SAAB Fan Shop: A package from Sweden

From Sweden we still received a shipment of Saab model cars. They come from the Saab Expressions collection or were made directly for the Saab Automobile AB. A friend has tracked down the remainder in Sweden. There will be the last models of the Saab 9-5 sedans and estate cars and convertibles in this edition.

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet 1: 43 at the Saab Fan Shop

The outer packaging has slight signs of storage, because the models come from the breakup of a traditional Saab dealer. Another package with other models is also on the way, but for the newly arrived types in our fan shop, “while stocks last” applies, and there will be no replenishment.



5 thoughts on "SAAB Fan Shop: A package from Sweden"

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    The shop fills up, great.
    Personally, I am currently looking for a 9.3 convertible from BJ 2008, and if possible also in white.
    Top up ...

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      It is not easy to fill the shop, because the offer in terms of Saab is very clear. The convertible from Mj 2008 existed, but currently we do not find any stocks.

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      So the 9.3 Aero convertible open MJ 2008 was / are there from the manufacturer bburago in 1: 43, but not on such a nice base plate with type designation but in cardboard box with window. Have it ever in red on ebay get

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    Congratulations, Tom, on your new 9-3 Convertible 🙂

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      Is at least Lime-Yellow if it has not worked with Monte-Carlo-yellow

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