SAAB Weekend: First Snow and Saab-NEVS messages

Also here in northern Bavaria the first snow has arrived. No problem, because our Saabs have four-wheel drive or engine heating and are well prepared for the winter. The Saab Seniors Group, our two 9000ers, stand in dry halls, and for both it is the first winter without snow, ice and road salt after 19 or 14 years.

Saab 9-3 and Turbo X. The first snow of the year in northern Bavaria

Maggie, our youngest, four-legged family member and occasionally passenger in the Saab hold, finds snow at the tender age of 6 months great and rages through the white splendor. Sure, she does not have to do that stuff! Back to Saab.

Maggie, Blogger's dog, thinks snow is great!

Saab 99 Turbo

At the beginning of the week we had a report on a beautiful one Saab 99 Turbo on the blog. The 99 enjoys growing popularity in the Saab community, not only in Hamburg.

Still further up in the north, in Kiel, drives Saab Service Kiel own 99 Turbo project ahead. The Kiel are positive Saab crazy, no question. A turbo from 1978, third hand, is currently being restored and rebuilt from scratch. The body shell in the acid bath has currently been cleaned of rust. The Saab is one of these coveted - because rare - combi coupes and has been logged out in a barn for 17 years. When finished, it will be in its original condition as it rolled off the production line in 1978 - black on the outside and red on the inside. Class!

The project is running and we will report on the progress.

Saab 99 Turbo project from Saab Service Kiel

Saabsunited 1

Saabsunited's calendar project is complete, and the Saab calendars for 2013 are ready for delivery. There is a lot of work behind the calendars, which was done primarily by Till. We have been in contact for a long time, and his mails have always arrived late or very early in the last few days. The reason? The calendar project had to be finished. This is commitment to our brand. Thank you Till!

Saabsuntited calendar for 2013

Saabsunited 2 (... and the Chinese in the stable backa)

My day always starts as follows: switch on the Mac Book, check emails, read the Swedish press, make phone calls, drink coffee and then off to real life and take care of the real job. Every now and then I stop by the boys from SU and read the last articles. Today came the headline “NEVS Hiring Now?”, Luckily with a question mark. Before the euphoria wave could ignite, an attentive reader pointed out that there are only 7 jobs.

What the Chinese are planning in Trollhättan is not only of interest to SU, we are all interested. Press releases and interviews or job advertisements are one thing. The other is: what is really behind it? Saab had 2000 suppliers who made parts, provided services and development work for the Swedes. If there is more than just hot air behind the Chinese, then something from the activities should get there. If you want to build a car when you really plan it, you need a lot of parts and logistics.

So I started looking for it at the beginning of November. The blog is very well connected in the automotive world, but none of the people we spoke to knew anything about Saab's activities in Sweden. Frustrating! It went on like this for the whole month until Friday. On the last day of November there was initial feedback and evidence of activity. Cautiously, as I have since become, I would say that Chinese investors are at least seriously thinking and planning. No “breaking news” and no concrete evidence for a “Saab Reborn”, whatever! But the first indication, which does not come from NEVS, and the possibility that it could come to car production in Trollhättan. To me, worth more than any speculation in the press.


Photos: (2), Saab Service Kiel (1), Saabsunited (1)

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