!!! It is of course not a challenge to drive a new Saab to the high peaks of the mountains, but I don't think this competition was about that. But I am sure that you would have made it with your almost 30-year-old Saab! And if it shouldn't, I can assure you that if necessary I would have towed you and your caravan so that we can both enjoy the view up there !!! Kind regards from Spain.

  • Hello Saabgemeinde,

    if SAAB had sold more new vehicles in the past, there probably would not be this Saabblog and we could not talk about the future in the Saabblog.
    The brand SAAB could have survived, if more car buyers had opted for a new SAAB. Also, the new models were very good and unique vehicles.
    With the old 900 Turbo, survival would not have been possible.

    But I also think that only a few Alt-Saabs have made it to the preselection. Regardless of the quality of the Bilder.Denn it is not a big challenge to drive with a new car on the highest peak of the Dolomites. The matter looks quite different when I drive with a nearly 30 years old SAAB and caravan on vacation. The car must be top before going on holiday because you get in some European countries no spare parts on the way. That's why I always have a larger number of spare parts with it.

    It is to be hoped that SAAB PARTS could hold a classics department for these old vehicles.
    Even with a Classikabteilung can make good money.

    But I also have to admit with envy that the holiday picture of the SAAB 9-3 in the Dolomites is really beautiful
    is to be considered.

    Many thanks from HH to Tom for his good and always up-to-date SAAB reports.

  • Well written! I share that opinion too.

  • THANK YOU for the good mood for the weekend! Great pictures, memorable vacation. I wish all SAABians and SAABins an atmospheric 1. Advent!
    Greetings from the snow-free north

  • of course from the snowy Thuringia ..

  • Hallo,

    Unfortunately, I had failed, in contrast to all others :-), to give my picture the place of the recording. Therefore, therefore, the addendum:
    Ronny's Saab was recorded in Freyburg / Unstrut (not as expected in Tuscany).
    Great action, lots of great pictures! Thanks to the blog team.

    Greetings, currently from the snowy Thuringia

  • Hallo,

    this is not for the faint of heart ...
    Could you maybe tell us (by mail) what the winnings are ...

  • No, no conspiracy, just ignorance, because market-relevant.

    By the way, there were also very nice 96 photos in the preselection ...

  • Maybe it should be 2011/2012 after all? ... ;-)))

  • Hello Tom

    With pleasure I have seen that my Urblaubsbild made it to the final.
    My mailing address is:
    Theo Roggli
    Alte Landstrasse 25
    CH-8868 Oberurnen (Glarus)

  • (2011 / 2102) should mean that

  • For compensatory justice:
    At it's exactly the other way around, every year there is a “dispute” because (almost) only scrap iron has made it into the calendar again (my yellow from 2008 was already there twice: 201172012).

  • Dear perret, there was no pre-selection of any kind whatsoever and all pictures were selected together. The fact that the selection of photos was more than difficult is hopefully clear. And you can argue endlessly about taste.

  • Regarding the black 901 on the Baltic Sea, I have to agree with you. I was pretty sure I saw him in the final ...

  • a “conspiracy” so… ..okkkkkk 🙂

  • I can remember a lot of Saab 901 / and even Saab 90 pictures, hardly any has made it to the final round, and that can not be due to the quality of the pictures (for example, when I think of the black 901 on the Baltic Sea).

    Saab Parts made the preselection, I only criticize the (always been) ignorant parts supply for old Saab - * cough * Mercedes classic, BMW classic * cough *

  • Hello perret,
    what does it have to do with Saab Parts that fewer photos of "old Saabs" exist or are included than of newer models? That is clearly up to us!
    Too bad that is criticized again and again only!

  • Now you are wrong, because it can only be published images that have been sent by fans. Little classic = few photos. It is not due to the bloggers or the abused SAAB Parts. Make you happy that someone does the work and holds up our brand!

  • It's a shame that there are so few old Saabs here too ... after all, the Saab community tries like no other to keep a lot of old Saabs running without any spare parts support from the manufacturer, i.e. Saab parts. This selection confirms once again that Saab didn't care much about its own story even before NEVS.

  • Dear Saabgemeinde, just a small correction on my part. My convertible is in front of the highest peak of the Dolomites MARMOLADA and not Marmelada as it is written here. Could it be that Tom typed at the breakfast table? Another “e” at the end of the name and I would be convinced of this ... ;-)))

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